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10 Movies That Tackle Psychological TERROR



Psychological terror is much broader than we realize. It is a position in any type of situation where the victim is questioned about everything they do, leaving them on edge, feeling trapped, generating a chaotic universe of emotions that they can reflect all their life. In the world of cinema, several stories show us parallels with this cut. So we decided to create a list of films that are very reflective on the subject, below are 10 films that deal with psychological terror:

The selected

In the thriller, we are introduced to the Barrett family, lovers Daniel (Josh Hamilton) and Lacey (Keri Russell) lead a quiet life in a small town in the United States. The peace and quiet ends when her son Jesse (Dakota Goyo) starts acting strangely. From there, they decide to investigate, and a series of strange and mysterious events become part of their routine.

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The fall

In the plot, we meet the friends Becky (Grace Caroline Currey) and Hunter (Virginia Gardner), two adventurers who like to practice mountaineering who, in one of these adventures, end up witnessing a death with the boyfriend of one of them. A year passes and the couple of friends meet again, this time for a new challenge: to climb up to a broadcasting antenna more than 600 meters above the ground located in a California desert. Something unexpected happens and the friends will have to unite even more to seek solutions in the heights.


In the plot, we meet Charlotte (Allison Williams), a brilliant musician who years ago had to put her career on hold to take care of her mother’s health. Time passes and she meets her mentor Anton (Steven Weber), her teachers, at a performance of the new star of the music school she was a part of, Lizzie (Logan Browning). The two immediately understand each other, feel a strong connection and become very close. During a trip, a situation occurs that makes us imagine the reasons for the actions when another vision of the same story is presented to the public.

The invisible Man

In the plot, we are introduced to architect Cecília Kass (Elisabeth Moss), a woman who flees her obsessive marriage to Adrian (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) and seeks refuge with her sister Emily (Harriet Dyer) and her husband’s house. policeman friend James (Aldis Hodge). Everything was going well until after the announcement of Adrian’s suicide, Cecília is disturbed by unusual situations as if an invisible man was chasing her, a fact that turns out to be true when it is discovered that her ex- Husband, a billionaire in the technology industry, had developed an innovative path that transforms the person into an invisible being. Struggling to prove her point, the protagonist once again embarks on a dangerous journey to freedom.

the shelter

In the plot, which takes place in the 80s, we meet Rory (Jude Law), a Briton who lives in the United States with his wife Allison (Carrie Coon) and their two children. Rory is not happy and finds a job in England, which changes the life of all the members of the family enormously. But there, in the land of the queen, things do not go as planned, the protagonist’s selfishness and ego lead to noticeable jolts in the foundations of the family. Amid heated discussions and strong words thrown to the wind, inconsistency takes the reins in uncontrolled and distant actions.

tie me Up

In the plot, we meet Ricky (Antonio Banderas) a young seducer who has spent much of his life in mental institutions. When he finally gets freedom, he does not hesitate to pursue his current obsession, Marina (Victoria Abril) a former porn actress who is currently filming a feature film. The chase begins and soon Ricky manages to trap Marina in his own building, trying for days to get her accepted as his lover.

The House

In the plot, we meet the publicist Javier (Javier Gutiérrez), a man who has always had good jobs, lived in great places, who one day ends up losing all the status he won after being fired and never getting another job multiple times because it’s considered old, too much for some companies. Having to reorganize his life financially, he must sell the luxurious apartment in which he lived with his family. But the days pass and Javier cannot stay away from the apartment, even entering it several times to find out more about the life of the new resident, the vice-president of a transport company Tomás (Mario Casas). . Thus begins an obsession that will have a tragic fate for some.

secret obsession

In the plot, which already starts at a mile an hour, we meet a young woman named Jennifer (Brenda Song) who is being chased by someone we don’t know who she is. After managing to get to the hospital in the worst possible way, he ends up losing his memory. She wakes up and is introduced to her husband Russell (Mike Vogel), who arrives all nice and with photo books and plenty of references to what their life was like together. But all is not as it seems in this story, alongside the young woman’s discoveries, we are introduced to Frank Page (Dennis Haysbert), a near-retirement police officer traumatized by his past who begins to suspect this situation. .

run away

In the plot, we meet the young Chloe (Kiera Allen), a high school student but who has lessons at home because she has a limited life, full of illnesses. Her mother, the enigmatic Diane (Sarah Paulson), has cared for her for 17 years. One day, certain situations lead Chloe to terrifying discoveries about the truths going on in her house.

To run!

In the plot, we meet the young and passionate Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) who has an intense relationship with his girlfriend Rose (Allison Williams) and loves photography. One day, Rose invites Chris to meet her family in a small town. Arriving there, he is introduced to his girlfriend’s family and strange things start to catch his eye and gradually the protagonist realizes that nothing is as it seems in this family.

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