Alessandra Pierelli changes jobs: what the former muse of Men and Women does today



Few know that Alessandra Pierelli has changed profession. Now her life has changed from her experience to Men and Women: What Happened.

Many fans of Men and Women will remember Alessandra Pierelli. Indeed, the former suitor of the dating show has decided to change jobs, since the return to television is impossible: what is she doing today.

All the details on the former suitor’s new life (via Screenshot)

Men and Women launched several personalities in the world of entertainment, including Alessandra Pierelli who, however, no longer works in the world of television. Indeed, during the dating show, the suitor became famous for his love affair with Costantino Vitagliano. Pierelli moved away from the world of television after her 2011 marriage to poker player Fabrizio Baldassari and the birth of her two sons Daniel (11) and Liam (9).

These days, the former muse of Men and Women gave an interview to the weekly Mio. Today, the woman is 43 years old and has decided to tell about her life away from television studios. There has been talk for some time of Alessandra’s involvement in Carlo Conti’s Tale and Which Show, but that possibility never materialized. At the same time, Pierelli confessed that her biggest dream was the Sanremo Festival, where she would also go for free from the Amadeus Valley.

Alessandra Pierelli confesses her dream: “In Sanremo at Amadeus even for free”

Men and women, the tronista Costantino Vitagliano with Alessandra Pierelli: the two had a troubled relationship (photo © Mediaset).

Alessandra Pierelli in her last interview with the weekly Mio also spoke about her biggest dream. Indeed, the former contender said she wanted to go to Sanremo to serve as a valet at Amadeus, even for free. In this regard, however, embittered, she confessed: “Unfortunately, Amadeus will never choose me. In Italy it is very difficult to get back into the game after so many years. I tried a lot but it’s not easy.” To complicate his return to television, he also thought about the birth of the two children.

Despite everything, Pierelli is happy with all the choices she has made and in this regard she says: “I have absolutely no regrets, because I was able to enjoy all the moments of my children’s growth. Now that they are grown, if an opportunity arises, maybe in the theater, I will evaluate it with pleasure”. To date, Alessandra deals with something completely different and has also launched her new line of rings, Virtue So after her television career, the showgirl decided to reinvent herself as a jewelry designer.

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