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Without a doubt, IMDb is one of the main benchmarks used by moviegoers to know if a movie is good or not before watching it. However, there is no consensus on what the “cut-off score” is that advises against watching a certain movie. I would say it depends on your spare time the less time the higher the cut score. Either way, hardly a movie with a rating below 5.0 catches anyone’s attention. So I decided to make a list of 10 bad movies you should watch.

10 box office hits that aren’t worth the ticket

I admit that it was not at all easy to compile this list and find movies with a score below 5.0 on IMDb that I still like. Of course, none of these movies will be good and you need to check this list with that in mind. But even though they don’t have great scripts or memorable performances and don’t deserve any accolades, each of these movies has something that sets them apart and makes them a fun experience.

It should also be stressed that no criticism, even specialized, should be considered as an absolute truth. There will always be a subjective factor in analyzing a movie and different people may have totally opposite reactions, just read some of the reviews of these movies on the list. This is why I never base myself on a single opinion and I rely more on a collective evaluation, like the one made at IMDb. The risk of error in this case is much lower.

Lots of people surely have their list of wronged movies or at least have one movie that they really like, despite the opposite. Maybe this is your chance to grow your list or at least catch up with the majority of people who can’t stand these movies.

10. The Island of Dr Moreau (1996) (IMDb Rating: 4.4)

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This remake of a 1977 film, despite the presence of Marlon Brando and Val Kilmer in the cast, did not please critics at all. Even though we don’t have Brando in one of his best performances and at the end of his career he’s still a great actor. It certainly deserves a chance, if only to see Ron Perlman steal the show.

9. Twilight in Steel (1987) (IMDb Category: 4.9)


A post-apocalyptic future that’s sort of a Mad Max “clone” wasn’t new to the movie world, and the shallow script didn’t help much. Still, we have a competent cast and some good action scenes in this movie that should be appreciated more, especially by fans of Patrick Swayze.

8. The Colony (1997) (IMDb Rating: 4.7)


No one should watch a Jean-Claude Van Damme movie expecting more than casual fun. And it’s no different here, we’ve got some great action scenes and also guaranteed laughs from one of the strangest partnerships in cinema between him and Dennis Rodman.

7. After Earth (2013) (IMDb Score: 4.9)

I’m sick of trying to make Will Smith’s son a movie star. Either way, we have your dad and a story that, while it never takes off, manages to entertain with great action moments and great special effects. Even though it’s a “bad movie that should be good,” this movie doesn’t deserve all the hatred it elicits.

6. Ultraviolet (2006) (IMDb score: 4.4)


Today we see Milla Jovovich as an action star and one of her starring roles in style was undoubtedly in this 2006 film. With great fight scenes and a totally freaked out storyline this movie is. a good excuse to microwave a bunch of popcorn.

5. Elektra (2005) (IMDb Rating: 4.8)

After Daredevil failed, it was up to those involved to take the only good part of that movie and screw it up in another movie. Still, we have the gorgeous Jennifer Garner handing out sweeps in a tight leather outfit. Do I really need to say anything else to convince you?

4. Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (2011) (IMDb Rating: 4.3)

Even though this great Marvel character deserves better treatment and uses his psychological complexity in a more mature way, this film manages to move away from the insult of the origin story of the previous film and focus more. on the action. The effects are still very good, and even with a weak villain, we have some good fight and action scenes to warrant a chance.

3. Anaconda (1997) (IMDb Rating: 4.6)

This movie is one of those that are so bad they are funny. Interestingly, we have a “heavyweight” cast with names like Jennifer Lopez, Ice Cube, Jon Voight, Eric Stoltz, Owen Wilson, and Danny Trejo. Nowadays, this movie is considered a “cult” of the B-movies and is still present in this type of list. I couldn’t let it go.

2.Howard the Superhero (1986) (IMDb Rating: 4.5)


The ’80s are full of movies that I admire, maybe my favorite decade in cinema, and this is one that I watched over and over again as a child. Based on a Marvel comic and produced by Lucas Arts, it features a characterful humanoid duck trying to get home after being brought back from his home planet. With all the snaps from this charming decade, this film exudes pleasure through every pore and deserves far more credit than it has received.

1. Fire Warriors (1985) (IMDb Rating: 4.9)


Anyone who knows the story of Conan will surely have heard of Red Sonja and this film focuses on this medieval heroine who, with her beauty, finally justifies the absurd idea of ​​a warrior without armor. Although Conan is ultimately called Kalidor, he is played by Arnold Schwarzenegger in a rare chance to see the eternal “Terminator” in a supporting role. Filled with trashy special effects and saucer-deep characters, this film is a worthy representative of the “popcorn cinema” of the time. And the presence of the “Petit Mestre” is only the icing on the cake to close the account and pass the rule!

Do you also know the bad movies that deserve a chance? Share in the comments!

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