A trick to keep the house always clean and fragrant: here’s how



The dream of every housewife is to have the house always clean and tidy. Many think it’s next to impossible, especially if you have kids at home, and it takes a lot of time and energy. In reality, it’s not like that at all: just follow these 6 simple rules that help us to always have a tidy, clean and fragrant home. The watchword is organization: the first trick is to dedicate half an hour a day of our time to repairing and getting rid of used things.

In fact, it is very important that everything that is taken away, once finished being used, is put back in its place and not left around: in this way you will have the impression of not having struggled and your house will seem already tidier. The second tip is to tidy up the bed in the morning. This will give our room a completely different look without having to put in a lot of effort. It is not necessary to do it perfectly, the important thing is to eliminate all the creases and to make sure that the cover is sufficiently opaque and with the same tones as the furniture.

The third rule is one of the most important: it shows us that in the evening, before going to bed, putting away all the clothes scattered around the rooms helps us to make the house look much neater and cleaner. This activity may only cost us a few minutes, but autumn will take on a whole new face. The fourth tip, on the other hand, suggests emptying the dishwasher: we are advised to do this in the morning, just before having breakfast so as not to have dishes lying around and, once the most important lunch of the day is over, we could put them directly inside the device.

The fifth suggestion that our experts advise us is to use baskets or filing cabinets to contain the objects: we know that the objects scattered in the house cause a great mental and physical disorder. These containers could be useful for storing items so that they are placed in places where they do not disturb and are easy to find when needed. The sixth advice we are given to keep the house in order is to do a periodic check of the house: it is up to us to decide when, but it would be advisable to eliminate all those superfluous objects that we no longer use. . These indeed tend to make us accumulate dust and eliminate space that could be used by more useful things.

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