5 Easy Steps to get frizz free curly hair



I’m a curly-haired girl who hates frizz. My hair is thick and wavy, and it gets so tangled that sometimes I want to cut it all off! But there’s no need for that. You can do simple things at home to stop the frizz in its tracks! Organic frizz free curly hair products are the only solution to cure your hair naturally.

How to take care of your curly hair?

Taking care of your curly hair is critical to getting it to look good, so you should make sure to follow these steps:

  • Use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. You can also use other products like leave-in conditioners or styling products if you have time in between washing your hair. Use only a little heat or product on your curls because this will increase frizziness and damage the strands!
  • Don’t brush wet or dry curly hair with a brush (even if you’ve used a lot of hairsprays). Just pat dry with a towel instead! And don’t blow-dry curly strands while they’re still wet either–you’ll end up with more tangles than before!

And lastly, don’t wash your hair every day! That’s a huge no-no for curly hair because the moisture helps keep your curls healthy and beautiful. If you have to shower every day, try using dry shampoo or even baby powder instead of washing your hair with shampoo so often–it’ll help keep it looking fresh longer. A diffuser attachment on your blow-dryer if you can. This will help keep the curls in place without freezing them out. If you want to use heat, use it sparingly. Coils can handle a little heat, but too much can dry out and damage them!!

Which products are best for curly hair?

  • Use a conditioner with slip and detangling properties because curly hair can be very slippery and difficult to comb out without help from your hands or fingers (and even then, it takes more effort than usual). Curly hair also tends not to be as moisturized as straight hair, so you’ll want to use a conditioner that has built-in moisturizers like glycerin. 
  • Use organic frizz curly hair products are perfect for curly hair. 

Shampoo your hair.

  • At least once every week, shampoo your hair. The best thing to do is use a sulfate-free shampoo, which has been shown to reduce the amount of frizz and make your curls look shinier.
  • Use a moisturizing shampoo every few weeks if you have dry or brittle hair. If you have an oily scalp, it’s okay to skip this step and wash with regular conditioner instead!
  • Clarifying shampoos are great for removing buildup from styling products like gel or curling irons that can cause static electricity in curly locks (aka “flyaway”). They also work great as clarifying rinses when trying out new products, too – so long as they don’t contain sulfates!
  • Shampoo often causes etching and damage to your hair. It would help if you used organic curly hair cleanser.

Alternatives to Shampooing.

Curly hair owners know that finding the right products can be challenging. Your hair is delicate and prone to frizz, so you need products that will hydrate and nourish your locks without weighing them down. Fortunately, plenty of great frizz free curly hair products are on the market today. In addition, one of the best things about curly hair is that it looks fabulous even when it’s not styled. So, if you’re looking for an alternative to shampooing, consider using a co-wash or conditioner-only washing method.

This will help keep your hair healthy and prevent frizz. Next, apply a generous amount of conditioner. Apply it to your damp hair, rub it into your scalp, and rinse thoroughly. This can be done once or twice every week. Week, depending on how often you wash your hair. Another great option for curly girls is the LOC method. This stands for leave-in conditioner, oil, and cream. Start by applying a leave-in conditioner to damp hair. Then add a few drops of oil (coconut oil works well) and finish with a light cream or gel. This method will help keep your curls hydrated and defined. Try it out and see what works best for you!

Comb it out.

To eliminate frizz, it’s essential to comb out your curls. This will help prevent tangles and breakage in the future.

  • Use a wide tooth comb to detangle the knots from your hair. You can also use a paddle brush or wide-toothed comb if you prefer one over the other (the latter is more effective at removing tangles).
  • Please pick up your hair and run it through your fingers before detangling it with a wide-toothed comb or paddle brush.

Once your hair is detangled, it’s time to start curling. First, place a section of hair between your fingers, and wrap it around the barrel at an angle. Start at the base of your neck and work your way up toward the top of your head until all your hair is wrapped around the wand. 

Brush it out.

Brushing it out is a must. Brushing your hair toward your curl will help to release any tangles and encourage the curling process. If you have curly or wavy hair, a boar bristle brush works best; if you have straight locks, use a paddle brush.

The last step is to use a leave-in conditioner. This will help smooth any frizz for smooth results tomorrow morning when styling starts again! The best way to do this is by sectioning off your hair and applying the product directly on each curl when you’re blow-drying your hair; remember to start at the roots and work your way down through the mid-shafts until you get to the ends. This will help ensure that all your curls are tamed and frizz-free.

Invest in a hair dryer.

A good blow-dryer will be your best friend in keeping your curls tamed and frizz free, especially if you have curly hair. If you still need one, consider getting one with a diffuser attachment or ionic setting that can help keep the heat focused on the areas of your head where they need it most (i.e., not everywhere).

Air dry your curls.

The first step to frizz-free curly hair is to dry it. Use a diffuser on low heat, and don’t touch your curls as they dry. If you have time, let them air dry overnight so they can set in place naturally. Then use a wide tooth comb or boar bristle brush to remove any tangles from your strands before blow drying!

Eliminate frizz and get gorgeous curls.

To eliminate frizz, you first need to determine its causes and treatment options to prevent it from happening again. The most important thing is that your hair has enough moisture, so it doesn’t become dry and brittle when exposed to heat from the sun or hot appliances like curling irons or blow dryers.

You can also help prevent future frizz by using a leave-in conditioner after washing your curls with shampoo every night – this will help keep them soft and moisturized without weighing down on them too much (since curly hair tends not to be thick enough). There are plenty of great options, you can opt for the one that perfectly suits you! 


These five steps will make your hair look and feel like a dream. You’ll be able to style it in all kinds of ways without worrying about frizz or achieving the perfect blowout. Plus, these tips are easy enough for anyone—even if you have curly hair! Moreover, your hair will be thankful for using frizz free curly hair products.

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