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4 Amazing Electric Bikes That Are Ideal for Women



Are you looking for a new amazing electric bike? You’ve come to the right place! We gathered all of the best options in this article.

You’ll learn more about their pros and cons, so you can choose a woman’s e-bike that’s perfect for you. Let’s begin

1. NAKTO Electric Bike City Commuter

First up, we have this city commuter bike from NAKTO. It features a 350W motor, can reach between 18 and 22 MPH, and can travel 45 to 60 miles on a single charge. The bike also has thick 26-inch tires and ample storage. Plus, you get six speeds.

We also appreciated that the bike had a one-year electric parts warranty. So, if something arrives damaged or doesn’t work right, you should use it.

With this bike, you receive access to three different motor modes, allowing you to adjust how much work you must put into pedal. If you want to use the bike to commute in an area with many hills, it’s the best choice.

Lastly, the bike is very durable and made from quality carbon steel. It’s still super durable while being light and a good electric bike for women. There’s also decent shock absorption for a smooth ride.


  • Good warranty
  • Durable 
  • Excellent for commuting in cities


  • Could have a stronger motor
  • Instructions for assembly are somewhat unclear

2. ECOTRIC Citycruiser Electric Bike

We love the step-through frame on this bike! It’s very low, making it easy to mount. It’s also made of durable carbon steel, uses a 350W motor, and has large 26” inch wheels. There’s even a front and back basket, making it perfect for running errands. You can expect the e-bike to travel 21 to 40 miles after charging. 

The bike comes with four working modes, one more than you normally get on most electric bikes. It has fully electric, pedal assist, and normal pedal modes. But you also get a booster mode. This mode moves the bike very slowly, helping you when you’re walking alongside it.

Finally, you can choose between two color options: white and black.


  • Durable frame
  • Comfortable step-through frame
  • Comes with seven speeds
  • Uses four-pedal modes
  • Ample storage


  • Could have a stronger motor
  • It can be noisy sometimes

3. Soumye Beach Cruiser

Beach cruisers are excellent bikes. This one comes with a 500W motor, so it’s more powerful than the previous options on this list. It also has 26-inch wheels, seven speeds, and is light for an e-bike. You even have six stylish colors to pick from. There’s no front basket, although there is storage on the back.

Like the previous option, this bike has four motor modes: pedal assist, full throttle, standard, and booster. It reaches about 25 MPH on the highest settings.

The wheels are very thick for added safety, and you receive an LED front and rear light for added visibility. The brakes stop quickly too.

Many people in the customer reviews brought up receiving excellent customer service. So, you can trust that you’re taken care of if something goes wrong. However, they also mention the bike being too tall for them, despite being within the height range listed on the site. 

If you’re taller, this bike might be your best choice.


  • Strong motor
  • Great beach cruiser frame
  • Seven speeds
  • Four motor modes
  • Great customer service


  • Unclear assembly instructions
  • Too tall for some women riders

4. Heybike Ranger S

Next, we have this foldable e-bike from Heybike. It has a powerful 750W motor, which is excellent for sloped terrain. You won’t have to pedal as hard and feel like you’re struggling to get up hills. 

The storage on this bike is also outstanding. It can hold up to 150 pounds, allowing you to transport whatever you need to. We appreciated how powerful this bike is, especially since it can fold for easy storing when you’re not using it. This feature makes it easier to take in a car or on a bus.

This bike also comes with the Heybike app. This app can show you riding stats, locks the bike so it can’t be stolen, and more. However, this is a premium women’s e-bike, so you should expect it to come with a higher price tag. You’re sure to get a lot of value from it.

Lastly, the bike is very visible. It comes with lights in the front and rear for night riding. 


  • Foldable, sturdy frame
  • Comes with seven speeds
  • Has a powerful motor
  • Outstanding storage
  • Intuitive app
  • Very safe


  • Pricey

What To Look for in An Amazing Woman’s E-Bike

Photo by Himiway Bikes on Unsplash

If you want to make sure you get an e-bike that’s best for you, here’s what you should consider:

  • Frame design and size: Many women prefer step-through frames. You’ll also want to ensure you get the right size to have control when riding.
  • Motor power: You generally want 350W or higher. The higher the motor, the easier the bike can assist you.
  • Suspension: It’s a good idea to consider suspension, especially if you plan on traveling over rough terrain. You’ll have a smoother ride and more control over the bike. 
  • Tire size: More traction makes the bike safer. So, you’ll want to choose a bike with thick tires. Consider the terrain you’ll be traveling on. For example, mountain bikes and city commuter bikes use very different tires.
  • Additional features: Think about any other features you want the bike to have. You can get apps, extra storage, a folding frame, and more.
  • Price: Finally, you need to think about the price. Staying within a set budget is essential as these bikes can get expensive. You should compare different models and think about getting the best value for your set budget.

Start Riding an E-Bike Today!

Photo by Tower Electric Bikes on Unsplash

E-bikes are fun to ride, so you’ll want to choose one and start using it today. The perfect e-bike for you is on the list above. You have plenty of options, so make sure to consider them carefully. The one you choose should be a model that suits your needs.

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