“Ahsoka”: Barriss Offee from “The Clone Wars” Could Appear in Upcoming Disney + Series



According to The Illuminerdi, the Ahsoka Tano-centric Disney + series is set to feature the live-action version of Jedi Barriss Offee.

Lucasfilm is reportedly looking for an Asian-born actress to bring the character to life, but there are still no details on what her relationship with Ahsoka (Rosario Dawson) will look like.

Apprentice of Luminara Unduli, the character first appeared in ‘Star Wars: Attack of the Clones‘, played by Nalini Krishan, but had no plot significance.

However, Offee gained popularity in the animation ‘The Clone Wars’.

Unfortunately, he ended up losing faith in the Jedi Order as the Clone Wars progressed and came to believe that his comrades were as greedy for power as the Sith.

Even while training alongside Ahsoka, she remained disillusioned and orchestrated an attack on the Jedi Temple, blaming her colleague.

During her last appearance, she confessed to the attacks, was expelled from the Order and brought to justice.

His fate is unclear, but the series may shed light on what happened to him during the transition from Republic to Empire.

Whatever the case, it makes perfect sense for her to return to settle scores with Ahsoka.

Recalling that Lucasfilm and Disney + have yet to confirm the information, so consider it a rumor.

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Earlier this year, insider Daniel RPK posted some valuable information about the attraction’s plot.

Speaking to production sources, RPK learned that the episodes will accompany the renegade Jedi in her search for Admiral Thrawn as she tries to find clues to Ezra Bridger’s whereabouts.

For those who don’t know, Bridger is a character from the ‘Star Wars: Rebels’ animation. He was Kanan Jarrus’ Padawan apprentice and helped the Rebel Alliance defeat the Imperial forces.

In the final episode, Bridger goes missing after a quest to take out the Empire’s soldiers, and the series ends with Ahsoka and her group of friends teaming up to find him.

The RPK’s information makes perfect sense, as Kessel Run Transmissions reported that another source connected to Disney said the studio was considering actor Mena Massoud (“Aladdin”) to play Bridger.

And it looks like the star has confirmed the news on her Instagram profile.

In a post on the social network, Massoud appears shirtless, but some fans were taken aback by the enigmatic caption, which reads:

“Hey, just to let you know, when I escape, I won’t hurt either of you.”

For those who haven’t watched “Star Wars: Rebels“, Ezra says the same phrase to a group of Stormtroopers when he is captured by the Empire in one of the episodes.

So far, nothing has been confirmed, but everything indicates that Massoud is teasing the public about a possible advertisement.

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It’s worth remembering that the star collaborated with Disney on the acclaimed live-action remake of “Aladdin,” directed by Guy Ritchie in 2019.

According to the source, studio executives were so pleased with the reception of Ahsoka Tano (Rosario Dawson) ‘s intro in “The Mandalorian” that they decided to bet on a live version of Bridger.

Recall that Kessel Run Transmissions has a positive record behind the scenes of the saga, being the first portal to announce the choice of Dawson as Ahsoka and the return of Temuera Morrison as Boba Fett before official confirmation.

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