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10 big Hollywood stars who’ve been to space recently



With the heartbreaking sci-fi drama / thriller Passenger Accidental (Stowaway) releasing on Netflix today, April 22, we’ve decided to address a fact about this that has become more and more consistent in the movies and the series: the great women of cinema became astronauts and went into space on the screens.

Accidental Passenger tells the story of Michael Adams (Shamier Anderson), a technician who, while repairing a space plane heading to Mars and crashing unconscious, finds himself aboard the mission that will be out of Earth for 2 years. Desperate, right? What would you do?

Baffling as the idea is, that is not the subject of this article. As it turns out, in the cast of the movie we have the presence of two Oscar nominated stars, both in the roles of astronauts on the mission. The fact drew our attention to the recent stream of high-profile stars that accepted this type of character, previously dominated by the male presence. More than ever, the saying “the place of the woman is… wherever she wants” is concretized today, and the space has become one of the borders which it dominates today in the cinema and the series.

With that in mind, check out some recent productions where great performers assert their status by literally joining the stars.

Anna Kendrick and Toni Collette

We started with the most recent example of putting celebrities in space. Debuting today on Netflix, Passenger Accidental brings few actors into a claustrophobic environment and a tense narrative. Among the passengers are Toni Collette and Anna Kendrick, Oscar nominees respectively for The Sixth Sense (2000) and Amor Sem Escalas (2010). In the film, Kendrick saw the doctor on the plane, Zoe Levenson; while Collette is Marina Barnett, the mission commander.

Hilary swank

Enjoy watching:

And if in the element above we have two Oscar nominees, here we have a two-time Oscar winner as the lead performer. They are Hilary Swank, winner by Meninos Não Choram (2000) and Menina de Ouro (2005). The star is the protagonist of Away, a 10-episode series launched by the same Netflix in September 2020. Here the focus is on family drama, with Swank playing Emma Green, an astronaut on a mission to Mars, who leaves her behind. husband and granddaughter back for 3 years to make the dream of his life come true. As we follow the protagonist’s space adventure, his beings on Earth suffer from their own dilemmas as they await his return.

Eva green

Frenchwoman Eva Green is another star who has been to space on the screens. In the movie The Journey (Next), Green lived Sarah Loreau, an astronaut caught in the dilemma of completing the dream of her life, for which she has been preparing for a long time, or of staying to take care of her young daughter – who is in pain. now of his imminent departure. While it reserves similarities to the element above, The Journey is more intense in its dramatic portrayal and the issues it addresses. And above all, it is a French production very appreciated by the press, written and directed by the filmmaker Alice Winocour (screenwriter of Cinco Graças – nominated for the Oscars of the foreign film in 2016). The Journey debuted at the Toronto Film Festival and was released in France in November 2019, arriving in Brazil in October 2020.

Natalie Portman

Returning to the Oscars radar, the “little notable” Natalie Portman took away her long-awaited Oscar statuette for her performance in Black Swan (2011), thus entering the pantheon of great film artists. Two years ago, however, the actress went where she had never been: into space. In other words, not to mention the Star Wars costume. In Lucy in the Sky, Portman plays a character with a particular name. She is Lucy Cola, a “space addict” astronaut. You know the concept of War on Terror (2009), soldiers do not adapt to their homes. Well, Portman’s character goes through the same thing here, however, without being able to adjust to abstinence from space. Lucy in the Sky also made her Toronto Film Festival debut in 2019, hit US theaters in October of that year, and arrived in Brazil on video on June 16, 2020.

Fabiana karla

Who said Brazilian actresses would be excluded from this list? However, the idea for the film Lucicreide Goes to Mars is the most unusual of the subject and one of the most curious in national (and perhaps international) cinema of recent years. Actress Fabiana Karla created her oldest and most famous character, Lucicreide, on the Zorra Total program in 2004. The character is a stretched Pernambuco cleaner, whose slogan was: “relax, spool!”. The curiosity is not because the character won his own movie, but because of the choice of this story. Instead of telling the story of who Lucicreide is, the approach was soon to take the woman to Mars on a space adventure. Lucicreide Goes to Mars debuted on April 4, 2021.

Halle berry

Halle Berry in space? I think this point is not well known to the majority. The only series to feature the muse after her Oscar win (The Last Supper) and fame, Extant was sadly canceled after two seasons. The American network program CBS (those that must be watched on TV, not streaming, remember?) Debuted in July 2014, and featured the star as Molly Woods, an astronaut on a mission. solo off Earth for 1 year. But there is a catch in the concept of parcel. When she returns to the planet, the character is pregnant! And now, how to explain the situation to the husband? Berry believed in the project so much that he was also the producer of the show. But not only that, next to him none other than Mr. Blockbuster himself, Steven Spielberg as executive producer.

Sandra bullock

That can. So far in history, we’ve had Oscar-winning actresses, as well as nominees. However, no other has been nominated to live out exactly the type of role being honored here on the roster. Yes, Sandra Bullock is the only present in history to remember an Academy nomination for wearing spacesuits and stepping away from Earth’s gravity. They felt the “hook” in the pun. Of course, we’re talking about Gravity (2013), an Oscar-winning film, featuring photography and directing (for Mexican Alfonso Cuarón). In the plot, after an accident at a space station, two astronauts (George Clooney and Bullock) fight for survival. For the role of Ryan Stone, Sandra Bullock received her second Oscar nomination, having won in 2010 with A Dream Possible.

Anne Hathaway

Another Oscar winner on the list. Bullock’s colleague in 8 Women and a Secret (2018), Anne Hathaway may not be having much luck today in her career (with consecutive audience and review failures), but she has already earned her Oscar statuette to decorate the house (Os Miserables, 2013)), in addition to another previous indication (O Rachel’s Wedding, 2009). The phrase “In Nolan We Trust” has never been better used than for the actress, after all, it was only by bonding with director Christopher Nolan that Hathaway guaranteed two of the world’s most beloved films. general public in recent years. The first was as Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises (2012), where he garnered praise for his performance. Two years later, Hathaway went to space alongside Matthew McConaughey in Interstellar Science Fiction (2014). Well, not everyone can die of love for the film, but woe to you if you talk badly about it on the internet …

Jessica chastain

The red-haired muse has yet to win an Oscar statuette of her own, but we’re sure it’s only a matter of time. After all, in a decade since he first appeared on the scene, there are already two Oscar nominations, five Golden Globe nominations and one win in the same award, in addition to a handful of fantastic performances. Still speaking of Interstellar (2014), Chastain was also part of the film’s cast, however, he stayed for the same Earth. The following year, however, Chastain lived out astronaut Melissa Lewis, the mission commander who ended up having to hurry to leave Mars leaving the eternal “lost” Matt Damon behind… well, Ridley Scott’s Lost on Mars (2015) . Given as dead, it’s only when they realize that the protagonist is still alive, struggling to fit into the biosphere on the Red Planet, that Chastain’s character needs to make the most decision. difficult of his life and decides to come back to save this real “Private Ryan”.

Jennifer lawrence

End the list with… you guessed it, another Oscar winner. The “girl” Jennifer Lawrence is one of the biggest recent phenomena in cinema. The young woman has no less than 4 Oscar nominations in 10 years since her appearance on stage. And, of course, a win to call your own for the movie The Good Side of Life (2013). Like Hathaway, J-Law is a star who is falling apart over his latest, say, controversial project choices. And it’s safe to say that everything went off the rails after Passageiros (2016), an ambitious, high-concept production that should have been the “new” Gravity. Unlike the prestige of Alfonso Cuarón’s film, Passageiros became a critical failure and generated disgust in part of the audience. In the plot, Lawrence sees Aurora Lane, awakened from her cryogenic sleep during a decades-long space trip by Chris Pratt’s character, after her camera malfunctions and opens. So, claiming that his was also faulty, the subject seduces the young woman and love blossoms between the two. You could sense how problematic and abusive the romance of the plot is, right?

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