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The highest-grossing film of 1985, Back to the Future has become one of the greatest classics not only of cinema, but of pop culture in general. The story of the teenager who accidentally goes back in time and must find a way to make his parents fall in love so he doesn’t disappear has won over generations and remains one of the funniest and most creative stories ever. carried out.

And despite being released almost 40 years ago, the film continues to spark the curiosity of thousands of people around the world. And as curious as the film is behind the scenes. Check out the 10 curiosities CinePOP has separated about Back to the Future!


Like some of cinema’s greatest classics, Back to the Future took a lot of prodding from its creators to get executive approval. To be more exact, it took 45 attempts for the film to receive the green light. Previously, investors had turned down the project 44 times because they felt the idea wasn’t bold enough to compete with teen movies of the time. It’s worth remembering that Hollywood lived through a time of long young women full of slutty, double-meaning jokes. They felt that without this appeal, the film would not be well accepted by audiences.

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The original choice for the role of Marty McFly was Michael J. Fox, but he had to leave the production due to scheduling conflicts with his sitcom, Caras & Caretas. So, in order not to delay the filming, Zemeckis had to do a redesign. We then called actor Eric Stoltz, who came to record with the team for two months, but both the actor and the director felt that it was not going as it should. So even with some of the main scenes already taped, the team went after J. Fox, who agreed to return, even though he had a mammoth day’s work to juggle the two productions. Those two months with Stoltz cost about $3 million for the film’s budget. But it ended up working, as Michael put on a show as Marty and was immortalized as the character.

In the family

One of the reasons screenwriter Bob Gale was so pushy for the film to be approved is that the idea to write Back to the Future came from a very personal experience. He flipped through his own father’s high school yearbook and began to imagine what it would have been like if he had lived at the same time. Could he be a friend of his own father? Based on this, the premise of the film was born and the rest is history. In several interviews, Gale has said he would love the opportunity to step back in time. And that, if possible, the first thing he would do would be to seek out his father to try to befriend the younger version.

script hole

Although adored by fans, the film doesn’t pass the traditional complaints. One of the most famous concerns the plot hole at the end. After all, if Marty went back in time and helped his parents get to know each other, becoming such an important part of the family’s emergence, because the parents didn’t suspect a thing when they saw their son grow up to look like to “Calvin Klein”. In 2020, Bob Gale finally spoke about it and commented that they had seen each other very few times in a week. And if you think that’s too absurd, he asked the complainants to try to remember everyone they talked to during school. He also said that without having a single photo of “Calvin”, it would be very difficult to remember anyone who never appeared in his life for the next three decades.


After the resounding success of the film, John DeLorean, the creator of DMC, sent a letter of thanks to Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale for having immortalized his car in the history of cinema. And the movie was very important to him, because the production of the DeLorean was very problematic, which ended up throwing John’s name in the middle of car jokes. The first big problem was the nearly ten-year delay in delivering the first fleet. The second issue ended up serving as a Gale and Zemeckis joke, which ended up being part of the franchise’s imagination. Since the DeLorean had a steel frame and a not so powerful engine, it took about 10 seconds to reach 100 km/h. In other words, when Dr. Brown says that all you need to do is hit 88 miles per hour (about 141 km/h), it wasn’t one of the easiest missions as far as a DeLorean was concerned.


The success of the movie and the DeLorean was so great that they released an “upgrade kit” so DMC-12 owners could make their cars even more movie-like. And while they don’t allow them to travel back in time, it left the car with that quirky, sleek look thought up by Doc Brown.


One of the iconic sequences from the first film is Marty’s chase through the town square, where he ends up “inventing” skateboarding. For many years there was a rumor that Michael J. Fox needed to take lessons to learn how to skate, but the truth is that he already knew that and was quite talented. However, like every production, it used stunt doubles in the more elaborate scenes to avoid any risk of accidents delaying filming. In fact, that moment was one of those that helped make Back to the Future the great young movie of the era. This role was so important to Michael that he even commented that to this day, in many parts of the world, people still call him “Marty McFly” on the streets.


Another iconic moment in the movie is when Doctor Brown starts asking Marty about what the future looks like, and Marty says Ronald Reagan is the president. The Doc has such a spontaneous and funny reaction to not believing that an actor was running the country, that Ronald Reagan himself had a giggle. He liked the scene so much that he asked the projectionist to stop the movie and play it again.

card fan

Unlike actors like Sir Alec Guinness and Harrison Ford, known for disliking Star Wars even though they’re part of the saga’s cast, actor Christopher Lloyd, who plays Doctor Brown, is a complete fanatic of Back to the World. the future. He even said he’s a fan of people canceling appointments to watch the movie as he flips through TV and sees what’s going on.

back to the future 4

Although it closed out the trilogy with great success, Christopher Lloyd says he’d love to do a Back to the Future 4, as long as the story takes Doc and Marty back to ancient Rome. The idea sounds fun, but it’ll probably never happen. That’s because the franchise rights belong to Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale, and they’ve made it clear that no reboots or remakes will be made in their lifetime.

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