10 films where the characters assume other IDENTITIES



There are films that explore the conflicts of their protagonists to experience almost two parallels, two realities. Whether it’s under a false identity created by a law enforcement officer who has infiltrated criminal gangs, or a thug and a policeman who simply swap faces, or one day you wake up in the body of his woman and vice versa, or even an ex-prisoner who turns around a priest from a small town, different stories tell us of the dramas of these trajectories. With that in mind, here are some great suggestions below, 10 movies where characters take on other IDENTITIES:

Catch Me If You Can

Released in 2003 in Brazil and quickly achieving huge box office success across the country, the feature film based on Frank W. Abagnale Jr’s namesake autobiography and directed by legend Steven Spielberg, Arrest Me If You Can, We shows a young man who has a knack for deceiving others and who carried out coups across the United States for many years by posing as an airline pilot, a lawyer and even a doctor.

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corpus Christi

In the plot, we meet a young man named Daniel (Bartosz Bielenia), who is in a rehabilitation center for young troublemakers in a town in the Polish countryside. Somehow, over the time he has been in this place, he has undergone a certain transformation, being very connected to the masses and the spiritual issues addressed in the institution. But his past is complicated and in this place he is sworn in by another prisoner and thus, sent to work elsewhere, he takes an alternative route and finds himself in a small Catholic town where he becomes the titular priest of the place. Fighting against his past and the mistakes he makes in his present, Daniel ends up finding a way to change places and why not tell himself.


Directed by filmmaker Toniko Melo and starring the great Wagner Moura as the protagonist, VIPS chronicles the life trajectory of embezzler Marcelo who began his career in crime by smuggling then deceived almost everyone by impersonating for one of the heirs of the airline Gol.

The gentleman

In the plot, we meet the exemplary employee, all methodical and straight, of a company based in the United States and having branches in other countries, Gaurav (Sidharth Malhotra), a young man who has a crush on her friend Kavya (Jacqueline Fernandez), both descendants of Indians but who live in the United States living in the best western style, each in their own way. Kavya over time realizes Gaurav’s intention and distances herself from finding him too upright. Everything changes when we find out that Gaurav is actually Rishi, a former government agent who participated in a clandestine black ops group and defected with a new identity to America. When his former colleagues land in the United States to settle some scores, Gaurav’s whole decent life turns into one big shipwreck and is filled with confusion.

Login Escobar

In the plot, based on true events, set in mid-1980s Florida, we meet veteran police officer Robert Mazur (Bryan Cranston), an expert in undercover work who decides not to accepting retirement and closing his CV with the biggest challenge of his life, arresting a network of bankers and investors linked to Colombian drug trafficking operating in the United States. But the mission will not be easy, and for that, he will need the help of rookie agent Kathy Ertz (Diane Kruger) and flamboyant agent Emir Abreu (John Leguizano).

The other face

Directed by the master of action cinema, John Woo, Nicolas Cage and John Travolta, they complement each other very well in this explosive change of identity, The Other Face. In the film, a manhunt is sparked after facial surgery between a ruthless killer and an FBI agent. With the roles reversed, the adrenaline is constant in this great film!

The speaker

In the plot, we meet Guilherme (Fábio Porchat), a man devoured by a boring job who discovers the same day that his wife is leaving the house and that his boss is going to be fired. But something unusual happens: in the middle of a journey through the company, he ends up seeing the chance for a new experience when (forcefully) he is mistaken for a famous speaker who will give a great talk in a resort in Rio de Janeiro. The head of the contracting company, Denise (Dani Calabresa) and the protagonist end up loving each other, which will lead to more trouble amidst the lie told.

Marks of violence

One of the great films in Canadian filmmaker David Cronenberg’s stellar career, Marks of Violence presents us with a deeply emotional cut from a man who, when his cafeteria is attacked by cruel criminals, ends up leaving others, and especially his family, showing a side of himself that he represents, a past that you don’t want to remember.

Dave – President for a Day

A delightful comedy released in the early 90s, Dave – President for a Day presents the story of a kind-hearted man who works at an employment agency who, due to his physical resemblance to the President of the United States , must replace when the Almighty is unable to appear publicly. The soundtrack is signed by ace James Newton Howard.

If I were you

When you think of Brazilian comedies, Se Eu Fosse Você is one that you always remember. Starring Tony Ramos and Gloria Pires, the film released in the mid-2000s tells the story of a couple who face the routine of a marriage of years who suddenly change their bodies and therefore have to deal with the unusual situation.

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