2022 SEMA Acura Integra Edition



Photo: Acura

The Acura Integra is finally back, and true to form, Acura will have three heavily modified cars at this year’s SEMA show to highlight its tuning potential. They’re all pro builds that likely cost a truly absurd amount of money, so the odds of running into someone who did something similar at your local get-together are pretty low. But since each tuner took a drastically different approach to their Integra, we’re curious which one you think looks the best.

Before you can start duking it out down in the comments, you need to meet your fighters. Each car’s mod list is far too long to include here, but you can check out the press release here if you want to know all the details.

1. Dai Yoshihara’s Integra, Built by Evasive Motorsports

Photo: Acura

If you’re not already familiar with Daijiro “Dai” Yoshihara, he’s a pro driver from Tokyo who’s won a Formula Drift championship and has class wins at Pikes Peak, 25 Hours of Thunderhill, Global Time Attack and Super Lap Battle. So, yeah, the dude knows how to drive.

We especially like Dai’s choice of those white BBS wheels that go perfectly with the car’s blue and white color scheme. And while he did add a Spoon air filter and exhaust, this build is much more focused on handling, with extensive suspension mods and a stripped out interior to save weight. Plus, of course, that wing.

2. Sara Choi’s Integra, Built by Tony Star Performance

Photo: Acura

Unlike Dai, Sara Choi isn’t a professional racer, but after getting her start at Hawaii’s Sonic Motorsports at 15, she knows plenty about wrenching on cars. Plus, she’s got more than enough track and drifting experience.

Visually, Sara’s build is probably the biggest departure from the stock Integra. It has a custom wide-body kit and a wing that appears to be inspired by the old Integra Type R. Considering how much it’s been lowered, we wouldn’t want to drive it over any speed bumps, but it sure looks pretty awesome. As before, engine mods are relatively minimal, adding a GReddy oil cooler and intercooler, as well as a cat-back exhaust.

3. Coco Zarita’s Integra, Built by Autotuned

Photo: Acura

Chile’s Coco Zarita is a car builder and amateur drifter, but he’s better known for being a pro BMX rider who’s competed in the X Games more than a dozen times. Then again, the BMX connection was probably obvious since there’s a BMW bike attached to the roof of his car.

Coco added more carbon fiber pieces than the others did on his build, but the biggest difference is that he did a little more under the hood. In addition to adding an A’PEXi exhaust, he gave it a GReddy intercooler, an HPS cold air intake, coolant hose, and charge pipe, and finished it off with a HiRev Sports engine cover.

So there you go. Sadly, no one swapped in an engine from the Civic Type R, but considering the new one just went on sale, that’s probably to be expected. Back to the main point of this post, though, which one do you think did it best?

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