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While you stay home safe, leaving only the essentials – we’re sure – we’re doing our part here by giving advice on what to look out for during this new isolation, due to the increase intense death toll from the coronavirus pandemic. Continuing our streak of film nominations across different platforms, we’ve decided to now focus on something for the nostalgic. We have selected productions straight out of the 1980s (the most appreciated by many moviegoers) present on the blue platform, Amazon Prime Video. Real classics to review and a few more you may not know, but also worth your time. Fasten your seat belts because it will be a trip full of action, gunshots, but also lots of adventure and excitement. Check.

Heavyweight cop

Eddie Murphy came back with it all, reaching a new high in his career. After the much appreciated Meu Nome é Dolemite, a partnership with Netflix, the comedy star signed an agreement with Amazon and launched Um Príncipe em Nova York 2, one of the great commented films of early 2021. And the platform is investing in the comedian’s former productions, making them available for your streaming. Here we have what is arguably the most popular movie of his career and what made him such a world-famous star. Taking advantage of Murphy’s recent hype and already joining the wave of this franchise’s upcoming fourth film (already announced), here we have the original where it all began. Murphy plays the intransigent cop Axel Foley, from the heavy city of Detroit, who pursues a murderer in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, land of the rich and famous. Culture shock is what marked this action comedy.


Just in time for the premiere of the new version of the film, also based on the classic sci-fi book by Frank Herbert, directed by cult Denis Villeneuve (Arrival and Blade Runner 2049). The extremely influential story, has inspired several works of the genre, including the beloved Star Wars saga, after its release in the mid-1960s. Villeneuve’s new film is coming out this year, in the second half of the year, so nothing better than prepare and experience David Lynch’s vision in the first film to warm up and stay up to date. With many characters and a complex plot, Duna (1984) can prove to be a difficult experience. Basically we have a “Godfather” space, where several families play a real space game of thrones in search of a rare delicacy from a desert planet. Both films have enviable great casts.

Howard – The Superhero

An afternoon classic from the ’80s and’ 90s, this film is produced by none other than George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars. And if you’ve recognized the title, you know it’s a product of a company that is synonymous with large-scale success today. Exactly, Howard – the Duck, is one of the most controversial characters in the Marvel Universe because he has the wrong personality and is quite outgoing. Of course, it was too watered down to fit into a more family-friendly movie. Even so, we still have scenes of bare “paws” and sex between a human (Lea Thompson) and the protagonist, an alien humanoid duck. The MCU has plenty of projects kicked off, including booming TV series, but nothing of a new adaptation of Howard, who has already paid off a particular stake in these new corporate films. To kill the nostalgia, nothing better than the nostalgia for this adventure.

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The hunter

The ultimate icon of action in cinema, the legendary Steve McQueen would be 91 years old in 2021. The star of films like Escape from Hell (1963), Bullitt (1968), Papillon (1973) and Seven Men and a Destiny (1960), he died in 1980 at the age of 50, but he will remain in our hearts forever. Even though he died 41 years ago, the actor did release films the same year he died. The Hunter was the last feature film of his career to debut. In the plot, McQueen plays bounty hunter Ralph ‘Papa’ Thorson, who ends up becoming the target of the criminals he helped stop, who must fight for his life. While your girlfriend is pregnant, about to give birth to your first child.

48 hours

As said, Amazon has invested in the partnership with Eddie Murphy, bringing good films from the actor’s collection to its platform. Here we have Murphy’s first movie. Led by master Walter Hill, he plays Reggie Hammond, an incarcerated rascal, released from prison by tough cop Jack Cates (Nick Nolte) to aid him in a serial killer case. The explosive chemistry between the two served as the foundation for the Boyfriend Boyfriend movies subgenre. This is another film on Murphy’s list that deserved a new current assault, in a second installment.

Wanted dead or alive

One of the most electrifying action films of the late Rutger Hauer’s career, this production completes 35 years of its 2021 release – meaning it’s the most perfect opportunity to be celebrated and revisited. Anyone who grew up in the ’80s /’ 90s certainly remembers the cover of this tape in video libraries, stamped by the blond actor, his leather jacket and posing with a shotgun on his back. In the plot, Hauer plays bounty hunter Nick Randall (they felt the theme of this type of professional was used a lot for action movies of the time), a former CIA agent, privately hired by the agency itself to track down the terrorist. responsible for the bombing of a cinema in Los Angeles. Ah yes, this terrorist is played by none other than Gene Simmons, singer of the group Kiss.

The Promised Princess

There are films that play more in some countries than in others. We Brazilians sometimes choose works or action series that are much more successful here than in their country of origin, for example. On the other hand, in the USA, certain productions become instant classics, without having the same attraction for other parts of the world. This is exactly the case with A Princesa Prometida, one of the most beloved films of Americans of the 80s, which never had much resonance here in Brazil. Mixed adventure, fantasy and comedy, here we have a medieval fairy tale, with giants, princesses and knights in cloaks and swords. But the film goes further, being embarrassed, using a lot of metalanguage and making fun of everything. In addition, he brings the first outstanding work of the career of Robin Wright, who lives here in Princess Buttercup.

AND – The alien

What about this magical adventure recommended for the whole family, which has delighted audiences around the world and continues to leave its mark on new generations, which has not been said much? We truly believe ET is one of those timeless films that will never be forgotten, even without having a sequel (which we hope will continue to do so) or generating a franchise. The story of the friendship between a boy of separated parents and a creature from another planet reflects the director’s experience of growing up in the midst of his parents’ separation. But what not everyone might know is that Universal has plans to continue and that a script treatment, which would be done by Spielberg, can be found online. ET 2 – Nocturnal Fears (or Night Fears) would be a much more intense film, bordering on terror. For now, we are left with the original classic, available on Amazon.

Kickboxer – The Dragon Challenge

A true daytime broadcast classic on open TV, Kickboxer was one of the action and hype films that brought Belgian star Jean-Claude Van Damme notoriety. A name that has everything to do with the 80s and 90s. In the plot, Van Damme sees his brother defeated and finds himself in a wheelchair during a fighting tournament. So, he decides himself to train in the martial art of Muay Thai and enter the tournament in order to get revenge on the cruel opponent who left his brother in such a state. A curiosity is that four other sequels have been released (mainly in video), without Van Damme. The “actor” would not return until 2016 for a sort of remake / reboot, now in the role of mentor. This feature from 2016 spawned another continuation two years later.

Heavy cop II

Yes, after the release of A Prince in New York 2, Eddie Murphy is the prom of the day again. And for Amazon, this is undoubtedly true. So, the actor has already appeared on the list twice, with two action classics, and we couldn’t end the story any other way. Here, the first streak of the star’s career would be marked, and one of his first big hits in the cinema. After Heavy Cop II, Eddie Murphy attempted to release sequels to several of his oven hits, such as 48 Hours – Part 2 (1990), Professor Aloprado 2 (2000), Dr. Dolittle 2 (2001) and, of course. , the aforementioned A Prince in New York 2. In this sequel, Axel Foley returns to Beverly Hills to stop the infamous “crimes of the alphabet” gang, led by the very blonde Brigitte Nielsen (Stallone Cobra), the former -wife of Sylvester Stallone.

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