7 Shows Like ‘Alice In Borderland’ That Everyone Should Watch



The storyline and amazing characters in Alice in Borderland have never failed to impress audiences. Our curiosity, especially after the second season, has only increased. Spectators have wondered if there will be more shows like Alice in Borderland. And we’ve got your back.

There are similar shows, each with its own narrative. These shows have their own cast of characters, but they are exceptional. Alice in Borderland is a thriller show and the narrative revolves around an obsessive gamer named Arisu who finds himself in a place with no people except him and his friends. But then they meet others.

And things are more complicated than they first thought. In order to survive, they must win games. And these aren’t just any games; they’re deadly games. Let’s begin with our rundown.

1. Squid Game

Squid Game is the first game that is similar to Alice in Borderland. In fact, many people began watching Alice in Borderland after seeing Squid Game. Squid is also centered on a group of people who have taken part in a series of deadly games.

Everyone has a reason to win a large sum of money. And that also means putting their lives in danger. The games are actually children’s activities but the stakes are deadly.

If they lose, they die. That means it’s not just about the money, but also about their lives. In the end, there can only be one winner.

2. 3%

The next show we have is 3%. It’s also a thrilling drama about fighting for a better life. This series’ narrative is quite exceptional. There are a lot of people living in poverty which is known as the inland.

But there is another group of people who have chosen to live in the virtual paradise known as Offshore. Every year, 20-year-olds have the opportunity to enter the virtual paradise, but only after passing a series of tests.

The twist is that only 3% of them will pass the test and join the elite team. There are a bunch of characters, each with its own backstory and secrets.

3. Re: Mind

This is more of a psychological thriller. It’s also quite captivating. A high school classroom suddenly woke up in a hostile area. In a dining room, they are all restrained.

Re: Mind is quite remarkable because they are trying to figure out why they are being held captive and who is doing all of this. However, those answers reveal a multitude of secrets.

They also have intel about a classmate and must track down the captor behind the incident. They blame each other for the horrific things. Since the beginning, the Re: Mind has kept the spectators engaged.

4. Sweet Home

Sweet Home doesn’t revolve around playing deadly games but it does revolve around creatures. In the series, humans transform into deadly monsters that seek to kill everyone.

However, a troubled teenager and his neighbors are fighting to survive this unbelievable nightmare together. They must also save humanity.

The show definitely covers all of the important plot points and issues, making it even more entertaining to watch. But these savage monsters are unpredictable.

5. All Of Us Are Dead

Again, All Of Us Are Dead is about perilous zombies, not lethal games. A high school is trapped and surrounded by zombies. They never thought they’d see zombies. They must band together in order to survive this tragic situation.

The characters in All Of Us Are Dead are fascinating to watch. There are some bad apples, but the good ones outnumber them. This rapidly spreading epidemic drenches the school in blood and deaths.

6. The Purge

The Purge is not a show but it’s actually a film series that’s worth watching. There are several Purge movies with various characters and incidents. The plot revolves around a crime-free country.

However, there is something known as ‘The Purge,’ in which all crimes are legal for a 12-hour period. Criminals have the freedom to do whatever they want and will not be held accountable.

Murders, robberies, harassment, and other crimes are widespread. And the innocent remain inside to protect themselves from the lethal attacks.

7. Liar Game

Last but not least. Liar game is a series that revolves around a high school student that band up with a con artist for a ruthless competition. This is one of the best thriller and game series available.

Many audiences praised the characters’ roles as well as the script. Each player in the game is given some money and must manipulate the other players into giving up theirs. Each episode gets more and more exciting. 

Well, these are some of the shows that you could watch if you miss Alice In Borderland. And you’re welcome to keep checking back for more updates like this.

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