10 streaming comedies for SINGLE on Valentine’s Day



Another Valentine’s Day has arrived… and are you alone? That’s not a reason to skip the sad date, right? Shall we cheer up with a marathon of comedies available on streams for laughs and fun?

10 – A Prince in New York 2 – Amazon Prime

The long-awaited sequel to the 1980s / 90s classic is finally here – but it made it straight to the Amazon Prime platform and you might not even have noticed it. If you remember how much you laughed at the original film, then immerse yourself in this big sequel that brings Eddie Murphy back to his legendary role in Prince Akeem.

9 – Playing with fire – Telecine

It’s a really funny comedy, more of the same thing, but the difference is John Cena and Keegan-Michael Key stealing the show like beefy firefighters who can’t handle the kids.

8 – Together By Chance – HBO

A man and a woman have a date arranged by two friends. The meeting is a total disaster, however, when these two friends end up unexpectedly dying, the two decide to put their differences aside and give each other another chance.

Enjoy watching:

7 – The Bad Missy – Netflix

A man meets a wonderful woman at the airport and gets her contact details. So far so good. Only this wonderful woman has the same name as another woman with whom he had a bad date. One day he sends a message inviting her on a dream trip to Hawaii, only he ends up sending the message to the wrong woman, and the trip that was supposed to be heaven becomes a real nightmare for him.

6 – Altered women – Telecine

Comedy based on the Maitena comics, with a comic book style edition and starring four amazing actresses, which shows the differences in the daily life of different types of women. These are the films that you see and identify with.

5 – Wild intercourse – Globoplay

This Argentinian film is a mixture of tension, action, suspense and comedy. Put together like a collection of short stories, the stories all have one thing in common: anger. Anger at the little everyday things that drive us crazy. Don’t be surprised if you can relate to one or more of these stories.

4 – Megaromantic – Netflix

Totally a movie for those who are alone today and have no patience for the hustle and bustle of romanticism. In this feature film, Rebel Wilson is a woman who hates musicals and all that mess… until one day she finds herself trapped in a musical movie.

3 – The Scoundrels – Netflix

National comedy that makes people laugh out loud? We have! Marcus Majella brings to life a con artist who survives by applying blows to others, however, when the rope breaks in his side and his sister asks him for help, he has to turn around to make things work without involving his sister in his plots.

2 – Médianeras – Globoplay / Reserva Imovision

If you haven’t seen this movie yet, go ahead! It’s a delightful Argentinian romantic comedy that shows the misadventures of modern interpersonal relationships, all wrapped in technology but with abysmal distances when people meet in person.

1 – Carnival – Netlfix

This delicious comedy centered on female protagonists surprises with its ability to transport us into the festive and colorful universe of the Salvador Carnival. It’s true: in less than two hours, you will simply forget where you are and experience the intensity of the joyous days of the capital of Bahia. A film that makes you smile.

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