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10 films that will be 10 years old in 2022 and deserve a NEW CHANCE!



The world isn’t one hundred percent fair and we all have our daily lions to slay. The world of cinema is no different, especially when talking about a competitive market like Hollywood. Yes, the dream factory can transform anyone into the new star of the moment and bring fame and fortune to illustrious strangers. But the gears of this industry are also capable of devouring the unlucky, offering them only 15 minutes of fame (which for many is already worth a lifetime) or throwing them back into anonymity. This is how it works, if an actor, no matter how good, throws the ball in a row, participating in one resounding failure after another, the suits of the studios quickly perceive such an artist as a “rotten finger” , a box office risk and its status in the market is rapidly dropping. It may not look like it, but the passes of stars and stars are very similar to those of sportsmen, or stocks in the financial market, they can drop at any moment and are no longer worthy of investment.

With this in mind, here we offer you a different article. The proposal is to look back ten years and realize the untapped potential of certain productions, which could have given profitable franchises bearing fruit until today, but which, for some reason, ended up being put on hold. the gap. Here, we’ve got you covered with a look at 10 movies from 10 years ago that deserved another shot at the movies or on TV. Check

This is a production that Disney must be very afraid to mess with. Mickey’s studio is a real moneymaker, and with the addition of Disney Plus to its repertoire, there’s no shortage of Marvel and Star Wars Expanded Universes. However, going back ten years, many will remember the monumental fiasco that was the onslaught of John Carter’s attempt to turn Edgar Rice Burroughs’ novel “The Princess of Mars” into a sensational new franchise full of action and adventures. Burroughs is the creator of the character of Tarzan. With an absurd budget of $250 million, John Carter only grossed $284 million worldwide. We understand the risk is great, and maybe it’s very difficult, but it would be nice to see Disney invest in the idea again, even if it’s in an animation.

Have fun watching:

A new Addams Family live-action series is about to premiere on Netflix. Entitled Wednesday and centered on Wandinha Addams (Jenna Ortega), the series is produced and directed by Tim Burton for its 8 episodes. The fact prompted fans to ask Johnny Depp to play patriarch Gomez and Eva Green to play matriarch Morticia — roles that ended up in the hands of Luis Guzmán and Catherine Zeta-Jones, respectively. The truth is that Burton has already had the chance to make his own “Addams Family” with Depp and Green, with the film Shadows of the Night. Okay, the movie is based on a TV series of the same name (Dark Shadows in the original), and taking it to the movies was star Johnny Depp’s dream. Too bad it didn’t work. But while the Addams make a living in pop culture, why not the lesser-known Collins family?

Speaking of Johnny Depp, the troubled star got his first big career break when he starred in the Anjos da Lei (21 Jump Street) series and caused a stir there in 1987. The series that followed a split from the police, in which the officers have a youthful appearance to infiltrate schools and universities, had a fever at the time and had 5 seasons. It took a while, but the show was made into a film as a sordid comedy. The Balcony was very good, and even Depp himself and fellow cast members Peter DeLuise and Holly Robinson Peete reprized their characters in the film. The success was huge and two years later Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill were back for the sequel. But, after almost ten years, the question that remains is, “Where is the third Angel of the Law?” “.

There are certain characters that seem insurmountable from comics to screen. This is the case of Hulk, who was unlucky in his two feature films and soon Marvel tried to turn him into a luxury supporting role. The Punisher also dropped out three times before earning a hit series on Netflix. Now, MCU producers have to study the ground very well to bring the Fantastic Four and the Ghost Rider satisfactorily to the MCU. Moving on from Marvel characters, another one that still hasn’t found its way is Judge Dredd, the creation of John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra for British comics. Judge, jury and executioner, Dredd is part of the police of the future in a totalitarian government. The character’s first time on the big screen was in 1995, in a film starring Sylvester Stallone. Years later, it’s the turn of the nice Karl Urban to bring the character to life in a more faithful, raw and violent film. It didn’t work very well, despite the praise. There has been talk of a series with the character titled Mega City One for some time, but nothing concrete has emerged as of yet.

It’s interesting to see new versions of cult works from the past. This was the case with Clash of the Titans. The original turns 41 in 2022 and has become a very dear production to fans, although it didn’t explode as it should at the time. So in 2010, it was time for a modern, effects-heavy remake that, among other things, capitalized on Sam Worthington’s (Avatar and Terminator 4) fame as the half-man, half-god protagonist of Olympus, Perseus. Despite the clumsy 3D transposition, the film did not do badly at the box office. So, two years later, I would contemplate what the original failed to achieve: a sequel. The sequel made slightly less money than the first, but still made enough money to keep the franchise going. Maybe Warner, the rights holder, is excited for a series on HBO Max.

The buzzword right now in Hollywood is shared universe. And even the world’s number one thriller writer, Agatha Christie, has earned her place in movies at the hands of filmmaker Kenneth Branagh. One source full of possibilities, if done right, is author James Patterson’s book series about criminal investigator and psychologist Alex Cross. In film, the character made a big debut as Morgan Freeman in the film Kisses That Kill (1997), chasing after a psychopathic sexual predator. In 2001, the sequel with Freeman came in The Spider’s Web, where the mission was the kidnapping of the ambassador’s granddaughter. Ten years ago, Cross had rejuvenated himself in the manner of Tyler Perry, in a film more concerned with action than suspense. It’s high time the investigator got another chance, preferably on TV.

This feature will always be at the top of the list of best projects that never happened. The case is that initially the first adaptation for the big screen of the trio of actors who are true legends of humor and entertainment, would have a more than particular trio of performers. You see, the Three Stooges would be played by none other than Jim Carrey, Sean Penn and Benicio Del Toro. Have you thought? With those talents involved, we would definitely see something way out of the box, unlike the film we actually won at the hands of the Farrelly brothers. Even if it is not a bad film, it quickly fell into oblivion, without anyone talking about it today. For that very reason, we think these icons deserve another shot, now that Fox is part of Disney

After productions aimed at the whole family, when we think of the most popular animated films of ten years ago in cinemas, films like Hotel Transylvania, Wreck-It Ralph, Ice Age 4, Madagascar 3, Brave, cult hits like Frankenweenie immediately come to mind. . and ParaNorman, and even The Lorax. But what hardly anyone remembers or comments on is an aggrieved Dreamworks and Paramount production called Rise of the Guardians. The idea was a good one and featured folk characters like Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, and the ice cream maker Jack Frost forming a team of superheroes. Other than that, the cool animation had the voices of people like Hugh Jackman and Chris Pine voicing the characters. The film missed the mark, but ten years later it was able to survive as a television series.

We are now making a small detour to a cult production unknown to the general public, which in Brazil has benefited from a direct video release. With all the aura of a B-movie, this Lockout (in the original) could very well be the retread script for a third installment in the Escape from New York franchise, created by John Carpenter and starring Kurt Russell. . The original film is from 1981 and shows the island of Manhattan turning into a huge prison in the future. The President’s plane crashes at the scene and he is taken hostage. Only renegade Snake Plissken (Russell) can save him. More than ten years later, in 1997, the duo would return in Escape from Los Angeles, essentially a remake of the first feature, with the prison now relocated to Los Angeles. For years, Carpenter has talked about the possibility of a third movie, which would be called Escape from Planet Earth, with Plissken being able to go to space. And that’s the story of Kidnapping in Space, with Guy Pearce playing the Plissken of the time, or almost, a badass programmed to rescue a young girl from a space prison. It’s not exactly as good as Escape from New York, but while the third movie won’t come out, a producer could bring that plot back to the screen.

The appearance of Spider-Man Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield in the No Return Home phenomenon has fans shivering. And in addition to having made the third film starring Tom Holland in the skin of the hero, a major milestone in the post-Covid return to theaters, they were still filled with hope for new productions with the original headliners. And the producers, of course, are liquidating. Let’s be honest, Sony (the studio that owns the character) would just have to profit from it. So speculation about a possible Spider-Man 4 starring Tobey Maguire, to be directed by Sam Raimi, continues to crop up. The director himself has commented on and fueled such rumors, leaving fans worried. In this way, the public also talked a lot about their desire for the return of Andrew Garfield, to at least end his trilogy, which ended without conclusion, after only two films as a character. And that is precisely what we are talking about here. This is an opportunity for Garfield and director Marc Webb to redeem themselves and bring to the screen for the first time, for example, the Brushed Black Cat in the form of Felicity Jones, or even Mary Jane by Shailene Woodley. (from the second film). Is that too much to ask?

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