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Alex Consani’s Biography: Net Worth, Career, and Lifestyle



Alex Consani’s Net Worth

Alex Consani is a famous TikTok model and she has garnered her fame mainly through social media. Her videos get millions of views and she has a wide enough fan base to instantly make a trend famous. She started her modeling career by gaining popularity on social networking sites like Instagram and TikTok.

Shortly after, she joined several local modeling agencies and appeared in ads for brands such as Realisation Par, Jaded London, and 4 U Only USA. Alex’s captincrook TikTok account, which features original material and TikTok trends, is her most well-known platform. She has accumulated millions of likes and thousands of followers on the social media network. Therefore, let’s take a look at what is Alex Consani’s net worth. 

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Alex Consani’s Net Worth & Career Explored

Alex Consani has an estimated net worth of $650 thousand, that is a great amount of money to start with, and only going to increase as time goes on. She has earned this through her TikTok videos and her Instagram endorsements, not to count the normal modeling shoots that she must be doing with companies.

Alex has had quite the career start and journey. Because of her distinct sense of humor and outgoing personality, Alex Consani stands out in the fashion world and has been hired for several modeling projects despite having few ties.

Alex’s page, captincrook, on TikTok, helped her gain popularity initially. Numerous modeling jobs followed this exposure. Her confidence radiates from every stride she takes on the runway, and designers Tom Ford and Versace have sought her out to walk their runways.

Alex has always wanted to be a model, and now because of TikTok, she has finally fulfilled her dream. She is now represented by Look Models and IMG Models Worldwide, and she frequently shares pictures of herself modeling on Instagram.

Alex Consani Career

She loves to work out and frequently shares photos of herself doing so. She also likes to travel and has been to various nations. Her favorite colors are black and blue, and she enjoys surfing and reading novels. Therefore, this is how she’s earned $650 thousand. And we are sure there is much more to come from her side. 

A Look At Alex Consani’s Personal Life

Alex Consani is an American social media celebrity and model who was born on July 23, 2003. She started modeling in 2015 at the age of twelve. She had become the youngest transgender model. Her mother and father fully supported her in the venture. She has had no particular flings yet and has been very private about her relationship status. Her focus is currently on her career. 

Alex Consani Lifestyle

Alex Consani’s Lifestyle

Alex Consani lives a not-so-typical teenage lifestyle, what with having to model at such a young age and traveling all over the world. She has brand deals and thus lives a life of travel and luxury but also extremely hard work.

She has made a name for herself at such a young age and thus gets to reap the benefits of it. Alex has not bought any significant properties yet so we can’t say for sure which direction her investiture will be heading towards. 

Alex Consani


Alex Consani being the youngest transgender model, has a lot of experience and has collaborated with big brand names in the fashion industry. Therefore, it’s interesting to see how she will rise as times go on. What are your thoughts regarding Alex Consani’s net worth? Feel free to discuss in the comments.

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