A SIM card can make you rich: the search for the very rare coin



Mobile phone SIM card collectors are coming. Some of them could really be worth a fortune

Collecting is an intriguing and very strong passion, but above all very varied around the world. There are so many types of items that can be collected over several years, that many of them can also be worth a lot.

Collectible SIM cards (web source)

Among the new tools to be collected, SIM cards have entered by right, that is, the coupons that have always been forcibly inserted into cell phones to activate the telephone operator’s offer and its functions.

SIM cards now come in different types, all with particular numbers and codes but also with details that may be particular for many collectors.

A SIM can also be worth more than ten thousand euros: collectors already looking for added value

Truly sensational news has arrived on the eBay trading portal. It’s the landing of SIM card collections that can even be worth a fortune.

There have been numerous online auctions which during this period also concern microchips for mobile phones, which have even sold for thousands of euros. But why can it cost so much and end up in the hands of collectors? Simply put, the easier the number is to learn, the more that card will cost.

The value of a SIM can therefore be decreed by the particular repetition of the same number within a telephone number or by the combination of two digits repeated several times. Details that inspire collectors and make the SIM an increasingly intriguing tool. How much are SIM cards worth? (Pixabay)

According to some authoritative sources, several cards were sold on auction sites at exorbitant prices. Auctions have been recorded on eBay which have even reached €14,000 for certain telephone numbers.

The advice is unbiased: search through your old SIM cards and think about their value, perhaps trying to auction them off. You could definitely get a little treasure out of it.

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