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10 films to celebrate Father’s Day



Today, August 8, 2021, we celebrate Father’s Day – and of course at CinePOP we wouldn’t let that date go unnoticed.

To celebrate, we’ve separated a list of ten feature films to watch alongside the one you consider to be your father and who has always been by your side, from animations like “Finding Nemo” to dramas like “In Search. happiness “.

Check out our picks below and let us know which is your favorite movie:


Where to watch: Telecine

The Oscar winner for Best Foreign Film, Best Actor and Best Soundtrack is one of the most touching productions in cinema and brought the best of Roberto Benigni to the big screen. The plot is set during World War II in Italy and revolves around the Jew Guido and his son Giosué, who are taken to a Nazi concentration camp. Far from the woman, he must use his imagination to make the boy believe that they are participating in a great game, in order to protect him from the terror and violence that surrounds them.


Where to watch: Disney +

Enjoy watching:

Tom Baker decides to move with his large family to another city to get the job of his dreams: coaching the football team in his small town. However, he realizes it won’t be easy when his wife Kate goes on tour to promote his book and leaves him alone with their twelve children.

Where to watch: Disney +

The past holds sad memories for Marlin on the coral reefs, where he lost his wife and all his litter. Now he is raising his only son Nemo with all the care in the world, but the cute little clownfish exaggerates in a simple argument and ends up getting caught by a diver. Marlin then embarks on a relentless search across the open sea, in the hope of finding his little beloved. Along the way, he ends up meeting Dory, and together the couple will have an incredible adventure. During this time, Nemo also has an intense experience alongside his new friends who live in the aquarium, as they need to help him escape the fate in store for him: to find himself in the hands of the terrible Darla, niece. of the dentist who captured him.


Where to watch: Disney +

After the government banned the use of superpowers, the planet’s greatest hero, Mr. Incredible, now leads a normal, peaceful life with his family. Though content with his domestic life, Mr. Incredible still misses the days he lived as a superhero, and his big chance to get back into action comes when an old foe strikes again. Only now he will have to rely on the help of the whole family to defeat the villain!

Where to watch: Globoplay

The biopic ‘2 Filhos de Francisco’ marked Breno Silveira’s directorial debut and is revisited until today, being adored by Brazilian audiences. With exceptional performances by Dira Paes, Ângelo Antônio and a solid cast, the story centers on the life of Francisco José de Camargo’s father, father of the iconic duo Zezé Di Camargo and Luciano. Praised by critics, the production won four statuettes of the Grand Prix of Brazilian cinema, including that of best actor.


Where to watch: Looke

Chris faces serious financial problems and Linda, his wife, decides to leave. He is now a single father and has to take care of Christopher, his 5 year old son. Chris tries to use his sales skills to get a better job, but only gets an unpaid internship. Their financial problems cannot wait for promotion and they end up getting kicked out. Chris and Christopher go to sleep in shelters or wherever they can find refuge, hoping better days come.


Where to watch: Telecine

Starring Liam Neeson, “Relentless Pursuit” focuses on Bryan Mills, a former government agent who quit his job to spend more time with his daughter Kim. When she asks her father for permission to go to Paris with a friend, he refuses her because of the dangers she would face in a foreign country. That doesn’t stop him from making the trip anyway. But Bryan’s fear comes true, and Kim and her friend are kidnapped by sex slave traffickers. Days before Kim is auctioned off, Bryan uses the skills he learned as an agent to save her.


Where to watch: YouTube

Will Hayes, a 30-year-old man from Manhattan, is in the midst of his divorce process when his daughter asks him questions about his pre-marriage life, including how he met his mother. Will returns in 1992 and talks about three women, changing their names so that his daughter can guess which one has become his wife.


Where to watch: Netflix

Luiz Gonzaga decides to change his fate and leaves his young home for the big city to erase a sadness in love. Upon his arrival, he meets a woman with whom he falls in love. After the birth of his son and his wife’s health complications, he decides to hit the road again to ensure his studies and a better future for his heir. He has a friend in Rio de Janeiro and he leaves the little one with him and goes abroad. I just never imagined that this distance between them would grow a complicated relationship, reinforced by their strong personalities.


Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video

Dane Jensen is an executive preparing for the professional battle of his life. When his youngest son receives a heartbreaking diagnosis, he is torn between fulfilling his dream and spending time with his family.

Make sure to watch:


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