5 DOCUMENTARY series not to be missed on streams



Documentary series have become an interesting and highly demanded format in the audiovisual world. With the arrival of streaming, these productions have grown in importance and we are often presented with great works of impressive quality. Thinking about this clipping, we came here with some suggestions for you who love this format, below are 5 must-watch documentary series for streaming:

The Missing Vatican Girl

The secrets behind the hidden truths. A documentary series recently arriving on Netflix that tackles a real event, a mysterious disappearance of a 15-year-old girl who lived in the Vatican in the 1980s, which becomes the beginning of a story in which we follow the search for solutions to family members and journalists in a case that rocked Italians. The Vatican Missing Girl is filled with period articles, interviews, and testimonies from those who lived this story intensely. The project seeks to bring together in a way all the stages of the family and journalists in search of the truths about what happened.

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Anything goes with Tim Maia

The frustrated Spielberg who became an icon of Brazilian music. With two episodes broadcast at the Rio Festival 2022, the documentary series Vale Tudo starring Tim Maia, now available on Globoplay, manages, thanks to excellent editing and editing, to tell the trajectory of one of the most singular artists of the history of popular brazilian music. , by himself. Directed by Nelson Motta and Renato Terra, with newspaper headlines, videos of his personal life, television interviews, unseen footage, even a passage from an 80s short film by filmmaker Flávio Ramos Tambellini, and also recordings on the old Tupi TV, the project shows us several moments of the eternal liquidator.

Brutal Pact – The Murder of Daniella Perez

Available on HBO Max, one of the documentary series that has captured the most public attention in 2022 is undoubtedly Brutal Pact – The Assassination of Daniella Perez. In the project, divided into a few episodes, we learn important details about the story of the murder of actress Daniella Perez in the 90s in Rio de Janeiro, a crime that shocks the country to this day.

your end

One of the greatest dynasties in North American sport, the Chicago Bulls superteam that dominated the NBA league in the 90s has won a hard-hitting 10-episode documentary series where we know a little more about some of the details that have is part of the history of world sport. Led by Michael Jordan, great icon of this team, the project shows us the beginning of the career of this great basketball star, his retirement and his return for a new conquest. There are reflections on the beginning, the middle and the end of this dynasty which is already in history.

Hebe – A toast to life

Available on Globoplay, the documentary series about the greatest presenter in the history of Brazilian television, Hebe Camargo, is an exciting project that shows much of the charismatic personality of this great woman who we still miss today. With testimonials from family, friends and countless personalities from all cultural fields of our country, we have the chance to remind you of historic moments in your professional career.

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