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Recently arrived in Brazil, the excellent streaming HBO Max which has brought another great variety of movies and series to moviegoers in our country. There are a lot of good things, some productions even that have never been released in Brazil. To help your reader find good movies in this catalog, below are 5 awesome but not cool movies from the HBO MAX catalog:


Specially produced for television with the HBO quality mark, Al Pacino’s new work of myth, Paterno, explores a real-life drama that rocked the fabric of American college sport decades ago. During the intense 105 minutes, we put together a great puzzle through the eyes of all those who have lived near Paterno, this great scandal which still generates controversial versions today.

In the plot, we meet veteran and coach of the Penn State University football team, Joe Paterno (Al Pacino), a man beloved throughout his community who saw his legacy crumble when news made State of sexual harassment of young team players, made by one of his team members, led the acclaimed coach to a sea of ​​pressure which culminated in his resignation.

The film very effectively explores the vision and drama of the protagonist’s family on what happened, the psychological chaos that Paterno goes through to be in conflict over all the decisions he could have made to contain the harassment, the maneuvers policies of the university for which he works. find the culprits and erase the name of the college as best they can, the media deepening in the eyes of a young reporter in search of truths about the affair and the suffering of battered young people and their respective families.

It is a real case that shocked the United States. Paterno ordered and dismantled all of the staff and team he commanded. The feature film repeatedly suggests that the coach was warned of the first complaints but it seems he didn’t care because in his mind winning games occupied every layer of his thoughts, day and night.

Enjoy watching:


Love is a conflict between our thoughts and our reflections. A car, several intriguing dialogues, a road that never ends and a man behind the wheel. Boring movie? None of that! The new work by English filmmaker Steven Knight (who directed the interesting film Redemption) is a dramatically loaded thriller, the result of the spectacular performance of one of the best actors in the world of cinema, Tom Hardy.

In the smart scenario, we are the “free ride” of construction engineer Ivan Locke. After receiving a phone call, he rushes into his car and goes to the hospital where a woman is expecting her child. The point is, she’s not his wife! On his way to the hospital, Locke must tell his wife the truth, fight against being fired, and deal as best he can with the consequences of a past unfaithful act.

When we read the short synopsis of this movie, we thought to ourselves: this movie must be awesome! But incredibly, it becomes one of the great movies in Hardy’s career. The feature film was shot in real time. It really is a differentiator. The adrenaline gets sharper on the screen. Knight’s management is knowledgeable but leaves most of the work to Tom Hardy. Fortunately, this one is one of the great actors of the moment, a true cinematic chameleon and manages to hold the attention of the public at all times.

There is a deep deconstruction of the character throughout the 90 minutes of screening. Faced with so many problems at the same time, Locke seeks redemption among his convictions. The character’s weaknesses are naturally exposed with each new dialogue. Along this electrifying trajectory, we pity him, we blame him and we try to know what will be the outcome of this story which borders on the spectacular. Don’t miss it! Angry!

Way back

Second chances for those who need it and the different opportunities that life offers. With a well-defined background speaking of alcoholism, The Way Back is a powerful drama that dribbles clichés closer to reality, the result of a very honest interpretation of the interpreter of the protagonist, Ben Affleck, undoubtedly the one of his great works in the career. Directed by New York filmmaker Gavin O’Connor (The Accountant) and scripted by Brad Ingelsby (All for Justice).

In the plot, we follow the disillusioned, depressed, alcoholic former high school basketball star in the 1990s and now construction worker Jack (Ben Affleck). The protagonist spends his days between one sip and another, having a very explosive relationship with his sister and a distance with his ex-wife. Things seem to be trying to change for Jack when his phone rings and an unexpected opportunity to coach a high school basketball team he attended appears. But problems from his past return to haunt him and the characters will take a delicate path in search of a light at the end of the tunnel.

Much more than winning games as the coach of a youth team, Jack seeks to find true meaning in his life after an irreparable loss and the abyss of a terrible addiction that haunts thousands of people across the country. world.

Bad Education

I read this sentence somewhere recently: “Insatiable greed is one of the sad phenomena which accelerate the self-destruction of man. The project seeks to recreate one of the biggest scandals involving theft when we talk about the help the US government is providing to public schools. Bringing together a series of situations that show all the greed and obvious principles of actors’ sociopathy, the film, in addition to being bombastic from a human point of view, is a show of good performance from a cinematic point of view. . Hugh Jackman, as the protagonist, shows that as a hero he was a very good actor but as a villain he is much better.

Directed by Cory Finley (in his second feature film) and scripted by New Yorker Mike Makowsky (from Robert Kolker’s New York Magazine article), Bad Education tells the story of two loved ones in the Roslyn community. (New York), in the United States, Pam Gluckin (Allison Janney) and Frank Tassone (Hugh Jackman). The first is a kind of head of finance and the second is the head of school administration. Two exemplary employees who, along with the rest of the team, have managed to bring Roslyn Public School to fourth place in the national ranking of public schools. The problem is that following a slip and an amateur investigation made by a student doing an internship in the school newspaper, the personality and character of these two characters are called into question. .

The absurdity of the heist that occurs is seen through the eyes of Tassone, a community-respected man full of manias, metrosexual and who seems to have the world in his hands. When her house of cards begins to crumble, especially when Pam is “doomed” by the council that has found her tricks, the character goes through a great transformation, or rather, that wall that has not allowed us to see who he is. is really, falls to the ground leading him to a series of cynicisms and a longer extramarital affair. The most shocking part of it all was that no one suspected a thing, as the school was one of the benchmarks in the area, even increasing the number of properties surrounding it.

The script, which has very well-defined arcs, alternates great dialogue with shocking scenes about how greed makes a person completely blind and at the end of the day, it’s better to see another family cry than the yours, at least for those involved in this theft. which took place in 2004 (in fact, screenwriter Mike Makowsky was a high school student in an area close to the incident.).

A great film, deep, impactful and which shows the shocking truths of a scandal that has shaken the structures of North American education.

The magician of lies

The bank safe contains only cash; Anyone who thinks of finding wealth there is frustrated. The Wizard of Lies, in Portuguese, O Mago das Lies, is a hard-hitting drama and biography of New Yorker Bernard Lawrence “Bernie” Madoff responsible for one of the biggest financial frauds in world history. Directed by veteran filmmaker Barry Levinson (from classics such as: Bugsy, Good Morning Vietnam, Rain Man), the feature film, at just over 130 minutes, makes a small x-ray of a pattern known as of Pyramid (in this case compared to the famous Ponzi scheme), as well as delving into the family drama Bernie left behind that forever changed the lives and routines of his children and wife. As the protagonist, legend Robert De Niro, who is developing one of his best performances in recent years, it’s great to see good old Raging Bull come back to a great performance.

In the plot, we know the wealthy life and status of Bernie Madoff (Robert de Niro), a former lifeguard who gradually founded a world-famous company, mainly on Wall Street, becoming chairman of a company of investment which has its own name and which he founded in the early 1960s. Bernie kept his business alongside his only two sons Andrew (Nathan Darrow) and Mark (Alessandro Nivola) who worked for himself, they had no real control over everything that was going on there. . In 2008, he decided to hand himself over to the North American police, claiming responsibility for a fraudulent scheme that left the global financial market in a total collapse with losses of around $ 60 billion. After taking the blame and practicing surrender (his children when they know they’ve taken the lead in it), Bernie, isolated in a maximum security prison, will not only face the wrath of all who have been stolen, from the press and from the American government, but he will also see the decay of his family who never again found a drop of hope to be happy.

The Wizard of Lies is much more than a financial market movie, it’s a hard-hitting drama, with superb performances and firm direction that makes us think at all times of the world we live in.

Make sure to watch:


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