Absurd numbers! How much does the school for the children of Albert and Charlene of Monaco cost?



Montecarlo Elementary School Costs Revealed, Attended Among Others by Princes Jacques and Gabriella, Twins of Alberto and Charlene

The Principality of Monaco is a real village in its own right. It’s a place for the rich, flowing into sparkling Monte Carlo. But at the same time, it is a well-known tax haven.

Albert and Charlene of Monaco with twins (vanity fair)

Prices in the Principality are obviously high, especially for those coming from abroad. Suffice it to say that education and school fees show unimaginable numbers, even when it comes to compulsory primary school.

Today, the prices of the primary school where Prince Albert and his wife Charlene of Monaco take their children have been unveiled. They are twins Jacques and Gabriella, 7 years old and who have just entered the second year of school.

Luxury school in the Principality: how much the royal family spends on Jacques and Gabriella

Princess Charlene posted a photo of her two children Jacques and Gabriella in tender school uniforms. Both smiling, ready for the first day of school (second year) with school uniform.

The twins attend the François d’Assise-Nicolas Barré primary school, where they are enrolled in the second year. The FANB Institute is located in the immediate vicinity of the Royal Palace: it is the result of the merger of two private Catholic educational establishments in the Principality of Monaco, the Saint-Maur Institution and the Franciscan College.

A prestigious educational institution, which obviously has high costs for accessories and registration. The dress code is very strict and requires uniforms provided (paid) by the school itself. Long-sleeved polo shirts and t-shirts cost 23 euros and 22 euros respectively, but the school also offers vests, zipped sweatshirts, sweaters and down jackets.

As Fanpage.it writes, the cost of tuition varies between those residing in the Principality of Monaco and those living outside the small state. For Jacques and Gabriella the royal family spent a quarterly tax which should correspond to 283 euros, as reported by the website. It rises to 508 euros (or 1285 for those who have no connection with the Principality) of the last upper class.

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