‘Abyss of Dread’ Director to Direct New TERROR Series Featuring Werewolves and Demons



According to Bloody Disgusting, Neil Marshall (‘Abyss of Fear’) will direct the pilot episode of horror series ‘Nightshade’.

Additionally, Marshall will also serve as showrunner alongside Simon Uttley.

The plot will take place in a bustling English port city of the 18th century, visited by a variety of international traders, bandits and vagabonds. There, Lizzie Monroe transforms into a masked vigilante known as Nightshade to save her brother James, who was sacrificed by a satanic cult, from the underworld of the Veil – a realm where werewolves, demons, witches exist. and evil creatures.

On their arduous journeys to find themselves, they will discover that the supernatural forces around them are only a fraction of the true evil that threatens to ignite a war between humanity and the forces of darkness.

Six episodes have been ordered for the first season.

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Studio 108 Media will be responsible for financing, developing and producing the project.

In an official statement on the project, Marshall said, “This series will be terrifying and violent. The tense scenes will have an impact and the audience will feel every broken bone and every sword raised.

New information should be released soon.

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