5 Reasons to Get a Home Warranty for Your Washer and Dryer Damage



Getting a home warranty is an excellent way to protect your investment and ease the stress of dealing with broken appliances and systems. With a wide variety of plans available, you can find the right one to meet your needs and budget. 

Plans can vary depending on the type of coverage you want, such as a kitchen plan that may or may not cover appliances or other warranties in your home that are due to normal wear and tear.

1. You’ll Save Money 

Home warranty companies often provide homeowners with different options so research the home warranties and ask friends and family for good referrals. Oftentimes people find themselves saving a ton of money from having something replaced because they had the coverage to do so. Many people think they will never have to use that money they pay towards these warranties but pleasantly find out that the time and money they save, saved them from a lot more than inconvenient repairs. 

Getting a home warranty with roof coverage can save homeowners a lot of money in the long run. It is typically less expensive than paying for each individual repair job out of pocket, and it provides homeowners with a safety net in case something breaks down or wears out unexpectedly. 

Some home warranty companies may charge a service fee when they schedule an appointment to fix an appliance or system in the home, but they usually offer a variety of technician fees that homeowners can choose from. This makes it easier for homeowners to find the right plan for their budget. 

2. You’ll Have Peace of Mind 

Many home warranty companies offer  protection as an add-on to their policies. Other companies build it into their premium or high-tier protection plans. Like most anything that involves coverages and protection, be sure to read the fine print and be sure to do your research for the right answers to each company’s policy or coverages. 

Most homeowners have homeowners insurance that covers damage from accidental and catastrophic events like fire or earthquakes, but it doesn’t cover things that result from normal wear and tear, such as a leaky dishwasher. A home warranty can fill in the gaps left by homeowners insurance to protect your wallet and give you peace of mind. Ask yourself, “Do home warranties cover plumbing?” By looking at your home insurance and home warranty coverages you may be thankful to have a warranty plan. 

Additionally, a home warranty may come with a workmanship guarantee that covers any repairs done by a technician. These guarantees can vary in length from a single month to the full coverage period of the policy. This can help you feel more confident that any repair work will be performed correctly and last long. 

3. You’ll Have More Options 

Homeowners insurance is required by most mortgage lenders, but a home warranty offers another layer of protection. Home warranties are annual service contracts that cover repair or replacement of a variety of appliances and systems in your home.

Some plans are more comprehensive than others, so you will want to do your research before purchasing from any company. 

Some home warranty companies also offer optional coverage for pool equipment, septic systems, and well pumps. However, roof damage isn’t usually covered. If you want to make sure your home is protected from hurricane damage, consider investing in a roof protection plan. It’s an affordable option that could save you thousands of dollars in repair costs in the long run. 

Having a home warranty eases stress of wear and tear

In a home, over the years appliances get used, homes are lived in and that means things will overtime start to function less effectively. Home warranty provides you with a peace of mind that when something does stop working or needs repairing, a warranty will save you from the hassle of finding a replacement or someone to repair it. 

5. You’ll Have a Better Chance of Selling Your Home 

Most people think of home warranties as a buyer’s protection, and buyers certainly can purchase them, but sellers can benefit from a plan as well. The period between listing a home and closing can be financially risky for sellers, and having a warranty in place can protect them if something breaks down. 

If an appliance or system breaks, the seller can call a technician and have it repaired quickly, avoiding lost time for showings and open houses. A warranty can also reassure prospective buyers who may be nervous about buying an older home or a house that needs significant repair work. 

Be sure to review the policy thoroughly to understand what is covered before selling your home. Many plans exclude items such as second refrigerators, water softeners and standalone freezers, and septic systems.

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