Alessandro Del Piero, from success to oblivion: how he shrinks overseas



Alessandro Del Piero, the true and only captain of Juventus, at least for the most nostalgic, is known everywhere for his skill with the ball. Although he has always been a devoted husband and father, it seems the truth is different, his family life is much different than it seems.

Every little facet of Alessandro Del Piero is known when it comes to his professional background. As for his private life, however, Alex and his family have always been very reserved. Even though fans think her life is a dream, the sad truth is coming out, is it all fake?

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From football success to the family abyss? So many conflicting voices have been heard for many years, what will be the truth?

The birth of a phenomenon: Pinturicchio

Alessandro Del Piero was born in Conegliano in 1947, he is a former professional footballer. Ever since he took his first steps, he’s always had a ball in his way. He is considered one of the strongest and most talented Italian footballers in the history of Italian football. He played Juventus from 1993 until his farewell in 2012, as the team’s captain. He was loved for his elegance and style of play, precisely for this reason Giovanni Agnelli nicknamed him Pinturicchio. His phrase was famous: “If Baggio is Raffaello, Del Piero is Pinturicchio”. He has been married to Sonia Amoruso since 2005 and the couple have three children Tobias, Sasha and Dorotea.

Is it all a bluff?

There are books and websites that detail his entire football career. What differentiates Alessandro Del Piero from his other fellow footballers has always been his confidentiality regarding his private life. Very few details are known about his family and all that is known and why he leaked it. It seems that the image of the happy family that Del Piero is supposed to be alive is actually a prank to ensure that he is not persecuted by the paparazzi.

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From sources close to them, it seems that Alessandro and his wife Sonia haven’t been married for years. Obviously these are only rumors, to date there is no confirmation or statement from the parties directly involved in this breakup. At the moment, it seems that the Del Piero family is living as happy and united as they have been since the beginning and also having a lot of fun as evidenced by the videos they post on social networks.

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