Alfonso Signorini, again in love: who is the mysterious companion



Alfonso Signorini, the king of gossip, is great at unearthing the darkest secrets and most shocking celebrity scoops, but when it comes to himself, he’s very reluctant to talk. Orietta Berti unwittingly opened Pandora’s box, Alfonso would be very much in love again. But who is the new partner?

Alfonso Signorini recently returned single after the period break with his historical partner Paolo Galimberti, a love that lasted 18 years before pronouncing the end. It seems from rumors and an unwitting statement by Orietta Berti during the Big Brother Vip that Alfonso Signorini’s heart would “beat” for someone again.

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The conductor of the Gf Vip would be happy and in love again. You can also tell from his expression that maybe the butterflies in his stomach have come back to make themselves felt. But who is Alfonso Signorini’s mysterious companion? And what do we know so far?

Alfonso Signorini after 18 years says goodbye to Paolo Galimberti

We know practically everything about Alfonso Signorini on the professional level, from the director for Who magazine to the host of Big Brother Vip, he has always stood out for his professionalism and his sharp cunning. He was with his former partner Paolo Galimberti, entrepreneur, treasurer of Forza Italia and vice-president of the Lombardy region, for 18 years, until he released this statement to tell fans about the breakup:

“After 18 years, we are no longer together. A painful but necessary decision: when the relationship drags on so as not to displease the other, it is better to close. I will always love him”.

The crazy heart of Alfonso Signorini

Alfonso Signorini tried to hide his feelings, but Orietta Berti’s clinical eye unmasked him, informing all of Italy, perhaps unwittingly, that Alfonso is in fact very much in love again. Berti knows a lot, because of this feeling, she received a kiss and a hug from the conductor, because she does not deny the new feeling at all.

Signorini and Orietta Berti Solocine.it

“When love comes, the doorbell will ring,” intoned Berti, who replied, “You’re already in love.” “Is it already there for you? How do you know? It’s true,” Alfonso Signorini’s answer leaves no doubt. To date we know nothing of the mysterious companion, we only know that he is not part of the show business and that Signorini is totally cooked. All he does is stare at the phone hoping to get a message from her as soon as possible.

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