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10 true classics of Brazilian cinema that will turn 30 in 2021



History is one of the most important aspects of our existence as human beings. It is always necessary to study and learn from it. History makes us look to the past and reflect, as part of our evolutionary process. Learning is what allows us to continue, to always want to improve, but also to absorb a lot. In the cinema, it’s no different. This awareness is what makes a large part of moviegoers appreciate classic works much more, always looking for them as a benchmark of what is being done today. And when we talk about our cinema, we notice a big jump in quality. Today our films have international popularity. But in the past we have already produced works of enormous public and critical success.

Thinking about it, to honor our Brazilian cinema, in this new article we recall the most famous national films that complete 30 years of release in 2021. Find out.

Remake of the eponymous 1969 classic written and directed by Júlio Bressane (A Erva do Rato), the new version is adapted by Neville d’Almeida (A Dama da Lotação), who takes a script and a direction. The film marked the reunion on the screens of the ex-couple Claudia Raia and Alexandre Frota – who were married from 1986 to 1989. In the plot, Frota sees an unbalanced young man who kills his parents and goes to the cinema, where he watches four short films with stories because there are bizarre ones. One of them is executed by his ex-wife. Both versions are controversial and you have certainly heard that title.

Try to score a Brazilian superhero movie modeled on Hollywood productions. The Black Gaucho is a mysterious figure, part of the folklore of the south of the country. He is a kind of Zorro, wears black clothes, a hat, a mask and has a whip and a boleadeira as weapons. The film is carried by the star Xuxa, at the time at the height of his career, who tells the film and makes a special appearance. In fact, the protagonist is one of his Paquitos and two of his Paquitas. In the plot, just as the hero appears at a music festival in Rio Grande do Sul to prevent burning crimes, a young man from Rio de Janeiro (Cláudio Heinrich) arrives at the scene and falls in love with a school teacher (role of Leticia Spiller). Juliana Baroni completes the main cast.

Despite the cast of internationally renowned names like Kathy Bates (Oscar winner), John Lithgow (two-time Oscar nominee), Tom Berenger (Oscar nominee), Tom Waits (Oscar nominee), Daryl Hannah and Aidan Quinn , this film is a co-production between Brazil and the USA (spoken in both languages) and is directed by the most Brazilian Argentinian of all time, the late Hector Babenco. The plot shows fundamentalist missionaries trying to convert the natives of the Brazilian forests to their religion. Based on a famous book, the film had a certain prestige, although today it highlights some errors, such as having Tom Berenger playing a native.

The main thriller of this criminal thriller is the presence of star Patrícia Pillar, propelling the work and stamping the poster. Written and directed by José Joffily (Quem Matou Pixote ?, 1996), the film features the scammer Gafanhoto (Roberto Bomtempo), who steals a precious stone and finds himself in the sights of the gangster Velho (Sérgio Britto). As he flees, he draws his fellow poet (Felipe Camargo) and his girlfriend Cris (Pillar) towards danger, whose eyes bear the mark of tragedy. Completing the cast, the late Rogéria.

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Based on the story of Clarice Lispector, and with a screenplay and staging by José Antonio Garcia (A Estrela Nua), this comedy stars Antônio Fagundes in the skin of the pharmacist Xavier, who lives a double relationship with his two women: Carmem (Marieta Severo) and Bia (Cláudia Jimenez). Everything begins to change when the two discover that her husband has found another lover, the cabaret dancer Monique (role of the director also Carla Camurati).

Going to work Vagabundo II – A Volta

One of the most iconic films in our cinematography, the classic Vai Trabalhar Vagabundo (1973), written, directed and played by the late Hugo Carvana, brings the actor out as a trickster fresh out of jail, trying to hit a fake man. rich, a guy who just pretends to have money. For the sequel, nearly twenty years after the original, Carvana returns as director and protagonist, with the treacherous Dino exiled to Acapulco, organizing his return to Brazil funded by a wealthy widow. To get to the country, he organizes his own funeral. In the cast, reinforcements from Marieta Severo and Marcos Palmeira.

Another Brazilian film with an international taste on the list, this feature film is based on a novel by our great author Rubem Fonseca. National production also spoken in English and Spanish, in charge of the prestigious Walter Salles (Central do Brasil). In the plot, Peter Coyote is an American photographer in Rio de Janeiro, going on a mission to find the murderer of one of his models. The Turkish Tchéky Karyo and the beautiful Amanda Pays (known for the Flash series of the 90s) complete the international cast. From our side, Giulia Gam, Cássia Kis, Paulo José and the late Raul Cortez give the Brazilian a seasoning for suspense.

Forever – Together forever

Another production with an international touch, which commands the direction is the legendary Walter Hugo Khouri (Amor Estranho Amor). A coproduction between Brazil and Italy, the dramatic suspense shows the troubled relationship between father and daughter, experienced by Ben Gazzara and Eva Grimaldi. The girl tries to get closer to her father, a rich and powerful businessman, but along the way she ends up discovering his secrets and connections. Vera Fischer, a very young Ana Paula Arósio and the late Cecil Thiré and John Herbert are the compatriot reinforcements.

Cult par excellence because of its, shall we say, dubious quality, several critics of the new generation have rediscovered the work and re-presented it to the public. The “brilliant” idea behind the script was to bring together two famous presenters of the time, but whose actors had very little: the human ecstasy Sérgio Mallandro and the factory of walking sticks Faustão. But not only that, in the film Faustão he is an inspector specializing in crimes against animals and the environment who needs to join the mad Mallandro, essentially playing himself in the film, to prevent human trafficking. threatened species.

Speaking of Hollywood productions, in the 1980s and early 1990s the troupe known as Os Trapalhões reigned supreme at the Brazilian box office. There was nobody for nobody, not even for the big productions coming from Uncle Sam’s country. This film from 30 years ago, however, marks the last film with at least three of the original four members of the group. of actors. Zacarias had died in 1990, his last appearance on the big screen being the film Uma Escapalhada (1990) and with the Trapalhões name the year before, Na Terra dos Monstros (1989). This film no longer had his presence and marked the last participation of Mussum, who died in 1994. In the plot, Didi, Dedé and Mussum are forest guards protecting the Amazon (recurring ecological theme at the time and still very current ), discovering the source of youth and the return to being a child, then young. Cristiana Oliveira is the reinforcement of the team.

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