10 wonderful romance novels to watch on KISS day



On April 13, the day of the kiss is celebrated. And to celebrate this date, CinePOP has decided to come up with 10 classic romantic films that can enchant, fall in love, make them cry and make them want to kiss that mouth.


All for Love (Dying Young, 1991)

What would a romantic list be without one of the main exponents of the subgenre, muse Julia Roberts. But the muse didn’t just experience light comedies and Cinderella dreams. Here, 24, and already two Oscar nominations on the program, Roberts saw a young woman eager to start her life over. She gets a job looking after a boy with cancer, played by Campbell Scott. Needless to say, the two fall in love and there are tears. The work is based on the book by Marti Leimbach and the direction is by the moving Joel Schumacher.

A Love to Remember (A Walk to Remember, 2002)

Second novel by writer Nicholas Sparks adapted for the cinema, A Love to Remember is also one of the most adored by fans of the author. This list, in fact, could only count on works by Sparks, since his texts always have the same elements, the main one being “a love too much suffered”. Here, the missing Mandy Moore and Shane West play Jamie, the daughter of the town pastor and Landon, the rebellious local delinquent. Such distinct personalities fall in love unexpectedly, only to be tested for the girl’s terminal illness. Veteran Daryl Hannah is also part of the cast, directed by Adam Shankman of Rock of Ages: The Movie.

Sweet November (Sweet November, 2001)

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Maybe there is only one pair as perfect as Sandra Bullock for actor Keanu Reeves in the movies. And he’s Charlize Theron. Here, the duo remake the partnership of the thriller Advogado do Diabo (1997), in a very different film. This is the remake of For All My Life (1968), by Robert Ellis Miller. The remake is directed by Irishman Pat O’Connor, of Circle of Passions (1997) – starring Liv Tyler and Joaquin Phoenix, and also features an unusual romance between two very different people. One of them, in the Theron case, is a patient with terminal cancer. Though adored by hopeless romantics, the production received three nominations for Golden Raspberry, anti-Oscar (Worst Actor and Actress for Reeves and Theron respectively, and Worst Remake or Sequel).

Now and Forever (Now is Good, 2012)

Perhaps the current film that comes to most minds when you think of a young patient with terminal cancer looking for new experiences. Daughter Dakota Fanning has entered the most mature phase of her career, although many have yet to notice it. The reason is that the actress has opted for independent American film productions (this one, British, with the right to accentuate) and many of these works are unknown to the general public. Short-haired, Fanning is a young woman who decides to make a list of everything she wants to accomplish before she leaves. Now and Forever is based on Jenny Downham’s book.

Diary of a Passion (The Notebook, 2004)

I said the list could only contain productions based on Nicholas Sparks, but this will be the last one selected, I promise. Not least, this is considered the quintessential work in terms of writer’s adaptations. Even if you don’t know it’s an adaptation, you approve of this intense romance with Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. And he has one of the BEST KISSES IN FILM! The story of Romeo and Juliet, or Lady and the Tramp, is recreated in the 1940s. A poor and passionate young man begins a relationship with a bourgeois and crosses all imaginable obstacles. The interesting thing here is to show the aftermath, with the lovebird couple now played by veterans James Garner and Gena Rowlands (mother of filmmaker Nick Cassavetes of the recent Women to Attack), facing their Alzheimer’s disease. .

50% (50/50, 2011)

Now a movie in which the patient is the boy, for a change. It’s probably the best movie on the list too. Mixture of comedy, uplifting and serious drama, this production treats cancer in an indulgent and ascending way, in a respectful way. The great Joseph Gordon-Levitt is Adam, a young man with cancer. At the same time as he is left by the selfish girlfriend, lived by Bryce Dallas Howard (who does not want to face this problem in his life), his best friend played by the always fun Seth Rogen, goes out of his way to turn him back up. the moral. and forward it. The boy reconnects with his mother, role of Anjelica Huston (super) and sees a new promise of happiness emerge in his life, in the form of his psychologist, Anna Kendrick.

Mad Love (1995)

Another straight out of the 1990s, this film brings as protagonists the double release of Batman Eternamente, of the same year. The missing Chris O’Donnell (then 25) and Drew Barrymore (20 at the time) play very different high school kids who … you guessed it, fall in love. Where are the similar couples in cinema? He’s Matt, a very good boy, and she saw Casey (the same name as the first victim of the terror Panic, played alone), the madman on duty. After problems and constant erratic behavior, Casey is admitted to a mental hospital. Her brilliant knight saves her from the place, only to find out later that the girl suffers from bipolar disorder.

Before the end of the day (if only, 2004)

This film, made for television in the United States, stars the late Jennifer Love Hewitt as the protagonist. The actress, who had her heyday with horror films and a few comedies in the late 1990s, plays Sam, an American musician living in London with her husband Ian, the role of Paul Nicholls. The couple is going through relationship difficulties. That’s when Hewitt’s character suffers a fatal traffic accident. The next morning, the couple have another chance to be together. The work has elements that were later used in the romantic suspense with Sandra Bullock, Premonições (2007). Two curiosities are the presence of the talented Tom Wilkinson (Risk Conduct) in the casting and the directing of Gil Junger, of the cult 10 Things I Hate About You (1999). Hewitt is also producing the film.

Forever (The Vow, 2012)

Many believe this novel is based on a book by Nicholas Sparks. Maybe even the producers, who aggressively sold it that way. The reason is that we have as stars the stars of two of his best known and beloved works, Rachel McAdams (Diary of a Passion) and Channing Tatum (Dear John). In the film, Tatum is a young man who faces a devastating reality: after being involved in a car accident, his wife (McAdams) erased him from his memory. Everything else she remembers. The fact that her parents (Jessica Lange and Sam Neill) are trying to save her daughter’s former life, while her husband desperately tries to win her back. The film was a hit with young audiences and was nominated for the MTV Movie Awards and Teen Choice Awards.

The Good Side of Life (Silver Linings Playbook, 2012)

The only film on the list nominated for an Oscar, The Good Side of Life also brought a nomination for protagonist Bradley Cooper and gave the victory to the talented Jennifer Lawrence. It is also not a film about cancer, but about mental illnesses, such as bipolar disorder. After catching his wife’s betrayal, Professor Pat (Cooper) panics and is admitted to a mental hospital. Once released, what seems to give him strength is his friendship with equally tormented Tiffany (Lawrence), a recent widow, who uses sex as a means of escape. The work is based on Matthew Quick’s book, and inspired filmmaker David O. Russell, who suffers with his son, who has a similar illness.

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