A scary makeup line inspired by Corpse Bride



Tim Burton fans, this gift is for you: Sheglam has taken care to create a makeup collection inspired by The Corpse Bride, the acclaimed 2000s animated film that inspires perfect Halloween costumes every year.

Those with a penchant for Tim Burton designs might also be more than happy with the makeup side for Halloween. After the beauty reveal proposed by Drew Barrymore in honor of the 40th anniversary of ET The Extra-Terrestrial, from the beauty sector comes an absolutely scary (or almost) new makeup proposal. Do you remember The Corpse Bride? This animated film, perfect for Halloween, has inspired a new line of makeup.

The corpse bride

Besides exuding spooky details perfect for Halloween, this new collection of beauty is also a collector’s item. Just look at the packaging to see why. In general, with the arrival of Halloween, the most popular makeup is precisely that inspired by the protagonist of The Corpse Bride. So why not create a new make-up line that pays homage to her?

The Corpse Bride inspires new makeup collection perfect for Halloween

The idea came to coincide with the most horrible party of the year, now a beloved event not only in the United States but also here in Italy. The new makeup collection is called Corpse Bride and was born in collaboration with Sheglam. The film, released in theaters in 2005, quickly made a name for itself in pop culture alongside other Tim Burton merchandise and is a constant source of Halloween inspiration. No wonder it was Emily, the bride, who inspired a makeup collection.

Credits: Instagram / Sheglam

At the moment the collection consists of five pieces, whose colors range from blue to gray to white, to be very faithful to the protagonist and create an otherworldly make-up (and not just for Halloween). The eyeshadow palette, for example, consists of 12 shades with pearlescent finishes that lend a spooky charm. Additionally, the brand offered glitter eyeshadow to add a sparkling touch to the spooky look. These products are perfect for Halloween, especially to achieve a very pale complexion and recall Emily’s colors.

Credits: Instagram / Sheglam

The collection ends with a set of matte lipsticks and lip balm. The latter, in addition to having a blue base, is accompanied by a silver ring, which should symbolize the alliance. Finally there is also the illuminant. The last jewel is also the packaging, which reproduces identically the images of the cult film by Tim Burton. In addition, the brand has decided to revive the aesthetic with skulls, butterflies and other animals with a skeleton effect to make the proposal even scarier.

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