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10 box office hits that aren’t worth the money



After talking about “10 Bad Movies You Should Watch,” I felt compelled to write about those movies which, despite their box office success, disappointed me enough to want my ticket money back. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon and we can never equate a movie’s profitability with its quality.

Perhaps the main reason a movie succeeds at the box office despite poor quality is the expectation created by a previous movie in the same franchise, which is proven by the fact that most of those listed below are suites. When we have one or more good films, it’s normal that we have a lot of fans eager for quality footage and this explains the large number of people who go to the cinema to see them, even if the critical reception has been poor. . Many are eager to go, if only to witness it in person and join the chorus of the disappointed.

But of course, we also have those rare instances where people are already imagining what will happen and still decide to indulge in the occasional pleasure. I’m not against “popcorn cinema” and watch a lot of movies that just seek to relax, but still looking for an interesting story and charismatic, endearing characters. Just putting on explosions or quality visual effects won’t necessarily appeal to me, no matter how good they are. It is more than proven that this does not guarantee the quality of a movie.
For some reason, the truth is that we have several movies that have been box office hits despite their questionable quality to say the least. That’s why I decided to make this list. It should be noted that this is not a Top 10 and that films are increasingly ordered based on box office receipts. Without further ado, let’s get down to business.

10. Cars 2 (Box office: 191 million US dollars)

While this movie isn’t the worst animation in movie history, it definitely falls short of Pixar’s expected level of quality. With an empty and uninspiring story, his only reason for existing seems to have been the desire to sell more tickets and licensed products from the franchise.

9. Pearl Harbor (Box office: $ 198 million)

Enjoy watching:

Anyone hoping for another wartime epic depicting the famous Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was sure to be disappointed with this extremely shallow film that focused on a dull love triangle rather than expanding the story of the conflict. It is without a doubt one of Ben Afleck’s worst performances and a taste of what Michael Bay was about to do in movies.

8. Pirates of the Caribbean: Sailing in Mysterious Waters (Note: $ 241 million)

The first film in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise was a pleasant surprise with lots of action and charismatic characters. But the formula was starting to tire (as well as Johnny Depp) and in the fourth movie we have a generic excuse to raise more money without adding anything new. The already sinking pirate ship sank once and for all in terms of quality, even though it made a fortune at the box office.

7. The Matrix Reloaded (Box office: $ 281 million)

After a fantastic film that ripped away critics and audiences alike, the expectations for the sequels were huge, but sadly the end result fell far below expectations. Even though it contains some good action scenes and some great visual effects, the film absolutely failed to keep the story interesting. The impression is that all the good ideas were used in the first film.

6. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (Box office: $ 317 million)

Almost twenty years after the last film, the expectation of the return of the most famous archaeologist of cinema was great, as well as of the meeting between Steven Spielberg and George Lucas. While Harrison Ford still has the necessary charisma and has done a lot of work on his return, the film is hugely disappointing. The story isn’t convincing, as is the mean and forced figure of Shia LaBeouf.

5. Alice in Wonderland (Box office: $ 334 million)

Although a fan of Tim Burton’s work, I have to admit it had been a long time since I left the cinema satisfied after seeing a movie of him. It’s no different here, and while in theory the world of Wonderland is perfect for its unique visual style, in practice we have an overuse of digital effects and a lack of lovable characters. And in my opinion, I’m sick of his fixation with Johnny Depp and Danny Elfman.

4. Spider-Man 3 (Box office: $ 336 million)

If today (and until the release of the first film with Marvel) the most famous wall climber in the world is a bit lost in the cinema, this fall began in the third film of Sam Raimi’s trilogy. After a great sequel that had a great story and a memorable villain, the director let go of the wheel in a movie full of underdeveloped villains and weird moments (what a crazy dance was that?). A fine example of wasted potential on the big screen.

3. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (Box office: $ 402 million)

It’s nothing new that Michael Bay has flooded theaters with his explosion-filled blockbusters, but at least before we got charisma (like in ‘A Rocha’, ‘Bad Boys’ or even ‘Armageddon’) . In his series of films which brought the famous “Transformers” to the world of live action, the director excelled in terms of “brainless” entertainment and, despite being a fan of “popcorn flicks”, I do. meaning repeatedly insulted. And oddly enough, this 2009 sequel proved that the amount raised at the box office is inversely proportional to the quality of the franchise’s films.

2. Iron Man 3 (Box office: $ 409 million)

Perhaps for those unfamiliar with comics, the third film in the Iron Man franchise in theaters was something completely normal by Marvel standards. We even had a demonstration of a more human and fragile Tony Stark. But for those familiar with the hero comics, the atrocity committed against one of his greatest villains, Mandarin, was something like seeing “Darth Vader” take off his helmet in “Star Wars” and say, “Calm down. you guys, I was kidding. ”Not to mention Pepper Potts’ totally unnecessary lead role in the plot.

1. Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace (Box office: $ 474 million)

When we talk about a movie that raised a lot of money and disappointed a lot of people, we hardly would get a different result at the end of the list. The first film in the final Star Wars trilogy is a classic example of high expectations thrown in the mud. Along with a totally different take on the classic trilogy with too much digital effects, we have a barrage of weird characters (like Jar Jar Binks) and questionable concepts (does the strength come from the Midichlorians ?!). Maybe the only things to save are villainous Darth Maul and worker Liam Neeson, but it’s still not worth the ticket and served to show that the time for someone to wrest the rights to Star Wars from George. Lucas was over.

Do you have a blockbuster movie that you didn’t like? Share in the comments!

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