A Guide to Choosing Your Ideal Summer House



As the warmer weather beckons, consider enhancing your garden landscape with the addition of a cheerful summer house. These petite hideaways not only provide space to relax and entertain but also serve as decorative focal points amid lush greenery and blooms. Whether you envision a rustic retreat or a refined tearoom, selecting the perfect garden focal point need not be an intimidating or budget-busting endeavour. Read on for tips to find your ideal summertime sanctuary without sacrificing style or overspending.

Prime Placement

When siting your new garden structure, choose a flat spot with proper drainage while factoring in sun patterns. Ample sunlight keeps interiors bright and eliminates dampness, preventing mould and mildew growth during humid months. If you plan to add electricity, ensure proximity to sockets without unsightly extension cords snaking through the grass. Most importantly, position your structure to maximise views of the garden and landscape beyond. 

Size Matters

Consider how you intend to utilise the space when choosing dimensions. Will it serve purely as a sitting area, or should it accommodate a table and chairs for alfresco dining? Remember to leave ample clearance for entering and navigating furniture. While compact buildings sport undeniable kerb appeal, the intimacy wears thin if constantly bumping elbows with guests. 

Construction and Design

Once you are settled on a footprint, explore the spectrum of architectural styles to complement your landscape. Options span from ornate Victorian greenhouse-style buildings with glass or lattice walls to rustic cedar cabins and everything in between. Colour choice also plays a key role in tying structures to surrounding plant hues. Include pops of flowers mimicking adjacent bloom shades on window boxes or planted trellises to pull the look together. If space allows, incorporate wider eaves, window awnings, or pergolas to provide shade, promote airflow, and emphasise visual appeal.

The Cost Spectrum

Garden summer houses range widely in price to fit both modest budgets and luxury tastes. With such a vast range, deciding what constitutes “cheap” comes down to functional needs and aesthetic preferences. Those simply wanting basic shelter with seating can opt for more modest vinyl and resin buildings or small-scale wooden cabins. For more lavish entertaining spaces with fine finishes, larger wooden buildings are better suited, despite commanding more substantial price tags. Luckily, with the spectrum covering all budgets, a cheap summer house is an option for thrifty spenders and luxury aficionados.

Preparing the Site

After purchasing materials, prepare the site by carefully measuring and staking out the footprint. Remove turf in preparation for the foundation. Anchoring with a concrete slab base provides long-lasting, level support to prevent sinking and durability issues. Blend it into the surroundings by bordering with stone paths, planters, or benches to define the area.

The Finishing Touches

While summer houses need not be lavish, small finishing details make all the difference in creating a polished sanctuary. Incorporate electrical for lighting, fans, or speakers to enable use day and night. Add storage, seating, counters, and tabletops in durable, easy-to-wipe materials. Finally, accessorise with weather-resistant cushions, rugs, curtains, and artwork to provide comfort with style.

Creating an ideal garden summer house matches imaginations with landscapes while working within budgets. With mindful planning and strategic decisions, you’ll soon have a garden refuge ready to harbour happy summer memories.

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