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8 music stars who also marked cinema in the 80s



Since romance was established between film and music, it has proven to be an inseparable union. Some improvements are here to stay, after all have you ever imagined what it would be like if the cinema was still today? But believe me, at the time, many advocated silent cinema, seen and felt only through pictures – claiming that long spoken and sounded was a ‘fad’. To get an idea of ​​the strangeness that this would cause today, just check out great tributes at the time like The Artist (2011), for example.

There is no doubt that cinema is better, much better, with sound. And not only that, but also with the music. The right music, at the right time, is able to enchant, vibrate, make you think, fall in love, open your smile, or make your spine shiver (an example of the latter is the band’s version). Type O Negative for Summer Breeze at the opening of slasher Eu Sei, which you did last summer – maybe one of the best moments in the feature).

We can also have the flip side, when famous singers and musicians decide to go behind the scenes and take risks as actors, participating and even acting in their own films. Sometimes it works, so many times it doesn’t. Thinking of those musical artists involved with actors, we bring you a new story. But not only that, in a nostalgic way (as we like it), we immediately went back to the 80s, to see which singers were moving towards cinema at the time. Find out below.

Madonna squanders all of her “generation MTV” style in the comedy “Desperately Seeking Susan”.

The Queen of Pop dominated the charts in the 1980s and helped kick-start MTV’s career with her classic music videos today. In fact, Madonna was the best example of the MTV generation and their style of being. The Material Girl made her film debut in 1979 with the drama Um Cerrado Sacrifice, but it was after her musical explosion in the 80s that her most famous films of the period would come. Desperately Wanted Susan (1985) and Who Is This Girl? (1987) were the most striking, won the title of the muse, and were replayed until they could no longer be on open television.

But the 1980s also brought Madonna to small appearances in the films In Search of Victory (1985) and Doce Inocência (1989); in addition to the fiasco that is the Shanghai Surprise adventure (1986), highlighting her troubled relationship with her then-husband Sean Penn. The star followed other famous works for the following decades, such as Dick Tracy and Evita, and even became a director. Now she promises to commission her own biography on the big screen.

Michael Jackson in the “Moonwalker” dress, planned to be a phenomenon, even creating his own game.

And if the queen of pop music entered the seventh art in the 1980s, the king could not be outdone. Always in search of the technical quality of his clips, Michael Jackson was a perfectionist. His clips were true audiovisual gems, true masterpieces of the genre still impressive today. Like Madonna, Michael made his big screen debut in the late 1970s with The Unforgettable Magician (1978), a subversion of The Wizard of Oz (1939) backed by the Motown label, starring black actors and singers. Despite being a true pop media phenomenon, Michael Jackson has only acted in two films in his career – not to mention his little tips here and there (like in MIB 2).

In the 1980s, everyone remembers the cult Moonwalker (1988), a mixture of absurd dreams (or is it a nightmare?) And lysergic journeys that sold like a blast accompanied by all that is a piece of merchandising. , like a video. game for example, but the result of which was not exactly that. Apart from that, in 1986 he starred in the 17 minute short film Captain EO, which is part of a 3D attraction at Disney parks, directed by none other than Francis Ford Coppola and written by George Lucas – who was a sort of Star Wars with Jackson. The star passed away too early in 2009 at the age of 50.

Prince riding his custom Honda for the cover of the movie (and record) “Purple Rain”.

Taken as Michael Jackson’s “rival” in the 1980s. And if fans elected Michael as the King of Pop, well, Prince would call himself a “prince.” Died 7 years after Jackson, at 57, although still “number 2” in the charts, at least in the cinema, the artist had his success. It’s Purple Rain (1984), the fever of the time that accompanies an equally successful soundtrack, packed by Prince.

In fact, many can argue that Purple Rain is the artist’s most successful song. In the film, he sees The Kid, a young man who needs to overcome his father’s abusive upbringing and the challenges of the streets to become a music sensation. After being on top of the world, Prince got excited and moved on to directing Under the Moonlight of Spring (1986), which marked the on-screen debut of talented Kristin Scott Thomas. The artist would also star in the sequence for Purple Rain, with Graffiti Bridge (1990), another vanity project, written and directed by himself – which would mark his last appearance on the big screens.

David Bowie as the Goblin King sang, danced and did evil in “Labyrinth – The Magic of Time”.

The chameleon of music David Bowie is perhaps the most consistent singer in the seventh art. There were no less than 22 appearances in the cinema during his career, between quick appearances and protagonists and secondary characters. Bowie’s film career began in 1969, with an uncredited feature film in The Virgin Soldiers. The first performance as a protagonist would come in The Man Who Fell on Earth (1976), experimental science fiction turned cult, in which Bowie saw an alien on a mission to Earth.

In the 1980s, his most striking film was the young fantasy Labirinto – The Magic of Time (1986), a feature film for which he is best known and lived the villainous King of the Goblins. The film was directed by Jim Henson, the creator of The Muppets. The decade will always be marked by his participation in the vampire thriller Fome de Viver (1983), in the war drama Furyo – In the name of honor (1983), in the comic adventure The Yellow Beard Pirate (1983), in the action Um Romance Very Dangerous (1985), the musical novel Absolute Beginners (1986) and the controversial The Last Temptation of Christ (1988).

Enjoy watching:

Always him. ubiquitous Jeff Goldblum was cutie Cyndi Lauper’s partner in “Vibes.”

If it can be said that Prince was Michael Jackson’s “number 2” in the 1980s, Madonna also had her own silver medal in the form of “mad” Cyndi Lauper. As exuberant and eccentric as the Material Girl, Lauper relies more on an almost childish innocence for her frills, as opposed to the thrilling sexuality of her “rival”. Lauper, of course, would mark the ’80s with his soundtrack for Os Goonies (1985), one of the most beloved films of the time, still beloved by fans today.

The same year, he will participate without credit in the novel Dancing on TV, with Sarah Jessica Parker. However, in the 1980s, Cyndi Lauper only starred in one movie: the comedy Vibes – Good Vibrations (1988), in which he starred alongside Jeff Goldblum as two visionaries hired to find Inca treasure in Ecuador. The film went completely under the radar – did you know that? After that, Lauper made more film appearances in the 90s.

Powerful! Tina Turner was a worthy villain as Aunt Entity in “Mad Max – Beyond the Dome of Thunder”.

One of the greatest muses of ’80s music, Tina Turner overcame adversity, outliving her abusive husband who beat her, singing and dancing to the top of the charts. A Life Story Beyond Building On Passing, which even won canvases in the 1993 biography Tina (What’s Love Got to Do With It), where she was played in an Oscar nominated performance by Angela Bassett.

In the cinema, Turner’s beginnings are still in the 1970s, when he participated in the musical Tommy (1975), then in O Sergeant Pepper and His Band (1978). However, his most famous film debuted in the 1980s, with the third and most ambitious (then) of the post-apocalyptic Mad Max franchise – Beyond the Dome of Thunder (1985). The film marked the period and brought in Turner as the big bad “Auntie” Entity. Also, of course, to wrap the soundtrack with the unforgettable theme song We Don’t Need Another Hero.

The ‘shorty’ Dolly Parton in the middle of the sandwich of muses Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda in “How to Eliminate Your Boss”.

Country music star, marked by her voluptuous gifts and flawless blonde locks, Dolly Parton remains firm and strong in movies, series and realities at the height of her glorious 75 years. The film debut took place at the turn of the decade, in 1980, with what has become one of his biggest hits: How to Eliminate Your Boss. The feature film, which has a feminine empowerment imprint, brought Parton alongside muses Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin as three secretaries targeted by a misogynistic and naughty boss. The feature film continues to bear fruit today and has become a hit play. Parton will mark the 1980s with his unusual comedies alongside the great macho men of the time.

In Texas’ Best Suspicious House (1982), she stars alongside Burt Reynolds, a big name in action cinema. Parton is a whore in a brothel, while Reynolds is the town sheriff and a regular customer who struggles to keep him going. Two years later and the partnership was with Sylvester Stallone (then on Three Rocky and a Rambo) in the movie Rhinestone – A Shine in the Night (1984), where, due to a bet, Parton has to turn a taxi driver (Stallone) into a singer. Closing the decade, Flores de Aço (1989) brought Dolly Parton in a cast of very powerful women in a film about female friendship. Against the star: Shirley MacLaine, Olympia Dukakis (recently deceased), Sally Field, Daryl Hannah and Julia Roberts.

It’s alive! Sting is the mad scientist who creates the perfect woman (Jennifer Beals) in “The Promised One”.

Striking for music both in his participation as frontman of rock band The Police and in his solo career, Sting was to be marked in the 1980s for his humanitarian and ecological activities, already at the time known as an enthusiast. supporter of the preservation of the Amazon rainforest. The great artist has four Oscar nominations for his contributions to movie songs. Like most musicians who lived in the 1980s, Sting wouldn’t miss the opportunity to appear on the big screen, whether in minor side appearances or in his own film.

Sting’s big screen debut was in 1979, but his first historical film didn’t come until 1984, with the sci-fi Duna – an adaptation of a famous book that is a true overproduction. The film failed and years later resurfaced as a cult work, even spawning a pending remake directed by Denis Villeneuve. Another striking appearance for Sting in the 1980s was in A Prometida (1985), the only film to feature the singer. It is a reinterpretation of the classic The Bride of Frankenstein, in which Sting saw the scientist creating the perfect woman in the form of Eva, the role of Jennifer Beals just emerging from the success of Flashdance (1983).

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