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5 BRAZILIAN movies that are gringo remakes that you didn’t know



Each year, dozens of remakes, remakes and sequels move the American film industry. But this you already know. Soon, for example, we’ll see Steven Spielberg’s modern version of the musical Amor sublime Amor (1961), by Jerome Robbins and Robert Wise. The 2021 Oscar winner for Best Foreign Film Druk – Another Round had the remake rights acquired by Leonardo DiCaprio earlier this year.

What you may not know is that Brazilian cinema is also making several successful remakes of our Latin American neighbors. With the premiere of the romantic comedy Amor Sem Medida (2021), on Netflix, a remake of the Argentinian film Coração de Leão – O Amor Não Tem Size (2013), CinePOP has decided to share some details of this and other Brazilian version. foreign. .

Link to the list below and leave it in the comments if you’ve watched any of these versions or the originals.

Love Without Measure (2021)

Released in Brazilian theaters in June 2014, Coração de Leão – O Amor Não Tem Size, with Guillermo Francella and Julieta Díaz did not generate the same success as in the neighboring country, but the idea of ​​screenwriters Marcos Carnevale (also director ) and Betina Blum seemed so original that she won many supporters, just like the French. Three years later, Jean Dujardin (Oscaré for The Artist) and Virginie Efira (Benedetta) starred in the same story, without losing its grace, under the name of Um Amor in Altura (2016).

If it worked for both Argentines and French, Brazilians will love it too, right? This is what the Brazilian producers thought, but the two previous films were created in Brazil and the scenario arrives warmed by that of Brazil. With Juliana Paes and Leandro Hassum as a romantic couple, Amor Sem Medida abuses the creative idea of ​​a beautiful lawyer falling in love with a surgeon with dwarfism in a plot full of clichés.

Enjoy watching:

Two + two (2021)

Brazilian producers have once again been inspired by an Argentinian comedy to showcase national cinema. Released in 2013 in Brazil, 2 Mais 2 (2012) again features Buenos Aires muse Julieta Díaz as one of the protagonists of a fun swing plot – or the better-known term “swapping couples” . The Hermanos version is funny, sensual and friendly, so much so that the Germans loved it.

In 2016, the work won a remake for German television, Seitensprung mit Freunden (Affair with Friends, in free translation). At the hands of Marcelo Saback, the Brazilians were watched with a flurry of two-way jokes with terms in Portuguese every five minutes. The cast of Marcelo Serrado, Carol Castro, Marcelo Laham and Roberta Rodrigues lack the necessary rapport to operate the cogs of delicate humor.

No returns accepted (2018)

We left the Argentines aside to drink from the Mexican fountain. With Eugenio Derbez and little Loreto Peralta, Não Acceptos Devoluções premiered in Brazilian cinemas in 2014, after a resounding success in their home country. The comic and tragic story of the man who one day finds himself responsible for a baby left at his doorstep, but six years later, the girl’s biological mother tries to get him back.

With funny extracts of the stunts and new twists, the production made two adaptations in 2016. One in Turkey, titled Sen Benim HerSeyimsin (You are everything for me, in free translation), and another in France, under the title A Family of Two and with Omar Sy (himself, Assane from the Lupine series). In other words, once again, Brazil came last to rehash history, with Leandro Hassum and Manuela Kfuri, two years later.

A Boyfriend for My Wife (2016)

Darling of Brazilian romantic comedies, Julia Rezende (After, Louca Sou Eu) could not help but tell a story of our Argentinian neighbors in the Brazilian way. Presented in theaters in Brazil in 2009, Um Namorado para Minha Esposa (2008), by Juan Taratuto, stars Valeria Bertuccelli and Adrián Suar (also present in 2 Mais 2), but the Brazilian version surpasses them.

With the trio Caco Ciocler, Ingrid Guimarães and the late Domingos Montagner, the director manages to bring more ingenuity to the script with a funny and tragic mixture on the disintegration of a marriage and the mess of a desperate husband. In this way, we see that not all Latin adaptations are shot in the foot. We almost forgot the existence of the Italian version of this 2014 story, entitled Un fidanzato per mia moglie, by Davide Marengo.

Between the Leaves (2007)

Two young men have a sultry one-night stand in a motel room, where they exchange secrets about their hectic lives. Little by little, certain truths emerge and modify the course of public expectations. With this short premise, Na Cama (2005), by Chileans Matías Bize and Julio Rojas, has been acclaimed in several countries.

Two years later, the Chilean idea is reworked by Renê Belmonte and Gustavo Nieto Roa and comes to life in the skin of Reynaldo Gianecchini and Paola Oliveira. Many references to the first film were left behind, depleting the script, but the script remained unchanged. This argument was adapted in 2010, in Spain, by Julio Medem, with two women, under the title of Um Quarto em Roma.

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