A ‘Plant Dating’ Pop-up has Appeared in London to Help Brits Find Their Perfect ‘Plant-ner’



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A ‘plant dating’ pop-up has appeared in London to help Brits find their perfect ‘plantner’.

The ‘Lonely Plants Club’ match-making service has been set up to marry the public with the perfect houseplants to suit their lifestyles and personalities.

It gives them the opportunity to get to know a new houseplant love interest before getting too involved and taking one home.

Taking place at the Lucky Club Mayfair, the event was created after a study found 78% of adults take their time researching their options before committing to a new ‘relationship’ with a houseplant.

It was set up by plant inspiration site, The Joy of Plants, with the help of TV’s Mr. Plant Geek, and attendees at the launch of the pop-up last night were given the opportunity to find their perfect plant match and take it home with them.

The research also found the typical adult has owned a single plant for as many as five years, with just 7% claiming they have managed the same length of time in a human relationship.

While 79% browse Google for plant-spiration, with 16% turning to Instagram when looking for ideas.

And 21% admitted to being green with envy at anyone who has a thriving houseplant collection.

“Finding a new plant love isn’t all that different to finding a new partner,” said a spokesman, from “It takes a lot of research, some trial and error and a sprinkle of chemistry to find ‘the one’.”

“So, we’ve set up this plant dating pop up to help match plant singletons with their leafy love matches.”

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The study also found the average person boasts six potted pals in their home. Two groups of exactly the same amount of people (60%) reckoned respectively that they’re good at taking care of these botanical beauties, and that they had let a plant die by not taking good enough care of it.

When deciding which plants to commit to, the top three statistics adults look for include how much water they need, what type of light suits them and where they might fit in within their home’s current aesthetic.

And 9% believe houseplants and flowers make a good companion in their life, with 34% considering plants a great topic of conversation for a first date, God love them.

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It also emerged that 83% would go as far to say they’d be impressed if someone had an extensive knowledge of plants.

The poll of 2,000 plant enthusiasts, carried out via OnePoll, found six in 10 have taken a keen interest because it’s a great way of bringing nature inside your home.

51% enjoy watching their beloved plants thrive and grow.

“Houseplants are a great way to experience the mood-boosting feelings you get from caring for someone—or something—else and watching them thrive and grow as a result of the time, care and attention you put into them,” said the UK’s Mr. Plant Geek, horticulturalist, TV presenter and host of the event.

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