‘365 Days – Part 2 ′: Netflix’s sequel “Novel” opens in 2022; Know what to expect!



The “365 days” feature divided viewers’ opinions. Among the controversial themes and hot may scenes, the film ends with an abrupt ending that has left moviegoers bewildered.

The second film in the franchise has already been announced and will begin filming in August in the same locations in Sicily as the first film.

According to actresses Anna Maria Sieklucka and Magdalena Lamparska, who played Laura and Olga in the film, the film is not expected to be ready until 2023.

“You have to be patient and wait. It will probably be released next year. We don’t know exactly when we can start.

Lamparska, in turn, added:

“Everything stopped because of the pandemic. The situation is similar in all countries. The film industry has come to a standstill. A trip to another country, especially Italy, would be too risky for the Polish team at the moment.

To help you out, we at CinePOP have made a short guide (with spoilers) so that you can understand what will come next in the possible sequel.

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1 – After all, will there be a sequel?

We still don’t have confirmation if “365 Days” will be sequel, although rumors have been circulating that actress Anna Maria Sieklucka has confirmed the information on her Instagram account. Anyway, it should be remembered that the film is based on the eponymous book by Blanka Lipinska, which is part of a trilogy whose original titles are “365 DNI”, “Tem dzien” and “Kolejne 365 DNI “. The titles have not been published by any publisher in Brazil.

2 – When will the suite be released?

Although it is rumored that the film’s lead actress, Anna Maria Sieklucka, confirmed the sequel to “365 days” on her Instagram account, it is safe to think that the productions of the new feature should not take place before. 2021, due to the pandemic. of the coronavirus. You can understand, can’t you, after all, the movie has a lot of physical contact with the actors.

3 – Laura died at the end of the film?

The shocking ending of “365 days” suggests that Laura dies during an attempt by her rival family with that of Massimo. Wow we already know she doesn’t die (well there are books out there to tell the whole story) after all you can’t kill the girl right away can you . However, we can anticipate that the attack will greatly shake the relationship between Laura and Massimo, serving as a reality check for the young woman who, in love, has not yet realized that she is mingling with a mobster.

4 – Is the next film set in Italy?

Yes, this can already be confirmed in case of continuation. Although the production is Polish and the language of the film is half Polish, half English, most of the scenes are shot in Italy, where Massimo lives. If there was a sequence, the scenes would continue to be recorded there – hence the need for the production of the sequence to wait until at least 2021, since Italy was one of the epicenters of COVID-19 in the world.

5 – Much hotter scenes

Perhaps because of the risk of death Laura suffered at the end of the first feature film, but this possibility of losing her lover forever ignites the carnal relationship between Massimo and Laura. In a possible sequel, the very real sex scenes between the two should be even more intense and take up more space in the next film.

6 – The rival family

Remember that in the first movie, in an act of rebellion, Laura decides to dance and provoke a random man in the club just to make Massimo jealous? This act will not go unnoticed, and although the attack has already taken place, the rival family must escalate the violence, seeing Laura as Massimo’s weak point. Thus, it is possible that the protagonist will remain in the hands of the adversaries for a long time, leaving Massimo to rescue his young daughter – in a very ‘Romeo and Juliet’ tone, mixing romances of chivalry.

7 – Massimo will be a dad

Laura breaks the news to her best friend very quickly – so quickly that we viewers barely notice it. But Laura is pregnant and was about to break the news to Massimo over the phone when she was attacked. After some recovery time, Laura finally has to break the news to her boyfriend – who we already guess won’t receive very well, after all he thought he would have Laura’s little body to enjoy for a long time. Massimo’s reaction is likely to cause a rift in the relationship between the two, and this may be where the rival family will get their hands on the protagonist.

8 – The great promise

Although frowning, Massimo seems to love Laura and will do anything for her. So, knowing that Laura is in danger, Massimo will probably make a big sacrifice for her, and in the end, having his beloved in his arms again, he will understand that he will now be a father and that he must change his position. . for his new family. The new film is set to end with Massimo finally happy with the idea of ​​having a child and renewing his marriage promise to Laura – who is expected to stay for the final installment of the trilogy.

Of course, this is just plot speculation, after all, without the books translated into Portuguese and without Netflix confirming the possible continuation of “365 days” all we viewers can do is imagine. how the story will develop. And you what do you think ? Will there be a “365 days” sequel?

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