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A Beginner’s Guide to Cigar Preservation: What You Need to Know



Cigar Preservation

Many people that are new to cigars don’t realize the effort you’ve got to put into aging and preserving them. This is crucial for maintaining the aroma and flavor of the cigars. So, you’ll need to educate yourself on the best way to preserve your cigars so they’re always going to be enjoyable. Plus, you don’t want to waste your money and realise they’re expired when you go to enjoy them.

So, how do you preserve cigars? Once you know what to do, it’ll become second nature. Here’s a guide that can get you started.

Why Cigar Preservation Matters

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of cigar preservation, let’s talk about why it’s so crucial. Think about a fine way. The idea is that it gets better with age as long as you store it correctly. Well, the same goes for cigars. Proper storage ensures they maintain their flavors, aromas, and overall quality. Improper storage, on the other hand, can lead to a disappointing smoking experience. It can be dried out, tasteless and a disappointing experience. This isn’t what you want if your friend comes over or you want to enjoy a cigar after a long day.

Humidors: Your Cigar’s Best Friend

Now you understand the importance of preservation, you’re going to want to do what you have to do. Well, there’s one accessory that’s going to be essential to this process. We’re talking about a humidor. If you don’t have one, you need to purchase it before buying any more cigars. This is going to be where you store your collection. Humidors are specially designed boxes that maintain a stable environment with the right humidity and temperature for cigars. Indeed, these two factors are crucial to preserving them. Take a look at Northwoods Humidors to get an idea of the designs available and what they look like. You should also purchase one if you haven’t already.

Selecting the Right Humidor

Are you unsure of how to choose the right humidor? Indeed, you’ll soon discover that there are so many different designs. It’s easy to get confused and overwhelmed by the choice you have.

First, think about the size you need. How big is your collection? Small collections merit a smaller, compact design. If you have a large or growing cigar collection, opt for a bigger one. Note that there are various styles, and this is something that is a personal preference. Humidors come in various materials, from traditional wooden ones to more modern options.

Setting Up Your Humidor

Once you have your humidor, it’s time to set it up. The first step is seasoning, which involves saturating the wood with moisture. This is to gradually improve the environment so it’s ready for your cigars. You can’t just simply put them inside. Know that there are tutorials online to make seasoning easy. Watch them before doing this so you have the correct environment for your cigars.

Maintaining Proper Humidity

Now that your humidor is seasoned, it’s crucial to maintain the right humidity level. This is where a hygrometer comes in handy. This is going to tell you about the humidity and you need to keep an eye on this. You can easily purchase one from a cigar online store and where they sell humidors. Some designs have them built in. Others will require you to purchase one.

Temperature Control

Humidity isn’t the only factor to consider. Temperature stability is equally vital. Fluctuations in temperature can wreak havoc on your cigars and you want to avoid this. Find the perfect spot for your humidor to ensure a consistent climate and make sure that you monitor the temperature. There are accessories you can use to control this. What’s more, make sure you’re not constantly opening and closing the humidor.

If you like to look at your cigars or show them off when you have guests at your home, consider a design with a transparent top. This allows you to see them without having to open and close the lid. It ensures the right temperature and humidity, but it can still be something you proudly show off to your visitors.


You’ve just completed your crash course in cigar preservation. Remember, the journey to becoming a cigar aficionado is about patience and dedication. By following these tips, you’ll enhance your smoking experience and savor the full flavors of your cigars. What’s more, you can enjoy peace of mind and know that your cigars will be perfect for any of your guests to try.

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