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10 fun facts about ‘the Terminator 2: the Final Judgment’, which turns 30



Major cinematic sequels usually don’t honor the original films – but that wasn’t the case with “The Terminator 2: The Final Judgment.”

The classic feature film co-written and directed by James Cameron was released in 1991 and brought back all of the main cast, including Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton. In the plot, young John Connor (Edward Furlong) becomes the key to humanity’s victory against the robotic rebellion of the future – but things change dramatically when he becomes the target of T-1000, a shapeshifter exterminator who was sent to kill him.

The critically acclaimed film was also a huge box office hit, grossing $ 520 million worldwide (the highest in the year it was released). In addition, she has won numerous awards, including four Oscar statuettes. To celebrate its 30th anniversary, celebrated today, CinePOP has separated a list with some behind-the-scenes curiosities.


Robert Patrick, who played the T-1000 villain in the movie, trained on a strict diet, breathing only through his nose during exercise so he didn’t look tired while running. The production was long enough to show signs of aging at Furlong. In the movie, he’s clearly younger in the desert sequence than in other scenes, for example. Plus, as she went through puberty, her voice showed signs of dissonance that needed to be corrected in post-production. Linda’s twin sister, Leslie Hamilton Gearren, has been used as a stunt performer in scenes involving the two “Sarah Connors”.

It was the only title in the franchise to be nominated for an Oscar. As if that wasn’t enough, ‘The Terminator 2’ won four of the six categories it competed in: Best Makeup, Best Sound, Best Sound Editing, and Best Visual Effects. According to Cameron, Hamilton suffered permanent hearing loss in one ear during the elevator shooting because he forgot to replace the earplugs after removing them between recordings. Michael Biehn was the first choice to play as T-1000 in the sequel, in a true twister with Schwarzenegger, who was now a hero. However, the idea was rejected because it was too confusing for the public.

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The man-made substance that emulated molten steel actually had to be kept at very low temperatures to get the right density. This means that the temperature on the film set was quite cold, forcing the actors to be sprayed with water to “sweat”. The film held the record for the highest grossing opening weekend in an adult production ($ 52,306,548) until “Matrix Reloaded” in 2003.

Cameron was so impressed with Hamilton’s performance that he ran a massive campaign to try and nominate her for the Oscar for Best Actress, even though it failed. In his other film, “Aliens the Rescue,” Cameron ran the same campaign for Sigourney Weaver, who won the nomination but lost the statuette to Marlee Matlin. Cameron received the “mere” amount of five million dollars to take over the director’s chair.

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