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10 2000s suites you’d rather FORGET!



Each year, the seventh art presents several productions from all over the world. When it comes to the general public, Hollywood is where the most anticipated products for fans come from. Since entertainment cinema was consolidated as a multimedia factory in the 70s (thanks to Tubarão and Star Wars), moviegoers have been treated to several unforgettable films, always mentioned by everyone when the subject is the best. element of the story. And from the start, studios saw the potential of suites. After all, if a story has gone really well, why stop there? Let’s go on a new journey with characters everyone has grown to love.

Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and so many other franchises (the most recent being The Fast and the Furious, for example) have shown that fans can’t get enough of watching on-screen stars live out their iconic characters in new intrigues. However, for every move there must be an error. And often these sequelae translate into a truly traumatic experience for the viewer and, eventually, for those involved in their production. While many believe in the term “movie that didn’t need a sequel,” the truth is that if the sequel is done with dedication and effort, resulting in a good job, we end up accepting it.

Here, however, in this new material, we will tackle the exact opposite. The greed of the producers who took the risky challenge of continuing a story that seemed closed (which is a challenge for anyone) and delivered a sequel without glamor or commitment. Many seem to be born “badly” without any energy. These are the 10 sequels from the 2000s that you’d rather forget. To verify.

Arguably, Blair’s Witch (1999) became a revolutionary horror and stood out for introducing the “found images” subgenre for the new times. It was the beginning of the Internet and his marketing campaign mixed fiction and documentary reality when selling his product. Not knowing exactly what they were watching, audiences found themselves mesmerized by being scared like never before. A real phenomenon. What to do from there? Well, what we can say is that the studio behind the production taught a lesson on what NOT to do! And it was: a sequel released the following year that not only takes away any creativity previously presented with horror beyond the credits, but (worse yet) doesn’t even use the style of filming that made it so successful. ‘original.

The mafia returns to the couch

1999 was one of the most special years for the seventh art. There were for example The Matrix, Fight Club and The Blair Witch. It was also from him that one of the funniest comedies of the decade came out: Mafia on the Divan. In the film, Robert De Niro plays for the first time with his mafia characters with humor. The film shows what would happen if a gangster needed therapy. The movie follows a perfect line with a beginning, middle, and end, concluding its story in the best possible way. But what happens in cases of films that do very well in reviews and at the box office is that the studio pushes its eye and offers a large sum to those involved to return in a sequel. Who would refuse? The problem is, a lot of movies don’t leave room for such a sequel, as it did with this one, which in 2002 resulted in one of the most boring and pointless streaks in the history of the movie. movie theater.

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This film is traumatic in many ways, unfortunately emerging as a veritable “metalinguistic curse”. Despite some behind-the-scenes controversy, Interview with the Vampire (1994) became a huge success for Warner, managing to elevate horror and vampire films to a new level of, say, greater prestige. The film is based on a series of books by author Anne Rice and for years the studio has been aiming to follow up on the role. Now it looks like the material is finally going to turn into a TV series, which we hope will be quality. But before that, although we want to forget, the film starring Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt had a sequel in 2002 called The Queen of the Damned. Of course, neither of the two stars were involved. But it does not stop there, because tragically, this horror film B would mark the last work of the young singer Aaliyah, who died before finalizing her participation.

Halloween: Resurrection

If the 90s were marked by many creative works, like The Blair Witch, Mafia on the Couch and Interview with the Vampire, it can be said that the following decade will be marked by the bad sequels of these films – which should not even be expected. to exist. . Here is one more. Halloween – The Night of Terror (1978) had many forgettable sequels to its franchise. But one managed to stand out, showing great creativity in its storyline, including getting rid of all throwaway sequels and going straight after the second. It was Halloween H20 (released in 1998), which brought Jamie Lee Curtis back to the forefront. The end is perfect and the films could have ended there. But do you think they would? In 2002 (oh goddamn year!) What is considered by many to be “the” worst Halloween movie, Resurrection, will come out of the picture. Worst of all isn’t even the silly, dated plot of a reality show inside Michael Myers’ house, but rather the undoing of everything H20 had worked so hard to create.

What if a Hollywood star hated his role in a movie so much that he was locked in his steaming trailer all the time, begging to be called out by the character’s name and in a fit of rage and of madness went so far as to suffocate his director. Well, that chaotic climate really did exist and it’s called Behind the Scenes of Blade Trinity. After two good copies (in 1998 and 2002), the first Marvel hero movie that paved the way for what we have today, ended its trilogy in this deplorable way in 2004. Star Wesley Snipes was taken in the “Jiraiya” when the recordings frustrated with the script and the forms taken by the film. It was even gone for the supporting actor Ryan Reynolds, who, at the beginning of his film career, heard from his protagonist: “Shut up, that way you will live longer”. All of this chaos is reflected in what we see on screen, in a movie that, among other things, brings a characterization of “Alexandre Frota” from the iconic Dracula.

Triple X 2 – State of emergency

What to do when the star of your potential franchise refuses to return for the sequel? Well, if all you have is greed guiding your professional life like Hollywood executives, the answer is simple: create a sequel without him, of course, and still brutally kill him offscreen. Vin Diesel became a star after starring in The Fast and Furious (2001) and Triple X (2002), but when it was time to return to the two sequels, he simply said no. This is because at that time Diesel believed he could be a serious actor and move on to more meaningful work. Thus, Tyrese replaced him in the sequel + Fast + Furious (2003) and as with Triple X, it was up to Ice Cube to seize the void left by the muscular bald. The result, you ask yourself? Well, the movie was gone so quickly that many of you haven’t even heard of this sequel.

Hero of Pulp culture, the masked Zorro rubs shoulders with the beginnings of cinema. This is because the character, one of the first heroes of all time, already existed before the advent of the seventh art, in other media. Thus, after the appearance of audiovisual, Zorro was there in productions dating back to 1920, for example. Over the decades, the vigilante of the Mexican swordsman turns and moves, giving airs of grace, but it was in 1998 that Zorro won a great production launched by a major studio (Columbia / Sony) and sponsored by none other than Steven Spielberg . Zorro’s Mask (1998) is pure morning fun, an old-fashioned adventure that introduced the world to the beautiful Catherine Zeta-Jones and brought Antonio Banderas into a role he seems born to live. The problem here wasn’t so much that the film was sequel, but the delay with which they released it from the role, almost 10 years apart – completely missing the hype of the original.

Once again we have on the list, a great movie born in the 90s, with a “stinky” sequel released in the 2000s. In the 90s. In addition, it also unveiled the then model , Cameron Diaz. Revolutionary, the feature film was a sort of ’90s Trapped Roger Rabbit (88), using special effects never seen before and taking the technical aspect to another level. Unfortunately, his suite threw everything into the water. For starters, Carrey stayed well off the project, which didn’t stop the foodie producers from making the sequel anyway – with no relevant names in front or behind the camera. And while the original film used good effects to spice up its story, this mequetrefe sequel, released eleven years later, was a cartoon with few glimpses of actual actors.

Grandmother… Zone 2

Comedian Martin Lawrence is idolized by master Eddie Murphy, and from him he has taken much of his own repertoire. Lawrence even fulfilled his dream of working with the great Murphy twice in the 1990s – the most striking being Till the Escape Separates Them (1999). Murphy, among others, was marked playing multiple characters in a single film, such as A Prince in New York (1988) and later The Mad Professor (1996), where he was buried under pounds of makeup. Lawrence followed in his now colleague’s footsteps to create Grandma… Zone, a big surprise hit in 2000. But you know that old story of the same joke told twice… well, it still loses its fun. That’s what happened with this sequel, released six years later. And the worst part is, as if that weren’t enough, Lawrence would put the nail in the coffin for the last time in 2011, when the third grandmother … Zona made her debut, this time with her son disguised as woman too.

The first Wild Instinct (1992) is a thriller that fueled the erotic thriller sub-genre of the 1990s and was mainly responsible for the career of the muse Sharon Stone and her transformation into a Hollywood star. At the time, almost all of the actress’ films demanded strong sex appeal and, of course, a lot of nudity. She was even successful, receiving an Oscar nomination for Martin Scorsese’s Cassino (1995), but then her more dramatic roles, taken out of her comfort zone, began to ruin her career. Naturally, the actress wanted the film that made her career to also be responsible for safeguarding her career. And until the premise to bring back Femme fatale Catherine Tramell, the most famous writer and lover of sadomasochism and ice picks in movies, returns to a new suspense isn’t the worst. After all, in the first film, Stone was already showing freshness in the role even at 34 years old. In the sequel, she had become a “wolf” (cougar), a mature woman at 48, and much more confident. The big deal here was the boring script which didn’t show a tenth of the original’s sparkle and only made Stone pay a big stink in his career.

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