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5 Latest Design for Modern Bathrooms



Designing a modern bathroom is no small feat. It requires a lot of mental energy, design calibration and experimenting with materials to design a functional yet beautiful bathroom. As the design around interior is evolving interior design companies in Lahore are also changing the way they have worked in the past. This is reflected in the demand that the house owners make from house construction and architect company in Lahore to look unique and modern.

Today we will explore the five modern design ideas for bathrooms that are getting popular among home buyers.

List of Modern Bathroom Design Ideas

Minimalistic with Monochrome

If you want a bathroom that is not too distracting, ask your house construction company in Lahore to design a simple and minimalist bathroom for you. A minimalist design is one where the elements are simple, there are no complex geometric or patterns and the equipment and fittings are also very simple. This gives the overall bathroom a sleek and soothing style. You can always add and remove things from a minimalistic bathroom and it will still look perfect.

The bonus benefit of it is that it goes perfectly with every house design type and there will be no problem.

Walkthrough Bathroom

If you have a space and have a house that measures at least 1 kanal, you should go with a walkthrough bathroom design. In a walkthrough bathroom, the wardrobe and bathroom are separated by a wooden sliding door with all the accessories in a cupboard. The material used is often humidity-resistant.

The bathroom accessories such as the showering station, bathtub and sink are often sleek and minimalist and adorned in white to make them look spacious and more elegant. However, it should be noted that a walkthrough design is only possible at the construction stage so ask your house construction company to design one for you at the start.

Warm Yet Cosy

Ask your interior design company in Lahore to add some lights and frameless mirrors to make your bathroom look more cosy, warm and elegant. Adding LED behind the mirror not only makes it sleek but also improves the overall look of your bathroom.

You can ask your designer to add natural elements such as plants and glass to separate your bathroom from the lavatory, this will add more depth to the design.

Old Victorian Style

If you are a person who admires old designs and design projects then adding a vintage Victorian look to your bathroom will satisfy you. This design uses brass taps, metal bathtubs, sinks with screw taps, overhead showers made of expired metal and other things that depict a Victorian style. To make it more vintage, add pattern tiles and light colours such as beige.

Traditional Bold Colours

One of the bathroom designs that is getting traction in popularity in Lahore is the use of traditional tile designs with patterned material. One such element is the use of Sindhi and Multani style tiles which are not only bold in colour but also hide a number of the fittings that you don’t want to show.

In reality, it is one of the more expensive styles to make as the traditional tiles are made by hand and require a lot of effort to design and prepare. If you are a fan of traditional art then this is a style that you should get today.


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