A great protagonist of Serie A has died: Speechless Spalletti



A great protagonist of Serie A has died: Spalletti speechless. The two had lived together a beautiful past experience

At the age of 65, former Udinese team manager Lorenzo Toffolini has died. The manager fell ill while driving his car.

Serious mourning in Serie A (Facebook)

Serie A football mourns the death of a great Udinese coach. Lorenzo Toffolini, former team manager of the Friulians and for four decades in the service of the bianconeri, died at the age of 65. It was an illness that took him while he was driving his car. The road accident, the arrival of help, the attempts at resuscitation, unfortunately, all came to nothing. Yesterday morning, in the area of ​​Ciconicco di Fagagna, the victim was the victim of a road accident. A passing ambulance first stopped on the spot, then another help was sent from San Daniele del Friuli from San Daniele del Friuli. The man was treated for approximately 50 minutes in an attempt to be revived. The rescue maneuvers continued, in an ambulance with a doctor on board, until the arrival at the emergency room of the hospital, where unfortunately the death was confirmed.

A life dedicated to black and white colors. We will remember your tireless passion for football and your dedication to work. Send Lorenzo 🥲 pic.twitter.com/MyLvz8Qf9a

– Udinese Calcio (@Udinese_1896) October 4, 2022

Serie A, Lorenzo Toffolini is dead: he was the manager of Luciano Spalletti’s Udinese team

Luciano Spalletti (AnsaFoto)

Lorenzo Toffolini, born in 1956, had been a railway worker for years. In the world of football, he had played at a decent level in the amateur world. From Trivignano Udinese, to Union di Nogaredo di Prato Faugnacco, to Spilimbergo. Originally from Coseano, he joined the Juventus family in the 90s. By the start of the new millennium, he had held the position of team manager, alongside Luciano Spalletti himself. It was the Udinese of historic qualification in the Champions League, of Di Natale and Iaquinta, Pizarro and Bertotto, Di Michele and Muntari. The current Napoli coach was indeed very upset by the news, given the great friendship that bound him to Toffolini. The manager was still present in the Friulian organization chart, although as a commercial agent. He leaves behind his wife and child. The most sincere condolences to the family.

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