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10 movies that make you look at the clock every time



It’s useless, there are films to which we can’t connect, which bore us in their endless minutes! It could be a huge collection of shots, a lack of character development, or even a lack of creativity when crafting a narrative. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up a few productions (in the writer’s opinion) below that fit that storyline.

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Team 6

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In the plot, which begins frantically, we meet Um (Ryan Reynolds), a billionaire who, after experiencing horrors against innocent people up close, decides to “commit suicide” in a lie and continues to live hidden in places where he has never been seen. Additionally, he begins a project to command a team of people who are alone in the world but skilled in their fields who will help him battle evil spirits across the planet. Each of them is known by a number. In a back and forth via flashbacks during the main action, we get to know some recruitments and a little more about the history of the whole team.


The legend of the Spanish samurai. Directed by Spanish filmmaker Daniel Benmayor, in his fourth feature, Xtremo is a mix of drama and action with plenty of violent scenes that take revenge (almost a cliche when you think of motives) to justify all the killing and the need to in the imperfect codes of ethics of the skilled killers that appear throughout the tiring nearly two hours. The intention to embark on a deep dive into the established drama is the hole in the boat of this project, whose choreographies recall certain Asian films of the last decades.


In the plot, we meet Cassie (Rosemarie DeWitt), a middle-aged woman, mother, divorced, who maintains a good relationship with her ex-husband. She is broke and about to lose her home. His daily life is a struggle, because he works in the real estate market exactly at the time of one of the biggest North American crises in the sector. One day after arriving at work, he ends up witnessing the murder of his boss by the unregulated Sonny (Danny McBride) who was unhappy with the way he received information about his current home and the damage that were caused there. Thus, Cassie and Sonny engage in a bloody battle, the first trying to survive in the hands of this madman and the second, well the second we do not understand the madness and the goals of this character.

The place

When things don’t go as planned. After the great Force Maior, the Swedish filmmaker and screenwriter Ruben Östlund returns to the big screen with a film that seeks to highlight, through debates and arguments, the role of each of us in the society in which we live. During the 142 minutes of screening, we see the narrative of the plot through a short play, a kind of series of sketches, a method that dissolves in the good times and the sleepy ones.

hunting season

In the plot, we follow retired General Benjamin Ford (Robert de Niro), a grumpy man who lives alone in a cabin far from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis. Far from his family, he decides one day to accept the help of the unknown Emil Kovac (John Travolta), a man embittered by a bloody past in the Bosnian war and who leaves for the United States in search of revenge. In the worst cat-and-mouse style, the two fight for life or death with failed attempts at psychological terror.

a beautiful sunday

In the plot, we meet the shy/introspective/traumatized professor Baptiste Cambière (Pierre Rochefort), a man who hides his past from everyone. One day, he offers a ride to one of his students and after a conversation with the boy’s father, he ends up stopping on a heavenly beach and meets Sandra (Louise Bourgoin), the boy’s mother. Sandra finds herself in a difficult financial situation and therefore the professor decides to help her even if she has to face her past again.

50 shades of gray

In the plot, we meet the beautiful and shy Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson), a young woman who, after going to an interview in place of a friend, ends up meeting the mysterious businessman Christian Gray (Jamie Dornan). Right away, the two future lovebirds are attracted and soon begin to embark on a special relationship, with exclusive contracts and requests, all because of a secret that Gray hides in a secret room inside his house. home. Reading this synopsis, it sounds like a mystery movie, doesn’t it? But in fact, 50 Shades of Grey, instead of provoking, ends up generating something else: sleep.

The girl on the train

In the plot, we meet Rachel (Emily Blunt) who is trying to move on with her life even though she has a constant addiction to alcohol and has been abandoned by her ex-husband. So, hiding from the friend who shares an apartment that she lost her job, she spends her days rolling from place to place on the train, drawing and creating stories for her real characters in her imagination. Until the day she ends up being involved as a witness to a terrible crime that happened, by great coincidence, in the neighborhood where her ex-husband lives with his new wife and newborn son.

power and the impossible

Pain and the power of the impossible. With a super fast story, where everything happens with a lot of anxiety, the project based on real events, O Poder eo Impossível, was released in theaters years ago. Directed by filmmaker Scott Waugh and starring Josh Hartnett and Mira Sorvino in the cast, the project looks like a motivational commercial, a self-help book about a former athlete with serious drug problems who makes it to the top of a mountain, with time closing. ., practice therapeutic snowboarding.

The receiver was a spy

All shot in White Plains (New York), The Catcher Was a Spy introduces us to Moe Berg (Paul Rudd), a famous baseball player in the MLB (North American professional league), speaking several languages, who ends up going to work as a a kind of secret agent of an American agency taking part in an important mission.

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