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5 features to look for on D+ bras



D+ bras

As a woman with a larger bust, finding a well-fitting bra can be a real challenge. But it’s important to find a bra that not only fits well, but also provides the support you need and is comfortable to wear.

Here are 5 features to look for when shopping for D+ bras:

1. Wide straps – to distribute the weight of your bust more evenly and prevent pain in your shoulders and back.

2. A wide band – for additional support and stability around the chest.

3. Cups that actually fit – look for bras with cup sizes up to KK or even L, if you can find them. And make sure the cups enclose all of your breast tissue without spillage over the top or sides.

4) Underwire – this is optional, but many women with larger breasts find that underwire provides additional support and helps keep their breasts from sagging over time.

5) Three hooks in the back – again, this is optional but can provide extra support, especially if you have a larger waist-to-hip ratio.

Do you have any other tips for finding well-fitting D+ Bras? Share them in the comments below!

Underwire – for support and lift

Wearing a bra that properly fits and supports our breasts is important for individuals with larger cup sizes, such as D and up. An ideal bra should be strong yet lightweight, provide necessary lift, and most of all, comfortable to wear. To meet these demands, the use of underwire in a bra is paramount – it provides better support and superior lift than bras without it. Underwire can help manage the weight of larger breasts, resulting in improved comfort while maintaining shape and eliminating sagging. In addition to this enhanced support coming from underwire, there are also many other style features that work together to provide the perfect fit and feel – such as adjustable straps and extra cushioning – making bra wearing more pleasant than ever before!

Ready to shop?

Try Fantasie bras for a comfortable and supportive experience that doesn’t sacrifice on style. With sizes from D – K, you’ll be sure to find a bra that perfectly fits your needs and makes you look great!

Wide straps – to distribute weight evenly and avoid digging into your shoulders

Wide straps are the best solution for larger busts, providing great comfort and style. Not only do wide straps help to distribute the weight more evenly, preventing the straps from digging into your shoulders, but they also come in a variety of styles and colors ranging from neutral to bold patterns. The classic wide strap can upgrade any outfit – perfect for everyday wear or special occasions. Not to mention all of the stylish support that comes with it!

Band around the back – to keep the bra in place and prevent it from riding up

When it comes to finding the perfect support and style for larger breasts size D and up, a well-fitting and comfortable band is essential. Although there isn’t one-size-fits-all when it comes to bras, the band around the back of each bra should fit snugly while fastened on its loosest hook. This will ensure that your bra stays secure in place all day long and doesn’t ride up! Not only does it provide increased support, you can adjust the strap for the most secure fit. With an adjustable and secure fit, you’ll stay comfortable no matter what activities you take part in during your day.

Cups that encapsulate your breasts – to provide support and shape

If you’re blessed with larger breasts, why not show them off? With the right bra, you can get beautiful support while emphasizing your curves. Many women with a size D and above find that cup sizes which completely encapsulate their breasts provide the best support and shape. This style of bra is designed to fit smoothly in all the right places, controlling bounce and boosting confidence – no more uncomfortable readjustments throughout the day! Whether looking for functional or fashionable options, look for bras featuring full cups – created with quality materials for reliable long-term care.

A comfortable fit – so you can wear it all day without feeling uncomfortable

Comfort is key when looking for the right bra and with styles and support features tailored to larger breasts size D and up, you can be sure to find a fit that offers all-day comfort. Finding a style that fits your shape and size perfectly is essential in order to feel comfortable and confident throughout your day. From bras with wider straps or extra band widths, to those offering adjustable straps or full coverage cup support, having the right fit for a flattering silhouette is no longer unreachable for those wishing to wear a supportive bra despite their larger size. With the variety of features now available in larger sizes, you can easily discover a style that fits securely and gives you both confidence and peace of mind – so comfort doesn’t take a back seat when selecting from plus size bras!


Finding the right bra for larger sizes can feel like a chore, but with plenty of D+ bra options available to choose from at Uplifted Lingerie and manufacturers now creating bras to better accommodate D-cup sizes and up, women with larger breasts have more options than ever before. Underwire will provide lift and support, wide straps help distribute weight evenly and the band around the back make sure the bra won’t ride up. Cups that encapsulate your breasts ensure they’re supported and feel comfortable no matter what you are wearing. Don’t forget to select one which fits you perfectly in order to enjoy its full benefits – a comfortable fit is key! Don’t be discouraged by your size – celebrate it and invest in bras that offer maximum comfort instead.

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