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The US Mint started with the Presidential $1 Coin Program in 2007, planning to strike coins with American Presidents from the first to 40th. Four new coins occurred every year, and President Jackson’s turn was in 2008.

Despite being minted only 15 years ago, the 2008 Andrew Jackson dollar value is at least four times its nominal value. However, some pieces can cost even more if it is about proofs and coins from special strikes. Let’s take a look.

2008 Andrew Jackson dollar value
Condition2008 P dollar 2008 D dollar2008 S proof dollar
MS 65$4.31$4.31/
PR 63//$4.63

History of the 2008 Andrew Jackson Dollar

The Presidential dollar coin series started in 2007 with the first four Presidents and continued by 2016 with the last of 40 planned ones. The program honored deceased American presidents who had died at least two years before it began.

These coins struck for general circulation have a face value of one dollar. Unfortunately, this series has never reached the popularity of the 50 State Quarters program, failing its primary goal – higher dollar coin circulation.

Therefore, releasing them in circulation was stopped in 2011. All coins produced after this year had a low mintage, high enough to satisfy the collectors’ demand.

Since Americans hate carrying metal coins, their number in circulation hasn’t increased since this series’ release. However, collectors appreciate Presidential coins, and their popularity will probably increase over time.

2008 Andrew Jackson dollar
Philadelphia2008 P dollar61,180,000 
San Francisco2008 S proof dollar3,083,940 
Denver2008 D dollar61,070,000 

President Andrew Jackson (Old Hickory) from Tennessee was the 7th American President. He was the first on this function from the region west of the Appalachian Mountains.

Mr. Jackson became a national hero as a commander during the War of 1812. As soon as he entered the White House as a President, he supported federal supremacy over each state’s authorizations.

During his Presidency from 1829 to 1837, this honorable man authorized several United States Mint southern branches. Besides, he signed a few Coinage Legislation and included the word LIBERTY on every American coin since then.

Features of the 2008 Andrew Jackson Dollar

The 2008 Andrew Jackson dollar is the seventh coin in the Presidential series struck in the second year after the minting started. It depicts the 7th American President, a national hero, a major general who defeated the British, and the Democratic Party founder.

However, this controversial man was also a slave owner and signed the Indian Removal Act, legalizing ethnic cleansing.

The 2008 Andrew Jackson dollar coin obverse

Designer Joel Iskowitz created the Andrew Jackson image on this Presidential coin obverse based on sculptor Jim Licaretz’s creation. This man served as the 7th American President from 1829 to 1837, which you can see along the coin’s bottom edge. As with all other coins in the series, this one has the President’s name struck above his head.

The 2008 Andrew Jackson dollar coin reverse

All coins from the Presidential series have a uniform reverse design. Sculptor-engraver Don Everhart depicted the Statue of Liberty on the right half of the reverse, with the denomination on the left side. The country name, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, surrounds most of the composition, you can check Coin Value Checker for more details about it.

The 2008 Andrew Jackson dollar edge

The coin edge has incused inscriptions containing the minting year, the mint mark P, S, or D, and two mottoes:

2008 Andrew Jackson dollar
Face valueOne dollar ($1)
CompoundCopper (88.5%), zinc (6%), manganese (3.5%), and nickel (2%)
Coin thickness0.08 inches (2 mm)
Coin diameter1.04 inches (26.49 mm)
Coin weight0.28572 ounces (8.1 g)

You can find two coin types, depending on the edge engraving method. Type 1 (Position B) indicates regularly struck inscriptions seen while looking to the obverse. On the other hand, these letterings are placed upside down in approximately half of the entire mintage, creating Type 2 (Position A) coins.

Both types are considered regular varieties, not errors. The difference results from separate edge striking relative to the obverse and reverse.

Other features of the 2008 Andrew Jackson dollar

The 2008 Andrew Jackson dollar is an edge-lettered round coin made of copper alloy with about 10% of added nickel, zinc, and manganese. This piece weighing 0.28572 ounces (8.1 g), has a thickness of 0.08 inches (2 mm) and a diameter of 1.04 inches (26.49 mm).

The most expensive 2008 Andrew Jackson dollars

  • 2008 D SP 68 Satin finish Jackson coin Position B – $646 in 2019
  • 2008 D MS 67 Jackson coin Position A – $537 in 2011
  • 2008 P SP 64 Satin finish Jackson coin with missing edge lettering – $481 in 2011
  • 2008 P SP 69 Satin finish Jackson coin Position A – $259 in 2019
  • 2008 S PR 70 DCAM Jackson coin (the first strike) – $208 in 2014
  • 2008 P SP 69 Satin finish Jackson coin Position B – $199 in 2011
  • 2008 P MS 69 Jackson coin Position A – $190 in 2019
  • 2008 P MS 68 Jackson coin with missing edge lettering – $175 in 2022
  • 2008 S PR 70 DCAM Jackson coin – $170 in 2019
  • 2008 D SP 69 Satin finish Jackson coin Position A – $80 in 2022
  • 2008 P MS 67 Jackson coin Position B (the first day of issue) – $69 in 2022
  • 2008 P MS 67 Jackson coin Position B – $55 in 2021
  • 2008 D MS 65 Jackson coin Position B (the first day of issue) – $28 in 2011
  • 2008 D MS 68 Jackson coin Position B – $9 in 2021

The 2008 Andrew Jackson Dollar Value Guides 

The US Mint minted 125,333,940 Andrew Jackson dollars in 2008 in three mints. While two produced coins from the regular strikes, the one in San Francisco minted exclusively proofs.

2008 P Andrew Jackson dollar

The mint in Philadelphia struck 61,180,000 Andrew Jackson dollars in 2008, the second year of Presidential dollar minting. You can recognize these pieces thanks to the P mint mark engraved on the coin edge.

The average value of those in MS 65 grade is a little more than $4, but those with a satin finish can be more expensive. For instance, the 2008 P MS 67 Andrew Jackson dollar coin Type 1 produced during the first day of issue is worth $69.

The most pricey specimen struck in this mint in 2008 is the Type 2 with satin finish and SP 69 grading. It was paid $259 on eBay in 2019. On the other hand, one collector purchased a Type 1 coin for $199 after this piece in SP 69 grade appeared on eBay in 2011.

2010 satin finish Andrew Jackson dollar value
Coin typeMS 65MS 66MS 67
2010 P Position A$1.30$3$6
2010 P Position B$1.30$3$6
2010 D Position A$1.30$3$6
2010 D Position B$1.30$3$6

*by Greysheet

2008 proof Andrew Jackson dollar

With 3,083,940 minted coins, the San Francisco mint had the lowest mintage of 2008 Andrew Jackson dollars. Most average pieces in PR 63 grade cost about $4.63.

However, one beautiful coin from the first strike in perfect condition and with deep cameo contrast was sold on eBay in 2014 for $208. A common proof coin of the same quality reached a modest $170 in 2019.

2008 D Andrew Jackson dollar

The Denver mint had only a slightly lower mintage in 2008 than the one in Philadelphia, with 61,070,000 produced Andrew Jackson dollars. You can buy one piece for $4.31, but some can be costly for such a contemporary coin.

The most expensive specimen in the set is the 2008 D SP 68 Andrew Jackson dollar with satin finish and Position B, paid $646 on eBay in 2019. The second one is the piece from the regular strike graded MS 67 with letterings in Position A. One collector bought it in 2011 on eBay for $537.

Coins with lettering Position B are much cheaper, so the piece minted on the first day of issue was paid a modest $28. The one from the regular strike reached only $9 in 2021.

The 2008 Andrew Jackson Dollar Errors

Thanks to modern technology, most coins from the Presidential series look perfect. However, you can find a few pieces with errors typically connected with engravings on the coin edge.

Double edge lettering

This error occurs when the second letter set overlaps the first one. It is reported that one Andrew Jackson edge coin error exists, but its price is still unknown.

Missing edge lettering

Only rare coins from the Presidential series appeared without lettering engraved along the edge. One such piece is the 2008 P MS 68 Andrew Jackson dollar sold on eBay in 2022 for $175. The one in lower grade but with a satin finish reached $481 on eBay in 2011.

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