10 Reasons Why Books Enhance Your Personal Growth During College Life



Reading edifies the mind and is one of the best ways to increase knowledge. The common misconception is that only college students in arts and humanities departments enjoy reading. However, everyone can benefit from making reading a habit for academics and personal growth. 

Making reading a habit will also make you better at writing. Most professionals on and similar essay-writing platforms started with reading as a hobby. In this article, you will learn ten proven ways reading books can aid your personal growth and well-being. 

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Read for Personal Growth 

Below are ten distinct benefits of reading: 

Boosts Concentration Skills 

In today’s fast-paced digital world, young people have difficulty focusing on one thing for a long time. This is all thanks to 30-second videos and other short-form entertainment options. When it comes to reading, there are no shortcuts. You have to focus and concentrate to finish the book. Repeating the process over and over again will eventually boost your concentration skills, making you more productive in everyday life. 

Teaches You New Things

You can learn a lot about life by reading more books. It doesn’t have to be about your field of academics alone. Learn to read books about art, philosophy, self-help, history, science, and technology. Do not limit yourself to reading only when you have a school project or exam. Expand your knowledge base by reading books outside your field of study. You will get a unique perspective of the world when you read more. 

Entertains You and Reliefs Stress

Chronic stress is a plague to people, especially college students who have to deal with heavy workloads. Making time for entertainment and stress relief is essential to reduce stress. Reading books can help you relax your mind and find some peace in your busy schedule. When you want to read for stress relief, avoid complex academic texts, which may stress you out more. 

Improves Your Vocabulary

As a college student, you most likely already have a good vocabulary. However, there is always room for improvement. Reading books, especially outside your field, is a great way to learn new words. Each time you see a word you don’t understand, look it up in the dictionary to find its meaning and how it applies in that context. 

Makes Room for Creativity

Nothing sparks up ideals in creative thinkers like viewing the ideas of others. The best ideas usually come when you aren’t trying to find an idea. Reading occupies your mind with something else, leading to random thoughts and ideas. You may suddenly get over writer’s block, create lyrics for a new song, or see a painting design in your mind. 

Promotes Academic Excellence 

As part of your personal growth agenda, you must also improve academic excellence. Making reading your hobby allows you to learn things that can benefit your education directly and indirectly. Also, reading for school or academic success will be much easier when you love to read. It would be a part of your regular process and not just something you must do to get a good grade. 

A Window to Personal Exploration

Books allow you to learn about things you would otherwise be reluctant to ask people. Details about the types of books you read are known only to you. It gives you a chance to explore your most embarrassing feelings. You can also read first-hand accounts of people who may be facing similar life challenges as you and gather insight about how they handled it. 

Cultivate Emotional Intelligence

Since books open windows to varying perspectives, reading can be an excellent tool for cultivating emotional intelligence. The suitable types of books help you develop more self-awareness empathy, and become more willing to see things from the perspective of others. These are all qualities that make you an excellent people person. 

Enjoy Intellectual Stimulate

As a college student, mental agility is necessary to succeed. Making reading a habit is one of the best ways to stimulate your mind intellectually. It doesn’t have to be academic reading alone. Any interesting book that prompts self-reflection will improve your critical thinking skills and promote mental simulation. This will come in handy long after graduation.

Influence Your Belief System

It’s no news that reading books can shape your core values and influence your belief system. After all, we are all shaped by socialization. Make sure you read positive books, as negative books may affect you negatively and shape your mindset the wrong way. 

No doubt, college students have a lot to gain from making reading a part of their routine. Dedicating one or two hours daily to reading a few book chapters will help you relax, relieve stress, and stimulate your brain. 

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