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5 Steps to Select the Best Quartz Worktops in London



Luxurious and visually appealing worktops don’t have to be extremely expensive. You can always obtain a high-end aesthetic with quartz worktops. They come in a variety of stunning designs that are ideal for your house and way of life. 

It can be hard to choose the ideal solid surface for your house. So, you must have access to diverse designs and can pick any of them with the help of a professional or family member. Quartz worktops in London are very famous as they meet every standard of an outstanding worktop. They are not only of first-class quality but also incredibly strong, so they will last a long period. 

5 Steps to Choose the Best Quartz Worktops 

Here are the five steps to keep in mind as you begin your research for quartz worktops.

  1. Think about your Entire Area

It is crucial to take into account the size, hues, lighting, and overall style of the space when choosing quartz countertops, whether for your kitchen counters or those in your bathroom. If the countertops do not blend in effectively with other furnishings and decorations in the area, even the best-quality quartz countertops may appear out of place. Furthermore, you should take accurate measurements so that you do not have to encounter problems later. 

There are various options for quartz worktops in London when it comes to your home renovation. You can be certain that you are making a wise choice regardless of the shades, patterns, and modifications you select for your quartz countertop. Quartz is a high-end surface that requires little maintenance and never needs to be sealed to sustain its water resistance. It is incredibly sturdy and is effective for carrying out all kinds of activities and tasks. 

  • Choose the Compatible Colour

Quartz worktops in London have a wide range of hues perfect for everyone. A colour wheel can determine which tints and undertones work well together. To create a unified and professional appearance in the end, it is important to coordinate all the design aspects. 

Natural colours like white, brown, grey and green are frequently found in quartz worktops. Modern kitchens are best suited for quartz in rich, solid colours like Taurus, Midnight Starburst and Graphite Ice. A classy and elegant ambience can be achieved by combining dark hardwood cabinets with black worktops. Instead, creating a contemporary contrast between dark cabinets and floors and light-coloured furnishings can make a small kitchen appear spacious and opulent. 

Kitchens with a retro aesthetic look excellent with pastel-coloured quartz countertops. In order to create a warm, cosy aura, choose light cabinetry and pale flooring. In addition, prefer warm colours or a chalky shade of grey when updating a country cottage kitchen with quartz countertops. 

  • Finishes and edges

A minor distinction can make all the difference between success and failure. White quartz countertops can seem modern and stylish with a glossy or matte surface. A classic and more affluent home will look great with a polished finish countertop. 

Quartz countertops with a matte texture have a soft, cosy appearance. A more contemporary flat or condo will look better with a smooth finish, which will give it a minimalist appearance. Thus, the varieties are limitless. The visual design of your area will influence the quartz finishes you should choose. 

For a unique aesthetic that matches your particular taste, you can select from a range of countertop edges. Here are some popular examples: 

  • Trendy interior design aesthetics are well-suited to straightforward yet attractive edge shapes like softened bevels.
  • Traditional designs are complemented by specialist edge treatments, including the French Cove, Ogee and Classic Dupont.
  • Growing in popularity is the waterfall edge, particularly with quartz surfaces. This preserves the cabinetry from scratches or damage while also giving the kitchen a tidy, uniform appearance.
  • Thickness

The two most common quartz thicknesses for countertop installation are 2 cm and 3 cm. The slimmer design is more affordable and works well in modern, minimalist kitchens. If you don’t prepare food on the surface often, it might be your best option. It’s also the perfect thickness if you want to utilise quartz as your backsplash. 

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The thicker 3-cm top is a traditional, long-lasting alternative, in contrast. It is comparatively denser, making it heavier and more resistant to injury. These are both excellent options for countertop applications, but you should also assume other factors like weight and durability when deciding which thickness is best for your house. The smaller, lighter slab is perfect for vertical applications like waterfall edges and backsplashes. 

The 3-centimetre countertop is stronger and ideal for heavily used countertops. Homeowners must also ensure that the flooring can sustain the added weight.

  • Maintaining and cleaning quartz worktops

The fact that tailored quartz is polished during production eliminates the requirement for sealing. Quartz surfaces can be kept in pristine condition by routinely washing them with a non-abrasive cleaning pad or cloth and mild soap or an all-purpose solution. Using glass cleaner and a non-abrasive sponge, quartz countertops can be cleaned of the majority of stains to enhance shine and eliminate bacteria.

Quartz is also resistant to scorching. However, it can be harmed by very high temperatures. Always use a trivet or protective pad when setting a hot pot or skillet on the countertop. Quartz surfaces are quick and simple to clean due to their durability and lack of pores.

Additionally, quartz worktops in London are stain-resistant. Coffee, tea, wine and chemical accidents all leave stains on quartz surfaces. 

Final Note

Quartz worktops are attractive and useful for any room in the house. They can withstand the wear and tear of daily use while still maintaining their beautiful looks. Your bathroom or kitchen countertops’ vibe and appearance are highly influenced by minor factors. If a single hue is presented in a variety of tones, tints and finishes, it can have a varied effect on the room’s focal point. 

During the past ten years, quartz worktops in London have become more and more popular, and this trend shows no indications of stopping. Quartz surfaces are highly low maintenance since they are non-porous, durable, and heat- and scratch-resistant. Due to their endurance and aesthetic benefits, quartz worktops at Slab and Stones Ltd have been a common choice for many homes.

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