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AI Writing vs. Assignment Writing Services: Can Chat GPT Best a Writing Expert?



Assignment Writing Services

Being a student was always a challenging task. The academic workload becomes more and more complex each year. One of the easiest ways to get assistance is to use an assignment writing service. For example, a student may check if essay pro is legit and get a reply. Soon, they will get help with their assignment. Yet, the rise of AIs changes the picture. 

Many students mix work and education. Often, they don’t have time or enough resources to apply to a writing expert. In this case, AI writing tools can be of help. AI language models like GPT chat provide quick and literate help with academic assignments. 

However, there is a question: Can AI language models replace writing experts? This article will explore the question. We will highlight each approach’s pros and cons and try to answer that issue. 

СhatGPT: Advantages and Disadvantages of the Platform 

First things first: What is ChatGPT? It is a language model by OpenAI. It uses natural language processing (NLP) and big data technologies. As a result, users have a life-like communication experience. GPT chat can do many things, including the following: 

  • Answer the questions. 
  • Provide advice. 
  • Aid as an assignment writing service. 

Besides these capabilities, Chat GPT has several advantages. 

  • It is Free. Anyone can join ChatGPT. Its base version, 3.5, is free of charge and unlimited. 
  • Easy to Navigate and Use. ChatGPT uses an intuitive interface that anyone can master. Just tap the request and get the answer.
  • Stellar Performance. ChatGPT answers even the most complex questions within a minute. It is one of the fastest services available. 


There are several shortcomings, too: 

  • High plagiarism. ChatGPT uses an already existing text base, making its responses non-original. 
  • AI-detectors vulnerability. Special software will detect an AI-generated text by ChatGPT easily. 
  • Low-quality results. If the training material is insufficient, ChatGPT may produce poor results. 
  • Lack of consistency in complex writing. ChatGPT works well for short responses and paragraphs but struggles with full-fledged texts.
  • Poor fact-checking. ChatGPT cannot provide reliable sources for its answers. 
  • Technical limitations. Sometimes, servers can’t handle the stream of requests. 

Assignment Writing Services: Benefits and Shortcomings 

ChatGPT can help with many questions, but assignment writing help is not its strong suit. Therefore, an assignment writing service is still a strong competitor in the market. 

When you apply for assignment assistance service, you may expect the following benefits:

  • Personalized writing. Writing experts will consider your wishes concerning tone, formatting, and specific requirements. 
  • Plagiarism-free assignments. Assignment writing services guarantee the originality of their work.
  • Safety and confidentiality. You can be confident that your data is safe with a professional assignment writing service. 
  • A wide selection of services. You may get help with writing assignments, research, dissertations, and theses. 
  • Professional execution. When you request assignment aid from an expert, you may expect a solid background. Writing experts are experts in the field and provide the assignment with the necessary details. 


Several aspects of writing platforms are inferior to AI writers: 

  • Extended deadlines. You can’t get results in seconds. You must wait at least 6 hours before completing the assignment. 
  • Possible revision. Even with the strongest quality guarantee, there is still a possibility for mistakes and corrections. 
  • Pricing. You can’t get help on the assignment for free. The faster you need the assignment, the higher the price.


Before making a choice, one last thing to consider is the reputation of ChatGPT and assignment help services. The product by OpenAI has conquered the market by storm. At the same time, it has been around only for a couple of years. There are still many imperfections and steps toward improvement. 

Assignment help services have been helping students for several decades. They know how to operate within academic decency. After all, students trust them with academic performance. 

СhatGPT, on the contrary, may even ruin one’s education. There were issues when students used ChatGPT for their major assignments and failed. After all, there is a limit to ChatGPT capabilities in symbols and performance. Assignment aid platforms will provide their help without limitations. You can ask for any assignment of any length and peculiarity, and you will have the best results.  


Students will always need academic assistance, and they have plenty of options. AI writing is one of them. AI language models like ChatGPT can produce quick and coherent results within minutes. Besides, they come at a fair price, even for free. 

Yet, the shortcomings outnumber the benefits. Quick and free solutions often lead to undesirable results. A professional assignment writing service like essay pro will help you with greater efficiency. 

Ultimately, help with assignments is just aid but not a substitution for actual education. Assignments completed by writing experts will benefit students more in the long run than heavily plagiarized chat works.

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