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10 Big Box Office failures that will turn 10 in 2021



When we think of the biggest big screen fiascos of ten years ago, that is to say 2011, little appreciated productions like Green Lantern, Sucker Punch, Ghost Rider – Spirit of Vengeance, New Year’s Night, The Green Beetle, The Three Musketeers, The Girl from Red Cover, and the A Hora do Espanto remake (to name a few) come to mind.

However, as much of these features mentioned above have been a critical and public failure, failing to reach their supposed potential, here in the column The greatest failures in cinema we have a different approach. For all intents and purposes, our section focuses only on the commercial part of productions. That is, how much was used in your budget and how much the film actually earned at the box office when it hit the circuit. This is how we get to the bottom of the list, to real movie flops. Without further ado, check out the “waste list” below, which movies failed to even make the amount spent to produce them. Come and see.

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Conan the Barbarian

Today Jason Momoa is a star thanks to the astonishing success of Aquaman (2018) – which has joined the select group of films that have crossed the billion dollar mark at the box office. Such prestige has made her sign with Netflix for the action thriller Sweet Girl, which will be released this year. Going back ten years, Momoa was already a famous actor due to the role of Khal Drogo in the Game of Thrones phenomenon. It was precisely for this reason that they believed the actor would fit like a glove in the shoes of another well-known barbarian in pop culture, Conan. It was an attempt to revive the adventures of the classic comic book character immortalized by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 1980s. However, with a budget of $ 90 million, the reboot grossed a paltry $ 21 million at the box. – American office, and a total of US $ 63 million worldwide. Now, veteran Arnold plans to star in a third film, along with old Conan.

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The thing

The Enigma From Another World (1982), by John Carpenter, is not only one of the most revered horror / sci-fi films in cinematic history, but also proof of it. argument that remakes can be better than their originals – since is a reimagining of the classic The Arctic Monster (1951). For years, producers have tried in vain to get their hands on this fearful material. The sequel ideas ended up dying in the water, and the solution was a pre-sequence – which might have turned out to be something interesting. However, what the filmmakers are doing here is precisely what Carpenter avoided in his masterpiece: repeating his predecessor. Mary Elizabeth Winstead (the bird of prey hunter) brought the tough protagonist – who’s Kurt Russell this time around – to life in this feature film that emulates themes without the same creativity. The Coisa cost US $ 38 million and only grossed US $ 16 million in the United States, which is US $ 31 million worldwide and is less than its production value.

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Your Highness?

Maybe many don’t even remember, or even know, this goofy, stoned medieval comedy. In fact, its failure led it to be launched directly on video in Brazil. But the production does have its prestige, and carries names like star Natalie Portman’s lead – and the same year she won the Oscars for Black Swan. In the sense, the reinvented David Gordon Green, who today is synonymous with success in terror because of Halloween (2018) – this year is releasing the sequel Halloween Kills. But ten years ago, the filmmaker did not live his best phase, since His Highness? it cost Universal $ 49 million and only grossed $ 21 million in the United States. Around the world, things didn’t improve much, and the film ended its career with $ 28 million.

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Diary of a drunk journalist

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s relationship was a runaway train – one of the saddest and ugliest moments involving Hollywood stars. And we can cite this film as the zero point of this “apocalypse”. It was here that the couple first met and acted. The cult hit Fear and Delirium (1998) featured Depp posing as his friend and idol Hunter S. Thompson, a journalist beyond numb. So, thirteen years later, Depp and the producers thought it would be a good idea for a new movie where the actor would live Thompson, but much younger early in his career. One of the problems: Depp was almost 50 years old. The film cost $ 45 million and grossed $ 13 million in the United States. Worldwide, he hit the $ 30 million mark, but couldn’t afford it. The actors should have regarded the episode as premonitory.

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House of dreams

Yes, we have horror movies on the list. Or maybe an attempt at terror. It’s hard to pull any cohesion or meaning from the work, in this plot that tries to emulate the formula of Amityville and haunted houses without success. Everyone, including the protagonists, jokes that the only good thing to come out of the feature film was the real relationship, which has lasted since the production of the work, between actors Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz. Oscar nominee Naomi Watts rounds out the main trio. 007 has definitely seen sunnier days. Casa dos Sonhos cost Warner a “trifle” of US $ 50 million and won US $ 21 million in the United States. All over the world, it did not match the production value with 39 million US dollars.

The tenant

We’ve been following the horror movie terrain with this cheesy thriller. One of the biggest unknowns in Hollywood and in film in general is the career of star Hilary Swank – which should be a case study for academics. When Oscar doesn’t win – and the actress already has two (both as the lead artist within five years) – she’s heading for some real Homeric bombs. For her, there doesn’t seem to be any middle ground. Here a young doctor lives, becoming the object of the obsession of his problematic owner. The “big problem” of the original title The Resident lies in the ambiguity between a resident doctor and a new apartment. Touch of “genius”. Inquilina cost $ 20 million (much of which was supposed to end up in Swank’s pocket) and saw a return of just $ 6.7 million worldwide.


Coming on the list, a real cult drama. Unlike the other articles so far, Margaret has prestige and critical praise. Starring Anna Paquin, the feature film also stars people like Matt Damon and Mark Ruffalo in the cast. In the plot, after a bus crash, the lives of everyone involved go through a whirlwind – Paquin lives the witness of what happened. The production of the film has been one of the most troubled in recent years. Do you know the case of Chatô (2105), of Guilherme Fontes, here in Brazil? Well, Margaret is the American castle. The feature was slated for 2007, but saw an epic that put it off to the point of almost being shelved for good. Even Martin Scorsese was involved in the editing so that the film could be released. With a budget of $ 14 million, Margaret made just $ 46,000 in US theaters and $ 564,000 globally, resulting in one of the biggest financial failures in the history of the cinema. Fortunately, director Kenneth Lonergan was going to recover and launch the Oscarizado Manchester in Beira-Mar (2016).

The dilemma

Director Ron Howard has to his credit prestigious, Oscar-winning productions, see Apollo 13 (1995) and Uma Mente Brilhante (2001), and even fun ’80s works – like Cocoon (1985) and Willow (1988). But it’s safe to say the talented artist isn’t in the best of stages, with recent results from his last two films: Han Solo (2018) and Once Upon a Dream (2020), from Netflix. Here, when we looked back ten years, we realized Howard was in shock for the previous decade as well, and one of the examples is this lame comedy-drama, which didn’t even hit theaters here. Look at this poor premise: Vince Vaughn and Kevin James are best friends. The first discovers that his friend’s wife (Winona Ryder) is having an affair. The title dilemma is whether or not it matters. Can you believe Jennifer Connelly and Channing Tatum round out the main cast. The dilemma cost Universal Safes $ 70 million, and only grossed $ 48 million in the US and $ 69 million globally – not even the value of its output.


Scotsman Gerard Butler had the opportunity to become a Team A Hollywood superstar with 300 (2006), but after a string of questionable project picks his career was relegated to Team B. He is a reliable actor for certain types of movies – usually the B-action thriller – of the ones we’ve watched without paying much attention to SuperCine. That’s exactly where this machine gun preacher fits in (in the original), an interesting biography of Sam Childers, a tough biker and former dealer who discovered God and became a preacher. His new mission is to rescue Sudanese children turned into soldiers. The film has a good director (Marc Forster) and a good cast (Michael Shannon and Michelle Monaghan), but for some reason it failed to attract viewers. With a budget of $ 30 million, Redemption brought in just $ 538,000 in the US and $ 3.3 million globally, joining the shortlist of the most resounding failures of all time.


The late director Joel Schumacher, sadly, will always be remembered by the general public for his, say, controversial take on the Batman icon in pop culture (Batman Forever and Batman & Robin). But Schumacher is much more than that and has some highly rated films on his CV. His signature is, for example, in works like The Lost Boys, A Day of Fury, Time to Kill, The Client, The First Year of the Rest of Our Lives, 8mm, By a Thread and Deadly Line, for example. However, perhaps worse (or as bad as) than his aforementioned forays into the Bat Man universe is this pseudo thriller that sadly ended his career as the last film production he launched (the latest works were producing episodes of House of Cards Series). On the plus side, the filmmaker had Nicole Kidman at his disposal. On the negative side, Nicolas Cage is already in decline. The couple saw husband and wife, kidnapped at home. The real terror, however, is imposed on us, the viewers, who need to experience the film. The hostages cost $ 35 million, but fetch a paltry $ 24,000 in the United States – one of the biggest fiascos in Uncle Sam’s country. Around the world, the film did a little better, but not much , with $ 10 million at the box office.

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