10 movies that have shocking scenes!



Many films have scenes that may or may not shock audiences, but some are unanimous in this regard. Shocking can sometimes be a narrative resource to draw attention to a particular news clipping. Seeking to remember the feature films that have sequences that are seared into our memories, here are 10 films that have shocking scenes!

brutal nights

In the plot, we meet a young woman named Tess (Georgina Campbell) who arrives in Detroit for an important job interview and rents a house through Airbnb. But when he arrives there, in a very convoluted area far from the city center, he ends up bumping into Keith (Bill Skarsgård) who has also made the same reservation for the house for that night. They agree and both sleep on the spot. The next day, upon returning to this house, Tess finds a hidden hallway in the basement and there she is surprised. Shortly after, we meet another important character, AJ (Justin Long), who will eventually meet Tess at an unsettling time.

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Presented for the first time at the Cannes Film Festival 20 years ago, the feature film directed by filmmaker Gaspar Noé presents one of the most moving scenes of the last two decades in cinema. In the plot, which has a narrative with a reverse chronology, we see the developments in the lives of certain characters after a violent act.

The Exorcist

Released in the second half of 1974, the classic horror film The Exorcist, based on the book of the same name written by William Peter Blatty, tells us the story of a young woman who seems to be possessed by a demon, her mother then calls an exorcist to try to get her out of this situation.


In the plot, we meet Sascha (Victoria Carmen Sonne), a young woman who arrives at an airport in Turkey to spend time at the beach house of her bandit boyfriend Michael (Lai Yde) and ends up facing a normality of violence and abuse within her boyfriend. universe. . When it seems like she’s starting to realize that there’s something wrong, or at least that she wants to leave this universe even if she’s not convinced, she meets a Dutch sailor but Michael doesn’t. not let things go as they were going.

Miss Violence

The famous Carl Gustav Jung said, “Suffering must be overcome, and the only way to overcome it is to bear it”. Will he be, Jung? And from Greece comes one of the most shocking films of recent times, Miss Violence. Winner of a few awards at the Venice Film Festival, the hard-hitting story directed by Alexandros Avranas (who also wrote the screenplay) is about the senseless violence rooted in a middle-class Greek family full of rules and punishment. This is one of those works that will leave audiences in awe.

family secrets

An ambitious couple looking for a company, takes the parents of one of the parties to visit an island where there is supposedly a great place, where nothing is missing and which would make an excellent hotel. The purpose of this invitation is to get a good part of the entry money of this company. It turns out that the person responsible for the house on the island, after a few awkward situations with family members, ends up running away, leaving the rest of the population unable to leave the island. What should have been a pleasant walk, washed down with wine and casual conversation, soon turns into a hostile and tense environment, where hidden facets soon come to light.


In the plot, shown at major festivals in Toronto and San Sebastian, we meet Irene (Maeve Jinkings), a woman who lives with her husband (Rômulo Braga), their son Jean (Jean de Almeida Costa) and their father ( who is already in a very weakened environment) in a city isolated from the major centers, inside Brazil. The family leads a simple life where lack of money is common. One day, a woman appears with an unusual proposal, which is for the family to welcome a mysterious international visitor named Miguel (César Bordón), in exchange for a good sum of money. They agree. Thus, days of many conflicts follow one another, where we learn to better understand each of these characters.


When the surprise becomes the big point of the scenario. Written and directed by New York filmmaker Richard Shepard (also written by Nicole Snyder and Eric C. Charmelo), Perfection, a film available on Netflix, is a 90-minute feature that generates several surprises for the viewer. The scenario, which seeks its differential in the change of perspective, generates a reversal of the situation which even changes the whole meaning conveyed by the official synopsis of the film. It’s not a movie about envy, it’s a movie about revenge!


Directed by French filmmaker Frank Darabont, The Mist is a portrait of the end of the world with a hint of action, emotions and bad decisions. The grandiose events that fill the story (based on a book by Stephen King) make up what we see on the stage, each, by the personality of each character, we are guided by fear, faith, courage and despair faced with the unusual fact of that day.

The last house on the left

A tense film where revenge becomes the only solution. After raping and abusing two friends, a gang of fugitives unknowingly take refuge in the family’s summer home of one of these girls. When the parents find out what they’ve done, a bloody vendetta begins.

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