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14 national films streaming to celebrate Brazilian Cinema Day



On June 19, we celebrate Brazilian Cinema Day. A whole day made to give visibility and value to Brazilian audiovisual productions, and, even in times of pandemic, the spectator was blessed with good productions of all kinds to watch at home. That’s why we’re bringing you the best Brazilian releases from the past two years so you can enjoy Brazilian Film Day from the comfort of your sofa. Just choose streaming and play!

14 – ‘No Gogó do Paulinho’ – Amazon Prime

Paulinho Gogó (Maurício Manfrini) is a comedy phenomenon and finally viewers can find out how this character was born and discover all the adventures he had to go through to become this great storyteller – and joker – in the comedy “No Gogó” by Paulinho ‘.

13 – ‘Pacarrete’ – Youtube

The town of Russas is about to celebrate its birthday and all Pacarrete wants is to be able to perform a ballet number in the town’s celebrations. However, neither the city nor the locals seem to pay the slightest attention to this lady’s wish. ‘Pacarrete’ is a beautiful and moving Brazilian film that deserves to be seen by everyone.

12 – ‘Le secret de David’ – Telecine

One of the best Brazilian horror films to come out in recent years stars Nicolas Prattes in his first role in a feature film, bringing to life a film student whose dark past is unknown to everyone, but in reality it is. a serial killer who films the murders and shares them on the Internet.

Enjoy watching:

11 – ‘Double Daddy’ – Netflix

Cute teen comedy with Maisa and with good training? It’s ‘Pai em Dobro’, which tells the story of Vicenza, who, on his eighteenth birthday, decides to go to Rio de Janeiro to find out who his real father is.

10 – “Os Farofeiros” – Globoplay

Probably one of the best Brazilian comedies of recent years, it drew millions of moviegoers in the summer of 2019. With Maurício Manfrini, she tells the story of three employees of a company who end up going on vacation with their families in the same house that is falling apart in the lakes region of the Rio de Janeiro coast. The film also features Cacau Protásio, Danielle Winits and Aline Riscado.

9 – “The Scoundrels” – Netflix

One of the best national comedies available on Netflix, it features Marcus Majella and Samantha Schmütz as two brothers trying to survive in the Lake District by applying petty scams to establishments in an attempt to maintain a status the two don’t have. In a humorous and raw way, the film makes fun of the famous Brazilian way.

8 – ‘Airplane Mode’ – Netflix

Larissa Manoela is a face dear to young Brazilians and owner of a vast national cinema program. His latest release, ‘Modo Avião’, hits Netflix in 2020 and tells the cute story of a young influencer who moves to the countryside and, there, learns what is really important in life.

7 – ‘The Good Lie Auto’ – NOW

Fresh out of theaters, the drama ‘O Auto da Boa Mentira’ is now available for rent on NOW and brings a collection of short stories whose core is lies, based on testimonies from the late writer Ariano Suassuna. It brings together Leandro Hassum, Nanda Costa and an excellent cast.

6 – ‘Dead Don’t Speak’ – Youtube

Combining terror and the supernatural, ‘Morto Não Fala’ tells the story of a man who works in the morgue and hears the cries of the dead there, who entrust him with the secrets of their lives. With Daniel de Oliveira in the spotlight, the film makes no apologies for showing the torn bodies of the dead.

5 – “Chorão: Marginal Alado” – NOW

Brazil produces excellent documentaries in all genres, and this one about singer Chorão, from the group Charlie Brown Jr, is a fine example of national excellence in this type of production. Anyone who is a fan of the band or grew up listening to the band’s songs will feel the atmosphere of skateboarding reborn in this beautiful documentary.

4 – K-8: When Death Helps Life – Netflix

A film that reopened its theaters in December 2020, ‘M-8’ is one of those necessary feature films that should have been made before, but are coming at the right time. It tells the story of Maurício (Juan Paiva), a young black medical student at a public university who, when starting the practice, is faced with the dilemma of knowing that the bodies used for college studies are black bodies. .

3 – ‘Carnival’ – Netflix

A lively film that elevates the feeling of well-being in all who watch it! ‘Carnival’ brings together four friends who are going to spend Carnival in Salvador, but, more than a story of friendship, the film paints a beautiful and faithful portrait of what Salvador is.

2 – ‘After the madwoman, it’s me’ – Amazon Prime

It sounds like comedy, but “After the Madwoman Is Me” is a drama that many 40s can relate to. Debora Falabella stars in this feature film which deals with paranoia, fears and life in society in a very sincere way for a whole generation unable to properly develop social interaction skills.

1 – ‘Bingo: The king of mornings’ – Telecine

If you liked ‘Joker’ then you should watch ‘Bingo’. By telling the biopic of famous TV presenter Bozo, director Daniel Rezende gives a pop and intense touch to his feature film. It took millions of viewers to the movies and must be seen by anyone who grew up in the 1980s and 1990s.

Make sure you watch:


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